Gu Family Secret Brochure – Lee Seung Gi

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credit: Polaris via LSGKWA

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34 Responses to Gu Family Secret Brochure – Lee Seung Gi

  1. scbound says:

    Am I the only one who sometimes wonders ; why the heck do I try to follow what other sites have posted/comments? ; So frustrated and saddened, I could scream

    • melissa says:

      That dramabeans post? I like your comments though! I always end up trying not to respond to every idiot there. I wonder what’s behind the sudden negativity in the comments there. Seems strange to me… but oh well. Can people seriously not figure out what the “evil” Kangchi is supposed to represent?

      • Alex says:

        I am with you I try to follow every site for LSG but honestly i was a little disappointed too by that other post and couldn’t figure out what happened okay so some people don’t like those posted but reflect on the drama as melissa said can’t they figure out its represents kang-chi struggle with his gumiho half.
        But then i didn’t want to ruin my mood only 3 days before the premiere of drama so ill just ignore it and just come on this site for now. Can’t wait to watch it I am so excited.

        • Alex says:

          wow look at the spelling mistakes i made sorry about that
          But I feel like they were all just waiting to say bad stuff and then i know the drama will turn out good and they’ll be eating their words. But I also do wonder what qualification they have to judge so stupidly. oh well I all the good luck to Gu family secret and its cast.

          • AnnMichelle says:

            Alex, I wonder about that too. I question their ‘authoritative airs.’ I guess one small thing I can do is just not to visit that site anymore. I used to think I should help Seung Gi by spreading awareness everywhere. But again based on TK2H, which just got wings all its own really, netizens’ zealous support (as evident from all the response on that site, over 1000s on later episodes) did not make impact on domestic showing. TK2H gained a lot of international fans, but that’s due to the drama’s quality, not a drama site’s promotion.

            Sorry, I have been rambling. Just to show you I have really been bugged by this. Should really stop thinking about it now. Only days to go until we can watch Gu Family Secret. So exciting!

      • scbound says:

        Just had surgery and cant type easily, so forgive any mistakes, lol. GF has always loved Seung Gi, but the last few threads have all been posted in a way to draw out the snark from posters, and they always pit him against others, ie: the hair between him and Yoochun etc…., their poster thread another, I don’t know where all the new negativity is coming from, If i do not like an actor or a project I stay away from it, I dont go around posting hate. I guess I feel too protective of the only person/entertainer I care about, the thought of him reading some things breaks my heart.

        • melissa says:

          They like him, but they are passive aggression at times and joke around. Seriously, every other post about him mentions his hair…. for some reason. I might be oversensitive, but it bugs me since they don’t treat everyone like that. In fact some they overpraise (like a certain someone from S1 of 1n2d). And I guess the lack of decent dramas is getting to them lately since they’ve been pretty negative in every post. These posts aren’t nearly as bad as When A Man Loves and that Joo Won drama recaps. I seriously don’t get how people can change opinions over posters though.

          Koalasplayground is a lot more positive. More people should visit there.

          • Alex says:

            I know they like him and support him but i just think since a lot of people follow their site including me they should be more neutral. I know its their blog and they can write whatever they want but many people do get affected by their opinion so they should be a little more neutral about their approach to new dramas and I am talking about all dramas not just this one. Because even if they something jokingly the commentator on the site will follow and think they can write whatever they want. I know its not their fault but i little neutrality should help that’s just my opinion.
            And I think Koalasplayground is a good blog too.

          • AnnMichelle says:

            GF likes him all right but I am not sure about the other one. Actually I think Seung Gi’s clean-cut umchinah reputation seems to rub the wrong way for some. Maybe they consider him too old fashioned, too goody-two-shoes, or not cool enough?
            (Suddenly remembers what Seung Gi said in his concert: Everyone seems to like ‘Bad Guy.’ I cannot act like a ‘Bad Guy.’ Can I just be a good guy?)
            Agrees that Koalasplayground is a good place for Airens.

    • AnnMichelle says:

      I find the tone of that site very uneven – they seem to lean on no-brainer shows, despite the big words the bloggers like to throw out to show they are educated. For example I remember one girl’s favorite show was one by the Hong sisters (not TK2H writers). So is it surprising the only show that got a positive initial response from that site was MGIAG? Even TK2H was put down before its premiers. Of course things turned around once the dramas demonstrated their worth. I have confidence Gu Family Secret will be the same.

    • wanne says:


      Me too. I was excited over the trailer so I kinda looked forward to read what Grilfriday and Koala’s opinion on it. Their posts disappointed me.

      I love kdramas so I frequently visit those kind of blogs but being a Seunggi’s bias, of course I’ll be more sensitive towards his related posts. Frankly, when it comes to Seunggi’s post I prefer Javabeans not join in because clearly she’s not into him so she’ll just kinda spoil what Girlfriday could be spazzing about by being critical or changing the topic to something else.

      Anyway, yeah, the posts and comments ruined my mood too but not anymore. I think Seunggi’s fans have been very cool not to react too much to them, only when it’s necessary. Everyone has different taste and like different things, and we all view things differently. I think Girlfriday likes supernatural stuffs and as she mentioned again and again, she’s hoping to see cool action scenes so I can see if she’s not feeling very excited towards the drama right now. It’s too bad if the drama doesn’t turn out in her favor because I love her recaps but it’s not something that can affect my interest in a drama anyway.

      There’re only 3 DAYS left for the premiere, OMG I can’t believe we’ll get to see this drama sooooon!!! Wishing all the best for Gu Family Secret and Choi Kang Chi!

  2. Rai says:

    Well, I thought that’s for blog promotion.
    So it will draw an arguments and debates .
    Before I too, loves to visit there….#sigh….
    Anyway it saddened me, coz those who never met Seung Gi did not knows at all about Uri Seung Gi. And sometimes they really dont know the word Acting as an actor…..meaning you go through a character so people doesn’t recognized….just a character that portrayed. Now, I just have to stay away from that blog….and keeping. My mind open with enthusiasm. Toward Kang Chi…… support Seung Gi fallout.

  3. leelee says:

    As much as I can, I try to stay away from those blogs. They are generic anyway and most of the people who post comments there are mostly drama followers who would easily jump to another ship if they come to like another drama or find flowerboy leads that they consider “swoon worthy”. And it kind of bug me when I read comments like their viewership means all the thing in the world for the drama- like seriously, who cares? I’ll enjoy watching anything as long as Seung gi is in it and no other opinion would matter to me. Instead of getting myself all worked up with non-sensical remarks, I would just come here instead and take refuge-this is my Seung gi haven, after all.

    Thank you very much for spoiling with all of the updates Tryp.

  4. crazyahjumma fan says:

    I went straight to DB after reading your comment. Personally, I was a little disappointed by the focus of their blog – I thought that they would mention the trailer which was pretty good I felt, but they chose to concentrate on the poster instead, which to be honest, I myself dislike. (I’ll write about that later).

    So just based on their opionion of the poster, I’m ok with their comments. It’s a generic site, so I guess, they’ll have to be objective, and GF and JB do like to joke. “Never judge a book by it’s cover”? – in this case it’ll be ‘never judge a drama by it’s poster or even trailer’. I’ll prefer to let the drama speak for itself. If I don’t expect much, I may be surprised, if I expect much, I may be disappointed. If I’m excited at all, it’s just because Seunggi’s acting in it!!! Sometimes, over-analysing a drama can kill one’s interest. At times, like in TK2H, it can heightened the appreciation. It all depends on who is watching and who are commenting and what they are commenting.
    I’m so glad that when I watched BL, I did so without any interference from any recap/blogging sites. I was free to enjoy my first ever full-fledged Kdrama, and I enjoyed every minute of it! It was only later that I read some comments about it – some good, some not so good – bit it didn’t matter, cos I still love it! I’m still half a mind about whether to read the recaps or not for GFS. Sometimes – actually, most times, these recaps can turn one off or on. Take TMTETS, for instance, I stoppped watching once the adult actors/actresses took over cause the recaps weren’t so favourable, but there were those who loved it – like some of my students. And Iljaema, the MBC version – I read such favourable reviews, but when I watched it, I found it rather ordinary – and the action scenes weren’t that great either. So I stopped watching with no regrets.

    An ardent and experienced Airen, once told me: Watch the drama first, then read DB, or you might be disappointed. So I think I’m gonna take her advice.

    In any case, what irks me more at the DB site, are not so much the negative comments about the poster of even LSG, but the immature and asinine comments made by fans of a certain actor who is only the third lead!

    However, I also feel that there’s a difference between negative comments aimed at putting down a person and personal opinions. For eg, I really do think that the pic of Kang Chi’s ‘gumiho’ self is rather awful. The white hair does make him look old and the shadows under his eye make him look haggard. I certainly hope that it’s just the artist’s portrayal and that he really won’t look like tha in the dramat! There are better ways to make him look beastly!

    As a huge fan of Seunggi, I’m looking forward to watching GFS and I refuse to let any nay-sayers destroy my enthusiasm and enjoyment. Even if the story is meh or makjang, even if the acting of the others are uninspiriring, I get to watch uri Seunggi – and that’s enough for me!!!

    • wanne says:

      Yes, that was exactly what disappointed me too. I was looking forward to read their review on the trailer but they choose to focus more on the posters instead. I love the trailer and am indifferent with the posters. Same thing happened before when Seunggi’s first stills were released. They decided to combine his post (the much awaited first look of him in sageuk hair and costume) with another actor’s post about his photoshoot. Tell me if you didn’t feel disappointed then too, because i sure did.

      • shalayka says:

        me three, kinda disappointed when they combined with the other actors hair(like duh, those pics aren’t worth posting because its yuck! Like he just fought with the scissors or something), its like he has the most picture out there when in fact it should be focused to SG. Why do even bother to put those pics? Like seriously?! They should be neutral in all possible ways because they have a lot of readers. I’m sorry to rant but I’m holding this emotion for quite so long and I just can’t take it anymore. My heart is breaking because of these… you know he don’t deserve to be treated this way.

        But no matter what I’ll still support our one and only Seung Gi. I don’t care about the posters, it doesn’t define a drama at all. I’ll just get a bucket full of popcorn, sit on my favorite spot on our couch and watch GFS and just watch oppa and just kick with him, and just enjoy Kang Chi.. and just smile like crazy because of their chemistry and just laugh and just throw a handful of popcorn to the bad guy… and just LOVE SEUNG GI EVEN MORE…. THE END.

  5. scbound says:

    Thanks everyone for your input and back up at DB. its probably a good thing that typing is such a painful chore for me right now, I would be getting into all sorts of trouble. you girls rock!

  6. Wood says:

    Stay positive my dears, Stay positive.

    I’m happy to see all insightful comments back in full force. I’m excited about GFS, aren’t you ? Here’s to the next 3 months of crazy recaps and postings !

    Remember those TK2H title changes at the final minutes ? I’m just grateful GFS and MBC had none of those.


    • AnnMichelle says:

      Wood! Always glad to see you here. Yes, the happy days of chasing Seung Gi’s drama are here again. Let the circus begin!!!

  7. Airyn says:

    When I go to drama sites–not just the one in question–I tend to go with shields up, so to speak. I always go in expecting that the posters and the commenters will not like the same things I like, and many might actually hate on my biases. I remember when I first became a fan of SG, I went into one of these sites and saw negative comments about him, and I’m like “What the heck is going on here?!” I almost posted hateful comments but thankfully was able to restrain myself. And besides, I think the same thing about certain other celebs and think that certain people are a tad too defensive…I just prefer not to comment about them too publicly. And these comments are already part and parcel of the entertainment news / reviews / blogging scene anyway.

    Also, I’ve learned from writing reviews (of movies, books, tv shows) for online publication that people tend to focus on different things. When I go back to read what I’ve written after my editor has gone through it and it is published, I notice which things I focused on, and I realized that usually these are things influenced by my personal biases and preferences. I think it’s the same for the people at these drama sites–they will focus on the things that stand out for them and also present them to readers in a way that reflects those same preferences and interests (e.g. what you guys were talking about regarding how the post on SG’s GFS hairstyle was made through a comparison with another actor’s).

    Anyway, my point is just that it’s a given that other sites won’t like SG or his work or support him in the same way we do because they are not a fan site, and people who go to those sites have different biases and also different levels of maturity. And there are commenters who are just plain trolls. And as for the comments that ticked off crazyahjummafan…yeah, I guess they forgot that he’s not the lead actor. ;P

    I feel your frustrations, ladies. But don’t let them all ruin your mood, and remember that ultimately, you are the best judge of whether a drama is good or not. If you like it, then don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. 😉

    3 more daysssssss!!!

    SG, GFS and Airens, fighting! ❤

    p.s. I honestly think that Beast Kang Chi image is a tad overdone. The rest is okay. 😉

  8. seunggicharm says:

    I cannot agree more with all your comments.. I dunno, but, people these days tend to be so negative.. I just hope that they wait for the drama to be shown first before criticizing it. Well, yeah, the poster can be a little disturbing with that devilish eyes at the back.. But it’s just a poster. It doesn’t speak much of the drama itself. It’s so annoying.. I just can’t wait for them to shut their mouths when Seung Gi proves himself once more with this drama.. Like putting their feet in their mouths..haha..
    GFS Fighting! Seung Gi-ya..GO!GO!GO!

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      I agree. Take for instance, Lee Yeon Hee. Netizens were bashing her left, right and centre when her nme appeared, even though she was just doing a cameo. But from what I see of the stills, she’d done a great job! I even teared from a trailer! That’s pretty good acting in my books! And I think Suzy did a pretty decent job herself; not stellar, but good. I could read her emotions before the subs were up – the interest she showed in KC, the first flutterings of love and even admiration.
      I feel that there are just too many harsh critics out there! I wonder how many are film/drama directors? How many are movie/drama critics by occupation? But many of them criticise and comment as if they are experts just because they have watched many dramas. What is worse is that they expect everyone to agree with them. There are always a range of acting talents and I feel that to expect every actor or actress to fall within the range of ‘excellent’ is rather demanding. It’s very rare to find a drama, movie where everyone is excellent. The only one I can think of is TK2H. GFS has a pretty huge cast, so to expect everyone to act well is not realistic. We also need to look at the part they are playing. Sometimes the role doesn’t give them the scope to excel.
      I think that if the story is interesting, (doesn’t have to be spectacular), the acting is above average, i can still enjoy it! Eg Heart Strings (for me). I’m not paying anything to watch it, so to get some enjoyment from it is already a good deal for me. If I do not like the story, acting, etc… I can choose not to watch it any more. But to tear it down and bash the poor actors and actresses is not a decent thing to do.

      • seunggicharm says:

        point well made @crazyahjummafan. We watch to enjoy and not to criticize the artists’ acting. Though of course, it would be awesome if they will act well for their roles. But, you see, cliche as it may sound, but it’s true..there’s nothing perfect in this world. And that seems to be the thing that these bashers are looking for which I think is absurd and impossible. An artist can only do his/her best to portray his/her role. It’s best if they will leave a room for improvement so they will always be grounded and will always strive harder to give the audience their best. This happens all the time. They blab and blab but still watches the show.. How ridiculous can they get?lolz.. It’s just as simple as 1+1=2. If you don’t like the show, and you feel that it’s gonna make you annoyed and it will not satiate your expectations, then dom;t watch it. Don’t complicate things if they don’t like it. End of discussion right?hahaha..*sigh* people.. ^^

      • Airyn says:

        I agree about Lee Yeon Hee. I personally haven’t seen her in anything, but the amount of vitriol thrown at her by a lot of netizens…wow. But from the extended trailers and stills, I think she did her job well enough. And I’ve seen a lot of people in different sites retract their previous hateful comments about her…like “wow, I actually tolerated seeing LYH.” or something like that.

        As for Suzy… I saw her in Dream High and Architecture 101, and I saw improvement; I think she even got a newcomer award for Architecture 101. The thing about Suzy in GFS is even if she isn’t the best actress they could’ve chosen, I think she does fit the role very well, and that counts for a lot in terms of making viewers invest in the character. She was never very emotive–I don’t think she is that kind of actress–and so what I saw in the trailers didn’t surprise me. But I think it’ll be easy enough for the PD and writer to work with her on that. Maybe Yeo-wool’s character really isn’t very emotional…they worked something like that in in Dream High, where the characters actually comment that Suzy’s character only has one expression, and that became the focus of her training in the story. I do think a lot of the hate directed at her is more because she didn’t start out as an actress but as a singer–which is, incidentally, just like SG. A prevailing sentiment seems to be that actresses should be getting the roles that idol-turned-actresses have been getting lately, and they are hating on people like Suzy because of this. Sometimes the reasons are ridiculous, really.

        Anyway, I just wish people will reserve all the hate for after they’ve seen a good chunk of the drama; then it would be justified. But now? *sigh*

        2 more days!!!

  9. Eva says:

    Good posters…Bad posters…Good acting…Bad acting…Great drama…Flopped drama…Good reviews…Bad reviews…I Do Not Care…I Only See and Think of LEE SEUNG GI!!! Tryp thank you so much for all the updates! Can’t wait for the 24 episodes and hopefully they’ll extend it to 28 episodes!!! Seung Gi-ya Fighting! Airens fighting…do we still have Airens? kidding hehehe… love you all Lee Seung Gi lovers 😀

  10. Ivory says:

    @crazyajuhmma oenni..
    Agreed with you and yes, sometimes they really got in my nerves too….
    But so far I just changes pages with my burning emotion…
    I do think when the green eye monster comes to say hello, thats how it is….
    Well…since we Airen sometimes in awe with Lsg too good to be true wholesome packages…I bet deep down their heart they really really hope that their bias will be do at least half of Lsg achievement……..
    Sometimes I just wonder if God lost one of His angel, forgot to bring him back to heaven..?
    Where else we find brain, face, body, big heart and voices with great work ethic…like Seo Geon hyung said ‘perfect…ottoke?

  11. PeNne says:

    April 8 is like right at the doorstep.
    No matter what others say, let us all

    GO for GU!!!

    ***Group hug everyone***

  12. babygirl says:

    Dear Airens ,think positive.whether the person give a good comments or not…one thing you should know he or she is interested with the drama Gu Family I Right.???…so the Rating of this drama sure very High.

  13. Ivaa says:

    for me…
    I love to torture myself….
    like watch all Seung Gi drama in one Go…..
    and stay away of others blog except this…
    if not….
    I’ll be unable to do things at all….
    my mind will be affected…..
    I’ll be cripple…
    just want to forward time on August…..

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