6 Responses to ‘Lee Seung Gi The Brilliant Show’ Japanese Fan Account, Part 3

  1. orochi says:

    I noticed that “punk love” jacket was super corny too 🙂

  2. Hi I'm Dyan. says:

    Gomawo for the fan accounts! 🙂

  3. AnnMichelle says:

    Dear Ay, thanks so much for bringing us the conclusion of this very detailed account. Because Seung Gi usually dresses very conservatively I don’t get the jacket either. I’ve tried to search for the brand but without success. Maybe that was one of those sponsor deals that he had to honor? Don’t know. Anyway, this sounds like a very fulfilling experience for the lucky fans who could attend.

  4. ritz says:

    thnx a lot for dis description..flt lyk m sitting der n seeing him live…:-)

  5. Airyn says:

    Thanks for sharing, kiracrystal, AY, and Tryp!

    Like kiracrystal, I think I like this format for a fanmeeting more than those with the games and stuff. The MC seems really good, and it’s nice that SG talked more and shared his insights with the fans.

    And 10 songs! It’s practically half a concert already. Wow, you guys who attended this event…so lucky!

  6. wanne says:

    Thanks for the translation, AY and to Tryp too for continuously sharing Seunggi’s goodies with us. I love reading it. I’ts very detailed indeed and I can totally feel the excitement of the fans

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