13.04.05 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 3 clips*

Suzy’s eyes focused on Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi startling skinship

4 Hunnam Stars’ Comeback Match-Up

credit: seunggiairen

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7 Responses to 13.04.05 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. lulu2050 says:

    i don’t know why everyone is stirring trouble about the whole Lee Seung Gi touching Suzy’s back….it’s not like he meant it !! and everyone knows that Seung Gi is the ultimate gentelman which mean he won’t ever do anything like touching her back on purpose or so……,media *sighs*

    • Anonymous says:

      Seunggi sells, that’s why. Whatever he does, it gets huge issue.

    • Cklelia says:

      If only I knew korean! But base on your comment looks like is not good news about our adorable prince. What it looks to me is that, as soon as he felt her skin was like touching a hot potato and immediately he removed his hand. Oh my adorable prince always such a gentleman:)

  2. Iva says:

    @lulu :
    if Seung Gi…then its Big News !!….
    what else ?….
    it’s a rare things right ?…..
    so, at least those people got their news read by everyones…
    it sold out !!….hahaha…
    they knew that everyones been miss him in a BIG Way…..
    I bet, his filming site will be packed jammed….

  3. noodlelover says:

    congratulation media, well after some years waiting and sneaking, finally Seung Gi gave you all a wind eh?

  4. kuecokelat says:

    its okay if seung gi touch suzy .. kekekeke.. its look so cute

  5. Jennifer says:

    When I watched the press con I thought S’s reaction was so immature. It’s her over reaction which caused the misunderstanding. We’d seen other female starts wearing a lot revealing dresses but non reacted so childishly. Guess it shows fhe age n mentally….

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