GFB Lee Seung Gi – Lee Yoo Bi, Cherry Blossom Cheek Kiss

*updated with more photos*

source: tvdaily via nate

source: nate

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19 Responses to GFB Lee Seung Gi – Lee Yoo Bi, Cherry Blossom Cheek Kiss

  1. Anonymous says:

    I guess our Kang Chi has to kneel on the cold hard ground ( yeh I knew you were trouble when you appeared in the teaser LOL) as a punishment but…is that a peach in your hand, Kang Chi ah??

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it’s an apple :D, but I love this pair, i think LYBi is cuter than Suzy 😀

      • Anonymous says:

        Suzy kinda unnatural in way she behaves during presscon….. even the way she stands… sorry to be honest

        • Anonymous says:

          Uhm as a Seung Gi fan, I still find her cute and I believe SeungGi feels comfortable with her. The actress can be average at best, but if she has chemistry with the actor and a reasonable character development in a decent plotline that capture the audiences’ heart then that drama can be considered a success. No matter how great acting the actors/actresses possess, if they’re in horrible plotline, then you can expect worst result (Case in point: When a man love vs. All about my romance).

        • Anonymous says:

          sorry to butt in…but in my opinion..LYB doesnt fit to the leading role since they need someone who looks tough and a little bit tomboy to be the art instructor…that’s y they choose Suzy..they need someone who have the same character to the script and not just someone beautiful. suzy has that in her. LYB suits the current role since she has those innocent face and at the same time she somehow got glint in her eyes that she can use for the bad role.She’s like one of those girl that we love and hate at the same time. Give Suzy a chance to develop since she’s what?? 20?? right??…she might not be a good speaker or smart or modest like LSG but she’s not afraid of working hard. Actually i’m not her fan since i dont really follow other celebrities except for LSG, but for such a young girl i think we should admire and support her.Hoping for the best for LSG and everyone in the drama since they are working so hard to produce a good drama for us!!!

    • Ieza says:

      i think it’s an apple! heehee.
      Still can’t believe how beautiful the scenes are… cant wait for Monday!

  2. scbound says:

    I have to be honest, and I may be alone in this thinking but after seeing SG finally play a more mature/experienced male in the love/romance dept. I think that this drama will be a big let down for me
    I wish his love interest was a little older and more mature and experienced (in real life) so that the love story could be presented in a more realistic fashion. I am envisioning those eyes open in horror kisses k drama is famous for.

    • Anonymous says:

      I want to think if you’re a versatile actor you can change from a mature to a cutie roles. No matter what role comes to you,you can execute it nicely. Giving Suzy a benefit of a doubt maybe this will be her chance to be more skilled in acting. Isn’t it TK2H made our Seung Gi a better actor? Let’s give them a chance,sometimes the things we don’t really expect turns out to be more than we expected. 🙂

      • scbound says:

        honestly, I have no expectations from her, as long as SG comes away happy and praised for this drama then I am happy. but I still think she is to young for SG and as much as everyone wants to believe he is comfortable with her, I am sure he also feels added pressure. Like the rest of you here I Love LSG and I am thrilled for this drama, and want it to be GREAT, but I find the lead female casting to be a risky choice.

    • AnnMichelle says:

      Don’t give up hopes so easily. I have my eyes on Yeo Wool. If there is ever a tough love, hers is it. She may be young, but she is one tough, smart, and tenacious heroine, not so common in any K-drama, let alone a sageuk. Even the girl in the pictures above, there is a glint in her eyes (in one of the previews) that makes me re-think her role as a plain and simple villain. As long as the characters are not cardboard figures, I think we are in a treat for some good dramas.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not everyone is into heavy romance like TK2H. Pairing with actresses that are appropriate for her age and his age will be more realistic than matured actress that acts cute/ too innocent for her age. For me, I don’t buy the romance in TK2H but I love his acting in there.

      • AnnMichelle says:

        I think the writers of TK2H gave too little to HJW. That was probably the box they painted themselves into, i.e., Hang-Ah as a virtuous representative of everything Mother Korea. That’s nice and good, but that also leaves very little for her character development. It’s a shame because she is a wonderful actress.

  3. Rai says:

    I bet its a peach.
    Like mother like son, a peach lover.
    Another hints? So daddy will recognize you?

  4. Anonymous says:

    If I were the one he’s kissing,I’d be the one counting and will keep on asking for more! 🙂

  5. melissa says:

    I bet this scene will be gorgeous in the drama. Can’t wait. Loving all the daily screenshots. They are doing a great job keep interest up.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This lady is so pretty in hanbok

  7. Jennifer says:

    Honestly I don’t care about the female actresses in all kdrama – especially this one. I am just so very happy n excited to be able to see Seung Gi on tv again. Everything else fade into oblivion whenever Seung Gi appears. I’ll enjoy whatever drama Seung Gi is in – be his love interest an A list actress or a green horn. So looking forward to ep3 of GFB. Sarang heyeo Lee Seung Gi!!!

  8. Ivaa says:

    If I were YB……
    I’ll be makes a 100 NG’s……a 1000 NG’s…
    he he he…..
    and not only ‘cheek kiss’….
    well….surely Shin Pd will drag me away…
    but who cares ?…..he he he

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