13.04.12 Radio: 2 O’Clock Date – Lee Seung Gi

This time, the same guest picked SeungGi as the #1 ‘King of Manners’. 😀

She said among all the singers currently in the industry, SeungGi is the one who takes the best care of the staff. If any new staff feels awkward, SeungGi always greets him/her first and initiates a conversation, and thanks him/her for being there.

source: dclsg

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4 Responses to 13.04.12 Radio: 2 O’Clock Date – Lee Seung Gi

  1. ritz says:

    awwww…our ever humble seungigi… actually i guess he doesnt even need to say smthng a smile wud b enuf to make sum1 cmfrtable..proud to b his fan..:-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    The talker (works as background vocal?) recommended SeungGi is the most well mannered among famous solo singers. He takes good care of people who work with him. For instance, he goes around and meet all the staffs face to face thanking them to work with him. And he has not changed at all after becoming real famous. No wonder he is called the “nation’s younger brother”, He is real Hun Nam/really nice guy.. And she has not found any fault with him at all. And she has chosen “Smile Boy”, hoping everyone can smile like SeungGi.

  3. lheanne says:

    he is the only man that rule my phones wall paper nobody will… only SEUNGGI… its been nine years…

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