13.04.16 Gu Family Book Ep 4 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 4 clips + full episode in HD*

Should we continue?

The start of a tenacious relationship between KangChi, YeoWool, and Gon

Giant spider!

Next week’s preview

source: dclsg, MBCdrama

full episode:

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20 Responses to 13.04.16 Gu Family Book Ep 4 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    i already finished watching this episode, i recommend this for live stream because it has a better quality and you can watch it properly….

  2. scbound says:

    OMG the preview made me tear up

  3. Jennifer says:

    Ahhhhh, can’t wait to watch ep4!!! I love Choi Kang Chi. He is simply cool n fight so well.

  4. crazyahjummafan says:

    I love this episode! Thanks Tryp!
    Kang Chi so hot and cool at the same time – when he suddenly appeared at the inn to confront GW and his men!
    It also seems like he’s only strong and his spider senses become alive when bad people are around. With good ppl, he’s totally tame.

  5. anonymous noona says:

    First time to watch live stream. And I may say I don’t want it to end,maybe bec I know the next episode will be next week. I loved it and starting to feel sorry for Kang Chi from his first love and lost,to GW wanted him dead (he feels threatened and scared of Kang Chi I bet) to the point he’s about to lose everything he have and suffer more than just heartaches. This is is the best or one of the best saguek fantasy drama ever produce.

  6. kimia says:

    cant wait for next ep
    Thanks Tryp

  7. AnnMichelle says:

    After the transition from the first two episodes and introduction of new characters in Ep. 3, the narrative is back on track in Ep. 4. Enjoyed every minute of the show, but the highlights are:

    Kang Chi and Yeo Wool: He might not remember her from the past, but the truth is he feels totally relaxed and safe upon her presence. To watch the two banter, each matching the other with perfect timing, is such a joy. She doesn’t suffer fools easily and he’s no fool. The more she sees him in action the more she feels the inevitability of their entwined fate. We are told that one of the pair might die. Gosh! Who?!

    The Park Family: Mythical times or not, it’s always such a struggle to hold your family together, against outside forces out of your control. In one scene, the family was having tea in their little courtyard. It looks so cozy, yet so fragile. One has a sense of impending disasters that will soon swallow everything. Kang Chi was standing some distance away, an excluded on-looker. But the love and longing in his eyes, you can tell he will do anything to protect that family. That’s exactly what Chung Jo, the daughter, vows to do too. But at what price?

    The Bad Guy: We got a hint of his seemingly senseless evil motives. In addition to greed and power, could it be a love denied or spurned? The object of his obsessions is Kang Chi’s mom, Seo Hwa. And he sees her in Chung Jo. Sigh. Dear Writer, do you have to go that direction?

    • foulou says:

      Creeper confirmed. So not only did he try to go for the daughter of his friend, but now he’s going for a girl who’s like a daughter to the daughter of his friend. Creeeeepy.

      Overall, Ep 4 is better, but don’t tell me Kang Chi’s foster family is going to suffer yet again. The writer wasn’t satisfied that Kang Chi’s real family tree suffered already. Geez.

      • Melbeek says:

        Evil creeper pedophile agreement. I cringed so much i nearly jumped out of my skin. I also fear who is the true keeper of the phantoms. * a quiet whisper of oh noes, please noes to myself *

  8. pinklover27 says:

    I just love how you can see the transformation of Lee Seung Gi, the actor, in every drama he takes on! Don’t get me wrong, he was great as Hwan in Brilliant Legacy, but he has made big strides in terms of his acting since then. His acting has gained more depth and have that vulnerability that not every actor can portray. I am already empathizing with Kang Chi, not just because the character is well-written, but it has a lot to do with Seung Gi’s portrayal, his eyes express that look of longing and yearning so well that you cannot help but empathize with him even more. Oh, and not to mention his expressions when he is kicking some ass, just priceless. Kudos to him!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ep 5 preview…WOW! He gets beaten up and I see how good Seunggi is in that scene… and it’s just a preview!

  10. pol says:

    It would be excellent if there is an english subtitle..
    but still, thank you.

  11. Anonymous says:

    keep holding myself from watching any cuts and reading any recap of GFB/KCTB ep 3 & 4..must wait for eng sub for better understanding and more excitement & surprises to see seung gi on the screen..anybody know where can i find the ep with eng subs..epdrama have yet to upload with subs…patiently waiting…

    • Gon says:

      I know what you mean..even tho the episode only came out yesterday..if feels like its been ages..keke..but am gonna wait dat sub…

  12. Yeng1013 says:

    i think i don’t need to say that i like this drama and LSG coz i wouldn’t be here if don’t. Thanks for posting this epi vid. Still have to watch eng sub of this epi but for now here’s my take:
    – I like how they started this episode with flashback of WolRyung-SeoHwa romance to bring us to the scene of KangChi and YeoWool near the peach blossom tree under the crescent moon, i think they’re trying to show a contrast between the two (love) story.
    – KangChi snoring hard like a beast is just so funny and adorable.
    – I think Gon will be one lovable character (if you haven’t found him lovable yet) and i guess there’ll be more (hilarious) bickering, most of which will be YeoWool related bickering, from KangChi and Gon in the coming episodes and i’m looking forward to it.
    – TaeSeo looking for KangChi in distressful time and the look of relief from his face when KangChi show up tells us of KangChi’s dependability.
    – GwanWoong seeing SeoHwa in ChungJo and KangChi stepping in to block his view gives me a feel that if KangChi pursue his feelings for ChungJo they will have a tragic end like his parents’ so im thankful that YeoWool is there. Like i said i think they (the writer and PD) are trying to show a contrast between the love story of WolRyung-SeoHwa and KangChi-YeoWool giving us a hope (or hint) that KangChi-YeoWool story would have a different ending.
    – Interjecting a scene of an ugly and disgusting frog swallowing the butterfly whole to give us a more descriptive picture of GwanWoong-MuSol meeting is brilliant. that gives me a feel that i’m watching/reading a manga.
    – KangChi’s pleading with Lady Yoon (she’s like the evil stepmother from fairytales) and his longing look to be part of the Park family while watching them from afar having a happy meal breaks my heart.
    – I’m loving that gangster leader, guess (or more like wishing) he’ll play a more important role in the latter episodes than just being a gangster leader.
    – The bracelet is doing its job in restraining Kang Chi from unleashing his gumiho powers except when his life is in danger, blood-thirsty evil men are near or when he’s angry.
    – So GwanWoong had access to some (evil) magic, ah that adds hate and disgust and more worrying for KangChi.
    – Anticipating WolRyung’s not dead. As consequence for his failure to become human he’ll turn to a devil for thousand years like the monk’s warning so i’m guessing WolRyung will return as KangChi’s strong antagonist but i’m hoping he’ll not end up in the camp of GwanWoong.
    – The story is becoming more interesting and a lot of characters to love but i also know that i need to prepare my heart for KangChi will have to face more pain and sorrow and more fightings in the next episodes. That confused look when Lady Yoon told him that she didn’t even know if he’s human, oh i just can’t imagine how he’ll be when the truth about his identity finally hit him.

    • LoveSG says:

      Haha! I am also starting to love that gangster leader – hope he’ll be Kang Chi’s sidekick in future ๐Ÿ™‚

      Not to forget about the part of Kang Chi ‘dancing-under-the-sakura-tree-due-to-spider’ – that moment got me laughing terribly for a while ^^

  13. Anonymous says:

    Please could someone translate it to english for me and the other fans i really don’t know koreran still love the actor….. Do translate the episodes …….

  14. lulu2050 says:

    there is something i really donโ€™t understand in this episodeโ€ฆ..in dramabeans they say kang chi thinks yeo wol is a guy but i didnโ€™t find any hint that he does ! any idea is true or not ?!

    • AnnMichelle says:

      I don’t know Korean so I can only rely on those who do. In addition to dramabeans where both bloggers speak Korean, the Chinese subbed version I watched also indicated Kang Chi thought Yeo Wool was a boy (in one scene, after the spider scare, Kang Chi thought to himself: who was that GUY?).

      Kang Chi called himself orabi (a title girls use to call older brothers) to Yeo Wool before the embrace because he confused her for Chung Jo.

      So I think so far Kang Chi still has no idea Yeo Wool is a girl. Maybe that also explains why he has problems remembering their past, because the past was with a girl, not a boy!

      • lulu2050 says:

        thank you that helped alot !! i was really confused thinking about it ! looking forward for when he discovers she is a girl ^^ thank you annmichelle โค

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