13.04.17 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Gu Family Book, fighting!!! Choi Kang Chi, fighting!!!

13.04.16 AGB Nielsen ratings:

#5 MBC Gu Family Book 15.1% (Seoul 17.1%, #4)
#6 KBS God of the Workplace 14.2% (Seoul 14.6%, #6)
SBS Jang Ok Jung 7.0% not in top 20

13.04.16 TNS ratings:

#5 MBC Gu Family Book 14.1% (Seoul 15.7%, #5)
#7 KBS God of the Workplace 13.3% (Seoul 13.4%, #6)
#20 SBS Jang Ok Jung 7.3% (Seoul 8.7%, #17)

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28 Responses to 13.04.17 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. anonymous noona says:


  2. Gen Wong says:

    Yay, my week is complete! Upward trend…I was seriously hoping it to reach 15% at least, and for the lead to widen. Both wishes granted, I’m the happiest fangirl now!
    Seunggi-yah, congrats! Hope this trend continues. This should give them motivation as they continue to film.

  3. melissa says:

    Amazing! Broke 15%. 😀 Race isn’t so close now. I hope it continues to grow.

    • foulou says:

      0.9% is still largely close, since there’s margin of error.

      • melissa says:

        Yeah, I can read the numbers. Given the extremely small percentage separating them before and GFB now picking up steam story wise it’s nice to see it starting to break away. I hope it continues.

        But thanks for being a downer. 😀

        • scbound says:

          LOL AT LAST COMMENT, I am going to give Foulou a pass this time because she/he just made a good post at Koalas in defense of SG , they are tearing him and this drama up over there. So Saddening. Honestly, I think SG is doing great, and he has not even got started yet. I think people over think dramas too much sometimes and just suck the life right out of it for themselves and everyone else.

          • melissa says:

            Funny I think Koala might be burned out on dramas since she’s seriously hated everything for awhile. I just read those comments. I don’t see what they are saying seeing? And honestly not many other people do either since DB and Joonni’s both love him as Kangchi. I think some people just have a hard time stepping away from TK2H and Jae Ha. I did too, but I’m glad for the success of this drama and enjoy every minute of him on screen.

            Sorry Foulou. Didn’t mean to be snarky. 🙂

            • Anonymous says:

              Koala is affected by kangchi’ mom (seohwa) illogical decision to bring GW people to the cave to catch RW and she has not calm down yet..

          • crazyahjumma fan says:

            I think that there are different kinds of dramas – some that are just good for watching, some good for discussion. It’s nor fair to compare GFB to TK2H, nor is it even fair to compare it to JOJ. And SEunggi’s doing a good job. The character so far has not yet stretched him, but I’m sure in time, it will and he’ll do well.

  4. AnnMichelle says:

    Go, GFB, go! Pull in more viewers with every episode! Fighting!

    PS: I have to wait until next Monday…sigh…

  5. selly2120 says:

    this drama really very good… i love everything in this drama…
    KangDam couple fightinggggg…!!!!!

  6. baby says:

    Good Morning Airens,
    Good News..Good News Hahaha!!! Gu Family Book Rating No ! ..No 1

  7. Rann says:

    Checked this immediately after waking up… and I feel like my day is complete just seeing this! 😀

  8. Anonymous says:

    Seung Giii… Suzyyy…. fighting !!

  9. Ivory says:

    Seung Gi Ya……fighting !
    I love the bickering team start to bond between Kang Chi – Yeol – Gon…..
    I love the sibling love between Tae So – Chung Jo – Kang Chi minus the hateful Oma…. But when all the hateful team begin to surface and making their moves…thats when the ratings start rising….because the viewer start to heart the hero….( except me….who want Kang Chi happy journey all episode plus his adorable dimple smile..arrgh )

  10. Jennifer says:

    YEAH! I am happy with the widen audience. This saguk drama is so exciting n refreshing – completely different from those before it. I LOVE it and found Seung Gi’s acting really natural and captivating. He captures the loneliness n pain of Choi Kang Chi so sensitively my heart just aches for this poor boy. Seung Gi is simply DAEBAK! I’ve the impulse to hug him and comfort him. Can’t wait for next week to catch ep5 n 6. Meanwhile, I hope more n more n more people will like n support uri Kang CHI. GFB FIGHTING! Seung Gi, sarang heyeo!!!

  11. AnnMichelle says:

    These are from a Baidu Tieba post (@連明上書) about Korean netizens commenting on GFB and Seung Gi, which were all praises:

    * Cute and lively in a comedy; looking like a charismatic leader; Lee Seung Gi’s actor skills proven; totally handsome
    * Encompassing multiple looks of Lee Seung Gi…really great
    * LSG~~~~A face that evokes envy now challenges beauty!!!!!
    * Now I understand why Writer Kang insisted on Lee Seung Gi (so much so that she visited Hook many times discussing the matter). He seems to be able to digest any character.
    * The best, acting skills of LSG
    * When LSG becomes Choi Kang Chi, the best!

  12. Melissa Tam says:

    I’m happy about the rating goes well!!!
    Suzy acting had approve alot… LSG acting make me laugh so hard yesterday

  13. mmeshahsg says:

    Thanks Ann Michelle for sharing all the wonderful comments for our darling Lee Seung Gi posted in Baidu Teiba. I am one who don’t read Chinese… so this is really AWESOME!… *clap**clap**
    Totally no sincere doubt about Lee Seung Gi’s commitment and versatility. He always gives more than 100% effort in everything he does. Such an amazing young man. That’s why we love him so.. so… so.. dearly. Seeing him in the last 2 episodes really touches my heart… he made Choi Kang Chi’s character so lively and captivating.
    He has been working extremely hard. Hopefully, he can have some rest. May GOD always protect and bless our excellent “Choi Kang Chi”.

  14. AnnMichelle says:

    @crazyahjumma fan,
    Totally agreed with what you said about different kinds of drama.
    I laughed at the criticism of the appearance of ‘shadow warriors’ at the end of Ep. 4.
    Surely, if you bought the ideas of a forest god, a prophet who could communicate with gods, that men (or in this case, women) and spirits could copulate and reproduce, a few warriors good at playing eye tricks (or even total mirage) were not THAT far-fetched.
    This drama is, among other things, a fantasy, a genre populated by Tolkien, Rowling, The Life of Pie, Lewis, and so many others.
    As long as they’re well made, I can get tremendous enjoyment from works of any genre.
    Gu Family Book is a well made drama.

  15. Go Go Go and keep rising Gu Family Book.. Seung Gi hwaiting, all “Gu Family Book” staff fighting.. ^_~ GBU

  16. lovejian says:

    I tried to get into DCgallary.. why doesn’t work today???
    is there something wrong with the site?

  17. Melissa Tam says:

    can someone tell me??
    is there something wrong with the site in DCgallary?? How come I can’t enter in??

  18. Joann Wong says:

    You are best! Seung Gi, hope it can over 18% in the coming month. Support you anytime! Trying our best to let all our friends becoming your Ariens. ***lsghkcafe***

  19. Airmost says:

    Hey, I’ve been wondering about something. So according to the Gu Family Book, in order to become human, you must not let others discover that you’re a gumiho. However according to the character descriptions it seems like YW finds out that KC is a gumiho fairy early on, hence her being the only one able to calm him. So can he still become human if YW knows about it?

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