GFB Shin Woo Chul PD Makes New History of Korean Sageuk

source: osen via nate

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29 Responses to GFB Shin Woo Chul PD Makes New History of Korean Sageuk

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Tryp! Love all of them :))

    Here is my rant:
    With recent rumor about Suzy and problematic actor A from Sport Seoul, they really want to bring the girl (and probably GFB) down the drain. I guess someone must be jealous with our upward trend of ratings. It’s this kind of rumor that could ruin one’s reputation. Others will believe rumor just because this is what they want to happen.
    Could it be SBS behind this or Sport Seoul wants to steal the spotline from Dispatch??
    I hope the whole casts and crews of GFB will support each other through this hard time.

    • foulou says:

      Well, there was so much overpraise for Suzy’s acting (which really isn’t even something worth of any praise), and we also don’t know the real deal. If Park Shi Hoo can become a rapist, anything is possible.

      • Anonymous says:

        True. But it just sounds so strange because for the girl, they gave all the hints for us to know that’s Suzy. Then for the well-mannered actor with 2 faces, they didn’t give much hint and ppl start with all the wild guesses.
        When mention about well-mannered actor, the 1st name comes to people’s minds is our puppy -.-

        • foulou says:

          “When mention about well-mannered actor, the 1st name comes to people’s minds is our puppy -.-”

          No he’s not. Don’t be paranoid. Seung Gi has never been identified as an actor. He’s either a singer, or a multi-entertainer.

        • melissa says:

          lol nobody with any sense (meaning nobody but silly international kpop fans who don’t know anyone but idols and a few actors) will think of Seunggi when they hear anything about that rumor. Don’t worry.

        • Anonymous says:

          There are so many well mannered actor in korea netizens identified but there’s only one nations younger brother,mothers friends son you dont want to be compared with, multi entertainer guy in korea and that’s Seung Gi. And base on the article,that is not Seung Gi.haven’t you seen the last BTS when they’re having snacks? The cody girl even teased Seung Gi the food looks good. If he’s rude to his staff they won’t be able to do that even infront of camera bec they’ll know the consequences.

    • Anonymous says:

      The timing is really shady though. SportSeoul don’t have a proof. It’s a hearsay and they take the rumor from a blog. Not from their own investigation whatsoever. This is not the first time also. I remember during the first week of GFB, there’s an old 2011’s article about her bullying his brother. I mean come on!How random! Even his brother had made a statement refuted it back then. Not to mention only one news site who posted that article. Suzy is always known for her good attitude. There’s a various old and new fan accounts said how she always very nice. Her fans know it. Even from her interview, u can see how she treated the staff. Other celebrities also had nothing but praised for her.For Suzy fans,we’re kind of get used to people spreading rumors about her. But i’m afraid other fans might get the wrong idea about her. Obviously she’s the weakest link here and they attack her. I hope it’s not some kind of conspiracy or something.

    • flashback says:

      sportsseoul is known for being a tabloid, wnd that info was made up by a mbc dc, the same place the sooyoung and woobin rumor was made up, here is the sorce:

  2. selly2120 says:

    this drama got so much praised and loved from knetizen… no wonder many people wanna take suzy down… i hope people didn’t believe about those rumour… becuz i known suzy since her debut with miss A…

    she ‘s innocent and shy girl… cutiee baby like suzy won’t have bad attitude… suzy fightinggg…!!!

  3. crazyahjumma fan says:

    Er sorry, but can someone please fill me in on what’s happening? What rumour? Thanks

  4. SayangSeunggi says:

    What happen here?this rumor really makes me nervous,hope nothing bad happen to seunggi..

    • melissa says:

      It’s crap about Suzy. Nothing about him. I don’t even know why the person mentioned it.

      • Anonymous says:

        You know SeungGi calls his drama staffs and costars his TEAM right? This is posted in GFB post so I see nothing wrong with it. Just saying.

  5. ritz says:

    when ppl r jealous they do all these kinds of craps to brng d prsn dwn…n aftr readng d article y i thnk d male actor mentioned is reffring to seungi oppa…if thts tru i wnt to kill dem…n running frm d set whom they r trying to fool..GFB crew themselves tld tht seungi oppa n suzy r d mst hardwrking person den y this false news…they r making joke of themselves nly..even if its nt abt oppa bt stil suzy is related to him so hope ppl giv her full support n discrd al d wrong assumptions….

  6. SayangSeunggi says:

    Erhmm,im really sorry to you all,i just read the rumor about suzy and i hope thats not true,and i just read other comment said the rumor about actor too..and i believe that actor is not seunggi,im just worry,that all,im so sorry for being careless..luv you guys and fighting seunggi yah!

  7. Mich says:

    Update on the rumor:

    That’s why people (including us) should not jump to call “dirty laundry” on someone. We should show respect to SeungGi’s costars and support his team.

  8. SayangSeunggi says:

    And yes please stop talking about that crap make us not comfortable for each other and now we knows that craps not true at all..lets all support seunggi and GFB..ahh it make me angry actully for that rumors for being us miserable

  9. babygirl says:

    Korean Fighting !!! Suzy fighting !!! Seung Gi Fighting !!!
    >>>GU Family Book << 3<

  10. LoveSG says:

    i think the spread of such baseless rumours are really out of our control so we have to be aware of them but not to believe them that easily or be affected negatively by them. For every one who hates us, there will be someone else to love us.

    To be honest, the first person that came to my mind was Seung Gi when Suzy’s name was mentioned and I start to wonder if this is all just to stir up controversy (or simply attention) to GFB. And I know right away not to believe in the rumour at all. It’s just crap.

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