13.04.22 Gu Family Book Ep 5 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 10 clips + full episode in HD*

duo action

injured KangChi

bickering 1


meeting So Jung

bickering 2

KangChi vs JGW

I’ll kill you!

Ending + Ep 6 Preview

source: bestiz, dclsg, mbcdrama

Full episode:

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31 Responses to 13.04.22 Gu Family Book Ep 5 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. lulu2050 says:

    i am really sad about lord park’s death i cried so hard !!! but kang chi’s gumiho looks is amazing he looks awesome ❤ i can't wait for tomrrow episode ! Gu Family Book FIGHTING !!


  3. Park Ha Nane says:

    i really hope that the others don’t die parks familly i really hope i don’t want to omg why he died and ‘ kang shin gomiho is awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee his eyes are daebaaak

  4. leogalsg says:

    he look good in those green eyes. the ending is daebak.

  5. crazyahjummafan says:

    I love this episode! It has everything in it, just like ep 4. There’s cuteness – little KC and little YW sooo adorable, esp the way they threw side glances at each other! Then there’s tenderness – love the way CJ hugged KC. Normally in Kdrama, the guy does the hugging first, and the girl just stares ahead, shocked, with her hands limply by the side. Haha! this time it’s the reverse! But I like that KC hugs her back! Gasp! Seunggi’s manly hands are to die for!!!!

    And then there’s tension – I don’t now what the 3 elders were discussing, but boy, did it seem serious -as if they were planning something. Then, TS opens the secret door leading to a room full of money! Oh dear! i hope GW doesn’t get his hands on them!

    There’s also jealousy – poor Gon! And awesome bromance! KC and Gon so cute fighting and glaring at each other! And of course there’s sadness. Wished MS didn’t have to die. But in some way, I’m glad he died protecting KC. It’s as if he’s honouring KC, as if he’s saying, “I love you and thank you for all the times you’ve saved us and the inn.”

    Lovely episode. Suzy’s acting as improved too!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Oh no I didn’t get to watch ep5 tonight due to work. Can’t wait to see Kang Chi…now I am really curious about his gumiho look!!!! I know for sure it’ll be DAEBAK! Kang Chi, wait for me….i’ll be with you so soon!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I hope those who criticized this drama are eating their words right now! All I can say to them is bleh bleh bleh! 🙂

    The ending was heart breaking I had a flashback of shi kyung and jae ha scene in TK2H. But this one is more painful the person who took him and raised him as his own and died because of saving him. Oh my I can feel the pain,anger and burden on Kang Chi.

    Oh what can I say the ever firce gumiho Kang Chi so good,those eyes burns 10x more just by looking at it you’ll burn yourself.

  8. scbound says:

    omg, I can totally see the child Kang Chi as the young Kang Chi, he really has the same personality , (good job)

  9. Anonymous says:

    I always wonder how will Seung Gi looks like when he’s really angry or act as a bad a## guy. I always picture him as a cute well mannered man even if he’s pissed off he will just laugh at it. The short moment when he was mad at kim bong gu during their encounter,I was impressed by his angry look but still not fierce enough. But today o boy that well mannered guy just simply left Seung Gi and the only thing I can see is a very pissed man who just want to kill all that will come his way. Seung Gi definitely improved to a better,much better actor a versatile actor.

  10. Jade Butterfly says:

    Funny…If I were to pen out rough translations of what I watched tonite , based on the excellent non-verbal cues & the whole gamut of emotions so passionately acted out & emoted by KC * Clap Clap Clap Clap * & CJ, YW & to lesser varying degrees , the rest of the actors ,I think I’d be close to getting a bull’s Eye for accuracy of visual translation into words. And I don’t speak korean!
    Thanks to Kangchi’s passionate acting ! Done just the way I like it .Thank you .
    I’m glad for the heart buffer of a ‘rumor-has-it’, that papa Park was going to die as I’d have a minor seizure if not for the forewarning .
    He was too perfect a surrogate father figure to last thru a sageuk that already ‘killed’ off 2 romantic figures at the preliminary episodes.
    Looking forward to subbed version & epi 6. Holding my breath for CJ & TS to not be raped or killed.
    URGH .

  11. AnnMichelle says:

    Saw the first part of the Chinese subbed ep., share with you
    – Bickering, YW and KC
    Yeo Wool slapped the back of Kang Chi’s head after KC assured her that his injury was no big deal…
    KC: Hey, what’s that for?
    YW: You have two lives? When there’s a sword coming, you duct! You idiot. Why did you put up your arm to fend it off?!
    KC: Hey, you…
    YW: Not just the arm, your neck could have been cut…One inch the wrong way and you are dead! Don’t you understand?
    KC: If you want to thank me, do it properly. Thank you for taking this one for me. If not for you I would be killed. Thank you so much for saving my life…
    YW: When did I ask you to save my life?
    KC: No matter. The fact is I am your savior.
    Yeo Wool gave him another whack.
    KC: Ouch!
    YW: I am not the fragile kind that needs you to come save. Don’t presume and volunteer. I can take care of myself. (She stormed off leaving a stunned Kang Chi.)
    This part was too great. A vivid sketch of both KC and YW. Did I say I like her more and more?

    • Anonymous says:

      That was a great scene. Listen to her KC!

    • crazyahjumma fan says:

      YW is so cute. If I read her character correctly, she’s already in love with KC, waaaayyy back in their childhood. It’s just been re-ignited recently. But at the same time, she’s supposed to ignore him. A. VERY. DIFFICULT. THING. TO. DO. Cos, he’s brave and noble, even if he’s impetuous and thinks with his heart and muscle, rather than head. Moreover, he saved her again. And putting his life in danger…. I think her heart just fell out when he took the sword for her. But YW’s no damsel in distress, she’s one tough cookie, and lacks the feminine wiles and moves to thank him and show concern in a more feminine way. All she knows is to whack him to the head! Haha!
      A more feminine character would first ask if he was alright, show concern over the wound, thank him sweetly with a shy smile AND THEN tell him not to be so rash the next time!

      Nevermind KC, you can save me any time, any day!!!! I’ll tend to your wounds and thank you sweetly with a smile and a hug!!!

  12. Poply says:

    Omg,i really love this drama,if i’m not fan seunggi. My spring day, Seunggi why you kill my heart with your act. Serious, you really thinner. Kill my heart. Story more excited. Gu family book , you’re best.fighting!

  13. AnnMichelle says:

    Now that we are still number 1 and my nerves are calmed, let me do another great one involved the threesome.
    By the way, KC really does not know YW is a girl. As you will see…

    YW told Kun what had happened. Then she admitted to him, much to his alarm, that KC was the one who saved her life. KC was playing up his injury for the home crowd.
    KC: Ahhhh…Dad, it hurts!
    Dad: So grave a moment, why didn’t you call for help?! Why did you have to get into all this trouble?
    KC: That was not a case where I could just call anybody to help.
    Dad: Even so you still should not take the bad guys on all by yourself.
    KC: I told you already I was not alone.
    His buddy: If you were not alone, who else was there?
    KC: It was that guy…wait a sec, until now I still don’t know his name…
    Buddy: Who?
    KC: You know, that guest, the one who stays in the room farthest away.
    Kun: Master Dam.
    KC: That’s right! Master Dam…(turned and saw Kun approach) What are you doing here?
    Kun: Here. Medicine from Master Dam. Put it on the wounds and they will heal in no time.
    KC: (grabbed the medicine from Kun) He was so pissed just a while ago. Looks like he’s still very concerned. But, this…It looks something girls like to carry along…
    Kun: Give it if you don’t want it (reaching for it gladly).
    KC: Ho-ho. What a cheapo…A honorable man won’t take back his gifts…Any road, I am grateful to him. Go tell Master Dam I will make good use of this medicine.

    When Kun went back to YW, she asked him how things went. He tried to bluff his way through while taking in (or not) YW’s bare shoulders…
    YW: Oh, did you give him the medicine?
    Kun: Ah, yeah.
    YW: Did you tell him to apply mornings and nights twice a day on the wounds?
    Kun: He knows what to do. Then…(he turned and tried to get out of there)
    YW: Wait! Did you tell him I was very grateful?
    Kun: Oh, yeah…

    Cut back to earlier…
    After KC smiled smugly and said his thanks…
    Kun: You lousy bad-luck rascal…
    Back to YW…
    YW: What did he say to that? What?
    Kun thought back…
    KC: Hey kid! You wanna die?
    Kun: Go die yourself!
    KC had a small explosion at that…
    Back to YW…
    YW: What are you thinking? I asked you what he said.
    Kun: Nothing…nothing special.
    YW: Nothing? After I said my thanks he didn’t say anything?!
    Kun: Yeah…do rest…(escaped)
    YW: What? I even sent my medicine to him…Such a no feeling person!

    These three are killing me!

  14. Jade Butterfly says:

    Thanks for the tranz , AnnMichelle.
    Looked to me that YW held on to her childhood crush on her little hero & once she realised that KC is that ‘he’ , she seemed to fall quite immediately into a In-Love mode for him.
    I think it intrigued her that the guardian monk warned her of an ill-fated “only-one-will-live” love with him. Being aware of that , made her protective of him, since he seems to ,instinctively, jump in to take bite & blows for her.
    I’m torn …cos I’m rooting for KC & CJ and yet , also rooting for KC & YW! Otokke?
    But if he’s gonna end up with YW , what’s gonna happen to CJ… ?

    • crazyahjumma fan says:

      To answer your question, according to the synopsis, she’ll put revenge for family above her love for KC. And that’s why we had the hug scene. Read in Joonni’s recaps, that CJ asked him if he could betray her father and brother, and said that in the same way, she can’t betray them too. That’s why she had to agree to the arranged marriage. Family to her is very important. Probably brought up that way, so in the end, she’ll place her revenge for family above her love for KC.

      The plot has not moved forward much, but I think that what the writers did was to establish certain things:
      1) CJ’s love for KC – only if its not in family’s way.
      2) KC’s impetuousness – he needs to grow up and use his head more. In this respect, he is so much like his father, who acts with his heart. I hope that in the next episodes, we see KC maturing.
      3) YW’s feelngs for KC – it goes way back to their childhood. Can I say that the two kiddies were so adorable and acted sooo well! I loved how they gave shy looks to each other! Btw, KC mentioned something about marrying her then.
      4) The plot to build the turtle ship that will defeat the Japanese. I wonder how they are going to do that. Hope that GW doesn’t find the money.
      5) And dare I say the bromance between KC and Gon? So cute!
      6) Also shows us that YW doesn’t see poor Gon as a guy. She doesn’t mind him seeing her half-dress! I don’t think that it’s because she’s improper, but she views him not as a guy!

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Agreed with all your points. Especially the kiddie actors. So cute and so GOOD. Love the ‘it’s nothing’ from the kid KC – remind me of the ‘flesh wound’ from the Monty Python! And the girl, when she cried AFTER little KC assured her – so caring and truthful…

        Did you see Gon eyeing Tae Seo when he’s all smiles to YW? Boy, poor Gon has many competitions! And to YW he’s unisex!

        Love these light, cute, but feeling moments in this drama.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry for bringing this up… But Suzy’s acting really sucks. Overall the drama is really daebak but with Suzy’s acting , my enjoyment of the drama is diminished. Seun gi yah …really love you.

    • lily23 says:

      i see her acting really improved though?Im not fan of her , but seriously..her acting really improved..and i see a lot people comment want to know more about her story in this drama..okay,but as we all know..everyone has their own opinion,but really..her acting really improved! 🙂

  16. Jennifer says:

    choi Kang Chi looks so HOT with the green eyes! Really love Lee SeungGi’s acting. He showed so many different emotions so well in this episode. He actually looks very handsome with tears hanging on his eyes at the scene when the master died. Really love this drama. Can’t wait to watch ep6! Choi Kang Chi fighting!!!!

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