Brilliant Legacy Team’s Get-Together

They met up for a meal at Mi Piace in Seoul. Jin Hyuk PD said SeungGi showed up (& paid for the meal) despite his busy schedule with Gu Family Book, so this should be very recent.

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credit: Jin Hyuk PD via hanhyojooworld (special thanks to Lily)

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29 Responses to Brilliant Legacy Team’s Get-Together

  1. Anonymous says:

    I won’t to say anything people will pile up hating me :). I will just simply smile and thank you tryp and your souces.

  2. Seunggifan says:

    I miss this couple so much.
    My first k drama…..
    Love love

  3. windmill says:

    Yeyyy HwanSung has a reunion. And today is Brilliant Legacy’s 4th anniversary. If I’m not mistaken it aired its 1st episode on April 25th 2009. It is a really nice that they still meet each other despite their busy schedule even after 4 years. Sun Woo Hwan is the character which brought me into the airen world ^__^

  4. nina says:

    Woww…..I am crying now.miss hwan sung soo much!! Love everything about. Brilliant legacy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s great to see them close. I love this couple so much ❤

  6. :OMG shocKing to the max~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this time its real not just my imagine T.T
    dugeun2 my shipper heart ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Reblogged this on ♥ 이승기 ♥ 인도네시아 ♥ and commented:
    happy 4th anniversary Brilliant Legacy~ My SeungJoo^^
    April 25th 2009~April 25th 2013

  8. To be honest I’m more loving couples ahha,,
    but that’s okay because I love this couple,, 🙂

  9. quandocuando says:

    Time really flies. 4 years have come and gone. Thks to Hwan n Eun Sung for introducing me to the world of kdramas. I really adore this couple.:)

  10. Anonymous says:

    seeing this picture brought me to BL era. compare to SG drama i think BL is one of his drama that less of love line scene. love hwansung aka seungjoo all the best for them. BTW who is another girls? MCW ????

  11. Airmost says:

    Seunggi really likes that jacket and turtleneck doesn’t he.Glad to see the BL team back together I missed them.

  12. HHJ looks so beautiful in the simple outfit ^^. BL is still the number one LSG’s drama for me ^_^.

  13. Melissa Tam says:

    is that moon chae won’s face beside Hyo joo?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love this couple too, and wish one day they will be a couple in the real world.

  15. white jasmine says:

    Just a lovely couple. They great as imagine couple in brilliant legacy..maybe in ms yoshimoto‘s novel too..ah..sure..hope they become a real sweet couple..

  16. Anonymous says:

    I love them hwansung….^^

  17. judepps says:

    though im a bit late,,, but im soo happy seeing and reading this article..its good to know though its been 4 years had passsed BL team is still hang out despite of their busy schedule. Im just happy with the thought of it. Like others, and as what i said it countless times BL will always be special to my heart. No matter how many drama Seunggi will be doing in the future. It’s the drama that introduces me to Seunggi & paves the way to AIren World 4 years ago.. Ironic yet its the only drama of Seunggi that i rewatched countless time too.. I guess It’ll remain special to me like forever..hahaha

  18. luna says:

    no other korean only lee seung gi and han hyo joo…who make me crazy in love….

  19. Anonymous says:

    Not sure how many times I came to this page…and how much love I have for this beautiful couple. Reality or not… I will continue to imagine them in my dream world!

  20. I miss them so much, reminding me on BL again even I just re-watched it not long ago, it’s an awesome and wonderful drama for me.. hehe ^_~ GBU

  21. emily13 says:

    I want this couple as a real couple!!!

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