Gu Family Book Ep 7 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

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Watching KangChi transformed into a half-human half-beast before her very eyes, YeoWool is extremely shocked. She reports this to Dam Pyeong Joon. KangChi is in denial about the hidden beast form in him and is tormented by it.

Meanwhile, ChungJo is taken to ChunHwaGwan (gisaeng house), but she refuses to become a gisaeng. Chun Soo Ryun recalls SeoHwa from 20 years ago, and orders ChungJo to be tied to the Tree of Shame…

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English translation:
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35 Responses to Gu Family Book Ep 7 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Lulu Ibrahim says:


  2. lily23 says:

    aww~Chung Jo really remind me with Seo Hwa’s fate 😦

  3. Melissa Tam says:

    I just finished watching ep.1 again..
    now I understand.. so Chung Jo really going to act like Seo Hwa next ep.7

  4. bella says:

    Wae? Why does she report it? Her father’s gonna hunt him for sure. It doesnt make sense. And the writer really is recycling the plot, pull another Seo Hwa? It must be weird that CJ would afraid of KC like SH did, bc unlike SH, CJ knows KC all her life.

    • phio_chan says:

      I think that is exactly the purpose of the plot. It’s twice as painful to see history repeats itself, especially for So Jung who has the power to stop it, although limited. Also to see how people resent gumiho very much, even though they actually want to help. Kind of irony. The question will be to see when/how people will think outside their prejudice, whether destiny can be changed, etc. Cliche things, maybe, but I’m looking forward to see how it’s delivered through this series. 🙂

      P.S.: Not sure if CJ will resent KC like SH indeed, but I kinda guess she’ll deny KC because he’s that strange and because the summary mentions that she’d do anything to climb the social status again. Well, maybe she’ll choose to go with the flow and ignore KC because of that. We’ll see.

      *fingers crossed for awesome plot twists! <3*

      • AY says:

        Agree. What does it take to be human? Willpower, morality, courage? Given the same fate but because of the ‘human qualities’, they are able to take destiny into their hands and change the outcome. I don’t think the writer is lacking in creativity. She is trying to convey how different people take the fate they are dealt with.

        • Anonymous says:

          agree!! all i can say is i really loved the show since ep 1… it’s just so perfect for me… starting from ep 1 every scene is worth watching.. tears overflow, and laughter too… i can’t wait to watch the next ep..

    • mel says:

      Her father won’t. Last time he did on orders from GW. This time he’s working to bring GW down… and he let Kang Chi’s mother live (and by default KC) in the end.

      It’s not really a recycled plot point. The synopsis clearly says history repeats itself and KC loses another family to the evil GW. Don’t actually expect things to happen exactly the same.

    • crazyahjumma fan says:

      YW reports back to her father because that’s what she’s supposed to do. He had sent her and Gon to find out what was going on. So naturally, she’ll tell him.

    • LoveSG says:

      Nope. Her father will not hunt down Kang Chi. He hunted down Wol Ryung because he was under orders then… Seems to me he is a righteous man (just see Yeo Wool as an example) and he has let go of Seo Hwa once. No reason for him to go after him…. right? I’m hoping for the writer to put in some twist to this though ^^

  5. crazyahjumma fan says:

    Aigoo! What is the writer trying to do?
    But I can understand both SH and CJ’s relunctance in becoming a gisaeng. For CJ, it must be especially hard cos she was just about to be married. Furthermore, I think she’s thinking that KC will come n rescue her.

    Isn’t it ironic, that girls who want to retain their virtue are tied to a tree of shame, while those who willlingly be one, are not?

  6. AIreN says:

    i think the writer mirrors CJ to SH because she wants the viewers know that KC’s fate is with YW. if he’s with CJ, the history of his parents will happen once again, which obviously painful ending for the innocent KC. with KC and YW, we will get another different story.

    just my opinion. whoever KC with (honestly i want KC n YW :)) i hope he gets happiness. he deserves it.

    GFS’s teams fighting! KC fighting!! LSG fighting!!!

    • luna says:

      I dont know but I have a feeling the show would lose its seriousness if when KC ends up with YW, it will pretty much turn back to a rom-com.

      • AIreN says:

        remember lsg said there will be a lot of plot twist? let’s wait and see how this story will expand 🙂

        • layman says:

          The Writer and PD of Gu Family Book were the Top Star from Korea Drama . I trust them they are the best..and what i see the PD of GFB is really a romantic man.. the ending of GFB sure very beautiful ..u guy can check his old drama

          • LoveSG says:

            I think the drama will turn darker and darker but still with a little humour in it…. and the ending gonna be sad but beautiful, I guess?

            Anyways, I like how the story is going as of now… and we’ll see how choices are made to determine the fate of the characters in this story. Life is a matter of choices, really. You can’t change who or what you are but you certainly can change what you do.

  7. Anonymous says:

    History may repeat itself to Chung Jo but only up to tying her to the tree,I think? because Kang Chi will be able to rescue her from the gisaeng. Kang Chi needs to encounter Soo Ryun because she also knows the secret of Seo Hwa having a child half beast. Maybe this time Soo Ryun will have a change of heart and free or hide Chung Jo from GW. On Yeo Wool’s part,she was shocked seeing Kang Chi transform, like a child she went straight to father telling him what she saw. But this will not harm Kang Chi because all of us know Dam Pyeong Joon was the one who spared Seo Hwa’s life when he was about to execute her when he found out she’s pregnant. This will be a great opportunity for their government to use Kang Chi as a weapon against the evil GW and the foreign enemies their are afraid of. And I think this will be the start of love line between KC and YW for her knowing his secret and never judge him because of that. YW will help him to accept and overcome his hidden beast.

  8. LoveSG says:

    I totally agree with phio_chan! Everything happens for a reason in any drama so before we criticise this kind of ‘recycling’ plots, think of why the writer could have done so and if there is any purpose for it. If there is none, then it’s bad writing but if there is a reason, it can be a nice plot device (like what she pointed out).

    So…. KC finally starts his second life from next ep onwards huh? It will first be denial… then anger…. and then acceptance… it is kinda easy to predict the plot now…. so the writer better put in some plot twist before this drama turns too boring to watch – no offence intended but that’s my worry 😦

    Understandably, YW is shocked but I do think that she’ll get over her shock and realise she still loves him and come to help KC rescue CJ. In the first ep SJ refused to help WR to rescue SH but this time I guess there will be YW there to help KC rescue CJ? Wonder where SJ will fit in this time…

    After CJ is rescued then they will have to be on the run so in the meantime, YW will be the third wheel between KC and CJ…

    If love blossoms between YW and KC, I think the fact that YW’s dad killed KC’s dad will be the obstacle between them?

  9. kuroko says:

    what if…. the bad guy is really kang chi’s father. i mean he became an evil spirit right? hihi. just guessing. and kang chi’s mom is really alive and being taken care by the ninja master. and also i agree on the comment that maybe Dam pyeong jun will use kang chi to fight GW. that’s why i was thinking maybe GW is kang chi’s father the evil spirit. cos i’m still in denial that Wul Ryong died already:( and as you have all said there’s a lot of plot twist in this story. i just hope to see Wul Ryong again!!:(

    • Coleen says:

      I don’t think that wol ryung is controlling jo gwan woong (if that’s what you meant) but I sure as hell want wol ryung back! :(( I just can’t get over him! Haha

      • LoveSG says:

        I also don’t think Wol Ryung is controlling the villian.
        it should be the other way round… since the villian has been very evil ever since the beginning.

      • kuroko says:

        same here!:D i want wol ryung back too. that’s why i think i’m imagining things as wol ryung controlling jo gwan woong. lol:)) i just want to see him again^_^

  10. Melissa Tam says:

    is there a preview video? T_T I want to see so badly

    • LoveSG says:

      I’m thinking they are still cutting up the preview clip as of now… it is not yet ready for viewing. Hopefully, we’ll catch it over the weekend?

  11. jan says:

    I think kang Chi was shocked during that time he don’t know what to do he is los…. he denial it because he is a simple young man and he carried so many responsiility on his shoulder..from the master..master wife..and all the person who brought him up… omg what going to happen next…….

  12. Coleen says:

    Okaaaaay. Anyone knows where we can watch the preview?

    And also I am really excited for yeo wool and kang chi’s love line! Just how will kang chi have a change of heart?! I hope they make it as believable as kang chi’s love for chung jo (as of now). With the way kang chi and chung jo act lovey dovey right now, I just have no idea how he will fall for yeo wool.

    And just when will kang chi will know yeo wool’s a woman?! Haha excited for this part too.

    And I do have a theory on why yeo wool dresses up like a man.. Though maybe it’s just me and my wild imagination xD I think yeo wool’s mother is chun soo ryun (head gisaeng) and so yeo wool dresses up like a man to hide her true identity. Cause when they find out she’s a lady, she may also become a gisaeng like soo ryun. Okay so this is just a guess 🙂

    Anyway I am addicted to this drama!! GFB fighting!! Excited for next episode!!

    • LoveSG says:

      Nah…. based on the previous Korean drama (or any other Taiwanese drama) romances…. acting lovey dovey in the beginning does not mean the romance will last… and who knows if Kang Chi will then realise his love for Chung Jo is just brotherly love and Yeo Wool is his true love?

      I doubt Yeo Wool’s mother is Chun Soo Ryun… that would be an overkill in storyline, I feel. She just dresses as a man to make it convenient for her in her investigations and moving from place to place ^^

  13. deasy says:

    i don’t want only guess guess i only want watch this drama and finish with happy ending

  14. SuzyJJANG says:

    Okay… Heck care all the weekends, I seriously need Monday to be here now

  15. SayangSeunggi says:’re so funny deasy..i like your comment..i just want this drama to be great and awesome like our kangchi.seunggi fighting!

  16. kari says:

    I think Cha is actually going to have a happy ending Dam character will eventually fall in love with him because she actually say his true personality !!!! cant wait till mondayy!!! ^^

  17. babygirl says:

    Can wait till Monday..Gu Family Book ep 7 **
    Korea *****Incredible Hulk **** Korea incredible Hulk *****

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