World Family Book: Fan Project for USAiren

Hello, my fellow USAirens!

LSGKWA is creating a World Family Book to celebrate SeungGi’s 9th debut anniversary, and there will be a chapter on USA! I think this is an excellent opportunity for us to introduce our country to SeungGi and entice him to come for a visit!!! 😛 Please read the notice on LSGKWA for more details. We look forward to your participation!

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P.S. Many other countries, including Singapore, Japan, Latin America (Argentina/Mexico/Chile/Ecuador/Peru), Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Turkey, and Indonesia, will be covered in this book. Fans from these countries can check out the respective notice posted in Free Board.

source: LSGKWA

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  1. hannah_018 says:

    There you are, Airen PH! :”>

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