13.04.30 Gu Family Book Filming BTS Photo – Lee Seung Gi

What could possibly be wrong with this scene? (And why is JaeHa’s father-in-law talking to KangChi?! :lol:)

credit: DongHyun7777

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6 Responses to 13.04.30 Gu Family Book Filming BTS Photo – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Melissa Tam says:

    I hope goes well~

  2. Ivaa says:

    Kang Chi yaa……..
    if you choose YW your kid becomes human with 187 IQ….
    plus fearless nature…..
    and after you serves LSS and defeated GW,
    you will become a Hero….
    the King surely will favour you…
    then, better have a daughter, and marry her off to Crown prince…
    SJ said that in the future, we will be related through our great great grandchildren…..
    he he he……..

  3. Jennifer says:

    LOL this is so cute…suddenly I remembered JaeHa n HangAh’s father!!! Choi Kang Chi FIGHTING!!! I love GFB.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I laugh at the caption “why Jae Ha’s father in law talking to Kang Chi”. Suddenly I started thinking is he the ancestor of Kim Hang Ah? That’s why she’s a bada&&?? :))

  5. alexisyl says:

    I don’t get what’s off in this picture even after staring at it for quite some time… 😦 anyone has any clue? 🙂

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