13.05.05 Section TV Interview Cut – Lee Seung Gi

Sweet Date with Lee Seung Gi, Women’s Romance

credit: racena

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25 Responses to 13.05.05 Section TV Interview Cut – Lee Seung Gi

  1. lulu2050 says:

    i don’t know who talked him into this hair style >.< it is not terrible but i really don't like it at all :((( on the other hand he looked amazingly hot wearing the sleeveless shirt *.*

  2. milkteanlsg says:

    I understand and believe that in person, he looks amazing~ who matter what!
    But why that hair during the show???

    • LoveSG says:

      I doubt there is a hair stylist or make up artist in this show… hence most likely he did this look himself.

      NO matter what, I think he still looks great no matter what his hairstyle is… I do think his hairstyle make him look more mature (serious and older, maybe) but his smile is as good looking as ever ❤

      It is his personality that charms me, not looks.

  3. milkteanlsg says:

    But this interview actually shows how much he can differ with just his hairstyles!~~ haha~

  4. Anonymous says:

    I want to think codinim and everyone are playing with his hair. Because they know that people will react on it. But what the heck even i f he’s bald or having,
    a bad hair day. I still find him cute and gorgeous. 🙂

  5. Poply says:

    Maybe only me , i love it.it so fresh looking. However, i’m no attention lot from him with mess hair or wave hair. I love this interview when he talk , away smile and attractive. i away watch this video again and again. Hope translat.

  6. jayshree says:

    please can somebody upload this with subs…

  7. Anonymous says:

    He is still filming the drama so he can’t cut his hair short.. for guys with hair this long, you can’t do much or it will look even worse than now..

    The cf company should have asked to film earlier or after the drama ends..

    • Anonymous says:

      His hairstyle only looks bad during the interview, besides that it looks very charming, such as during this CF shooting. Even at the GFB press conference before, his hairstyle also looked so adorable.

  8. Ivaa says:

    he looks like one of my client …….
    in a section tv with office look ????
    I always thought that this is impossible……
    how come ?
    a top star with a nerdy looks ?
    why is it with him ?
    that makes us love him to death ?
    no matter his #%$^&*#$ looks….
    still loves him……#sigh…..

  9. Jennifer says:

    OMG Seung Giloo,s so hot in the CF! I don’t find anything wrong with this hairdo….in my eyes he looks good in everything!!! Seung Gi FIGHTING!!!

  10. AIreN says:

    lol i gave a serious thought b4 watching this clip because i was so caught up with his hair style. but after watching this clip, i think he looks just fine! fresh and warmer 🙂

  11. foulou says:

    lolwut. His hair looks fine. Do y’all guys want those spikey anime hair or those teenager hairstyles or something?

  12. ming says:

    he looks OK…not his best,but still the adorable Lee Seung Gi.
    how i wish i can understand what he was saying though.
    can someone please translate what he said in the interview?

  13. madqueen says:

    Thumb my post down if you want… but I’m going to say it anyway.
    Seung Gi, I love you very much and always will, but you can do much much better than the old fashioned hairstyle and the office worker shirt and tie… like how you were all hot and swoony in the short sleeved top and working out with the punch bag.

  14. alexisyl says:

    He’s the kind of person that just grows into you.. don’t quite fancy this hairstyle but he’s still the hot and adorable puppy to me 😛

  15. Anonymous says:

    it looks like seung gi and hyo joo have the same hairstyle nowadays…:-)

  16. crazyahjummafan says:

    When i first saw him in the close video with THAT harstyle, I went, “Seunggi ah, wae? Wae?” And I thought he looks like Jang Geun Suk. But after watching the lengthier cuts, it didn’t bother me so much because of his mega-watt, melting smile! And I thought he looks more mature and manly, esp in the office clothes.
    But Seunggi is really a person with a 1000 faces. In the same video clip, he could look older, as well as much younger – like a teenager!

  17. Cherrie Fab says:

    i still like him…..

  18. Anonymous says:

    hahaha…funny hairtsyle…cute and dorky at the same time..he always experiment with his hairstyle which normally him end up looking different. airens somehow went nuts when it comes to his hair (some in a good way and some..well) hahaha…for this one, i think he doesn’t have time getting his hair done when the reporter arrived, he might not want her to wait for him since he always feel sorry when people are waiting for him (i read somewhere about it)..OR…this is part of his promotion for the CF since whatever he does…. i always found out the reasons later on..i was surprised at first when i looked at his new hairstyle…but whenever he opens his mouth it does not bother me anymore coz he charms everyone whenever he speaks…even the reporter almost melt on the spot….

  19. sunnnybee says:

    So hard to believe so many can only talk about the guys hair, isn’t he more than that. If you would only think, he has already said till the end of GUFB he will not be able to wear his hair the way he wants. He has to let it grow out..Poor guy he works so hard on so many careers and I would love to know what he thinks when all he reads is female fans complaining about his hair and not how talented he is or the great job he does with No sleep for days.
    Many love him in any way good hair, bad hair, the 100% Lee Seung Gi in everyday.

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