13.05.07 Gu Family Book Ep 10 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 5 clips + full episode in HD*


The money is safe!

You didn’t know? I’m not human.

KangChi & Master GongDal

I was completely deceived by you

source: bestiz

Ep 10

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32 Responses to 13.05.07 Gu Family Book Ep 10 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks tryp! today Kang Chi so handsome and smart

  2. scbound says:

    THANKS TRYP.. This was a really great episode, one of my favorites. Seems Kang Chi is smarter than he has been given credit for till now, LOL Seung Gi sure has a way of making you fall in love with the character he is portraying. this episode was light hearted yet so touching at times. I am afraid that next week won’t produce as many smiles.

  3. Anonymous says:

    remembering 1N2D moment when seunggi succeeded the mission with incredible strategy.. hehe

    • milkteanlsg says:

      yeah… but it is so funny that he did all that to get a pot of ginseng chicken dish!? Haha~ 😀

      • scbound says:

        well, that’s not why he did it, but it was an added bonus. well done KC you rock

        • ywlovesg says:

          Nah. I think milktealsg is right. I doubt kc can turn clever overnight. Though I certainly hope that to happen but it’ll be not sticking to the character personality set out to be. I think kc is quite a simple minded person so he did all these for a pot of ginseng chicken while the plan came from the master. But still this makes the drama funny 😉

  4. Melissa Tam says:

    where is the preview?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Suzy’s acting gets better and better each episode. She’s relax now and at ease,she doesn’t seems to be acting “acting”. And SeungGi yah what can I say? Jiang! Daebak! The Best! 🙂
    Thank you tryp.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know what, i noticed that too and can’t help but smile. Also i noticed she seems really comfortable on scenes with Seung-gi. I think that’s the chemistry right there working. Gosh im already heavily invested on the drama, wishing for a happier ending!! *fingers crossed*

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  7. lulu2050 says:

    OMG this drama kills me i swear :3 i think yeo wol and kang chi are the cutest and most adorable couple ever 😀 am really thanking god that days pass fast and we are already in episode 10 i mean few days ago we were just waiting for the premier 😀 gu family book FIGHTING ❤

  8. crazyahjummafan says:

    Kang Chi is stepping forward in his quest to be ‘human’. He’s finally using his brains to outwit GW! Previously, he would have just used brute strength – beat up all GW’s men and try to take the money out by force. Now, under the crafty tutelage of The Broom Master, he’s learning that when he uses his brains, less people get hurt and the victory is sweeter!
    KC fighting!

    • ywlovesg says:

      Don’t know if this plan came from the Broom Master himself, knowing kc is the best candidate. Haha.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What was Tae Seo saying to Kang Chi at the end of episode 10? Did he ask Kang Chi to do something with CJ?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I can smell love square!!! Otoke?! After knowing YeoWol is a girl here comes TaeSeo begging KangChi to save ChungJoo. Is it the very first young love (YeoWol) or the first love (ChungJeo)? And obviously the woman who has Taeseo’s heart is YeoWol! BL much??? KangChi don’t be like EunSung eih? Giving up someone you love for the sake of family!

    • ywlovesg says:

      I think yeo wool will help him. Create a diversion with her female look, I guess? Can’t wait for ep 11!!!

      • sarah says:

        that´ what I thought too..^^ They will maybe exchange ChungJo with YeoWool and that evil villain will be badly beaten by YeoWool– really cant wait for Monday ^^

  11. Anonymous says:

    aigoo kang chi’s charm is so overwhelming on this episode, and suzy whoaaah she surprised me she finally showed some emotions i hope the ratings went up to at least 20%

  12. gildatan123 says:

    So fantastic drama.. Seungi and Suzy so amazing.. love it..

  13. Poply says:

    I love this episode. My note, trouble more kangchi and people near him.When seunggi treat wound yoewol by his blood.oh his powerful can savelife. For next, how many people that he can save them. Plot more serious, not yet slow but travel story. Can’t wait next week.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is what if the more he save other by his blood the less life he has? Like miho in MGIAG? giving her chi to DaeWong she loses her power.

  14. ywlovesg says:

    Hey, hope that ep 10 rating will hit new high!!! We just love seung gi’s smartness and strategy-based thinking. But most of all I like the kang chi -yeo wool moments. Just want to skip all the other scenes ^^

  15. Jennifer says:

    I love ep 10. Can’t understand how the ratings can be worse than earlier episodes? Some error?? Kang Chi is so smart n cute in this episode. LOVE it!! Now I’ve to rewatched this wek’s episodes again n again while waiting for next week to arrive…but I’ve no complaint. Still can’t get over Kang Chi’s masculine n sexy CHEST! Sarang heyeo, Choi Kang Chi!!!!!

  16. Ivaa says:

    I love when all Kang Chi and YW BGM scenes together….
    Loves is blowing…..some hints eh ?
    different feeling with KC and CJ BGM scenes …Love is hurt…( same with parent BGM )
    in this episode, I’ve got some story hints….( correct me if I’m wrong )
    Since Kang Chi is half Deity ( his father is a Guardian God of Jiri Mountain right ? )
    Like Inari Kitsune, deity luck of prosperity…….
    he have this Good luck charm…..like Su Jong said: Your life will success if you take him in…
    once ‘The Lady’ cast him out and told him to leave hundred year inn, that’s when all the good luck of hundred year inn end…..not to mention order him to beat….
    same with LSS, the time he accepted KC and put his hand on his, that’s when his good luck started…….

    • moonlover says:

      Now that you’ve mentioned it, it really make sense. Every person that hurt or had bad motives towards our demigod is having a bad luck right now. So creepy villain better be prepared for your impending doom mwahahhaa!

    • Ivory says:

      Inari Kitsune ? I think you are right. KitsuneDeity is a god who mischieaveous and smart. He (is a he when act as mountain protector, a she when act as Snow or Rain protector ). They serves high Inari and act according to human being attitudes toward them. They allow onky to kill bad spirit, meaning that Inari will help ans guidance Kitsune/white fox to be able winning evil spirit. Kang Chi father are powerful, he is a White Spiritual being, they cannot take human life without any command from Inari, except if they all evil spirit. Once they murder human, the become Dark Spirit.

  17. violinovi says:

    i’m very curious about this..
    anyone knows where the filming location takes place?
    is it in MBC Dramia ?

    thanks so much!

  18. nowzah says:

    seriously cant sleep for days….. thinking how would next week episodes would be?! hopefully there will be a text preview soon atleast.. :/ sigh

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