Gu Family Book BTS Video: Don’t Forget Me

I hope they release a BTS video like this for SeungGi’s OST song as well.

source: imbc

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14 Responses to Gu Family Book BTS Video: Don’t Forget Me

  1. lily23 says:

    Suzy!!YeoWool! fighting! 🙂
    She really worked hard ^^

  2. luna says:

    I was starting to like Suzy as YW, but this song ruins all my mood of watching the drama, the way she sings just sounds too amateur, and the song itself is just too OST generic, i have to skip all the parts that have it. :(, i really hope SG song has more creative-ness than all these OST songs up till now.

    • Betinha...MyEnglishIsNotGood says:

      The ost songs of GFB are great, including Suzy ost. And amateur? Her voice may not be so powerful, but is beautiful and smooth.

      • Anonymous says:

        I totally agree with Betinha. Her song is comfortable to hear.

        Luna thinks too highly of herself, tsk tsk…Criticising people as amateur, can you do any better? If you are a nobody, better stop such harsh comments. Only reflect how ugly your thinking is. LOL. – If you feel insulted hearing this, imagine how Suzy or others reading your comments will feel, Luna…

        • luna says:

          Pretty sure I can do better than her, yes I’m nobody but not everyone good at singing would want to be a singer, ok? And I have a right to have an opinion too, how can u call criticizing= ugly thinking? Tsk, tsk, it really shows how childish you are.

      • luna says:

        Pretty voice doesnt equal good singing though, you’re right, her voice too weak.

        • Betinha...MyEnglishIsNotGood says:

          So I guess you sing better, since you think you can criticize her.
          But what we gonna do? I have sure that a lot of scenes with her ​​ost will air, so…
          good luck skipping the scenes!

        • anonymous says:

          please be careful with what you want to post
          what ever you think about her voice.. just keep in yourself
          no need to say like that

        • Anonymous says:

          peace. u all should stop here. everyone has her own opinion. luna is right in st, betinisd is right in another thing. i think that some of u criticize luna in that harsh way is wrong :(. enjoy the drama 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      I totally agree with you about her voice! Too bad for her fans who are in denial.

      • Mm120 says:

        At least she sings better than most visuals. She’s still young, her vocals are still improving. And don’t expect so much from her, she has to act, sing, dance and model, living a whole life out of ppl’s expectations (like u) and frankly speaking her voice is soothing, may not be the best but u can hear her emotions in the song. Tbh, I won’t be mermerised with a singer who has powerful vocals and all blah blah and then,
        Song lacks emotion

  3. Fave says:

    I like Suzy’s song. Nice !

  4. AnnMichelle says:

    Like this song very much. Suzy continues to impress me.
    Gu Family Book Fighting!

    • Eva says:

      I like it too! I didn’t know Suzy was the singer when I first heard of this song and I was really surprised to find out that it was her. Her voice sounds mature and I can really feel the emotions in it. I wish to hear her and Seung Gi sings an OST together plus it will be awesome daebak to the max to hear Seung Gi’s own song too along with his BTS video ~ c’mon GFB make it happen!!! Fighting Seung Gi-ya! GFB Fighting!!!

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