Gu Family Book Ep 11 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

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Kang Chi is asked by Tae Seo to rescue Chung Jo. Kang Chi worries about how Chung Jo will accept that he’s half-human half-beast. Hence, Yeo Wool consoles him by saying Choi Kang Chi is still Choi Kang Chi even if his outward appearance is different.

Meanwhile, people at 100 Years Inn hear the news that Chung Jo will spend her first night with Jo Gwan Woong. In order to save Chung Jo, they let Kang Chi know this fact…

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65 Responses to Gu Family Book Ep 11 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Mich says:

    Based on the text preview alone, Chung Jo seems to make a lot of appearances which I DO NOT LIKE!! For me, her story makes the whole plot going circle, and now we’ll be back to ep 8 at the drama midpoint. Nice one indeed!
    Dear scriptwriter, I will try my best to endure with you one more ep of rescue-pitiful-Chung Jo, but after Monday please don’t drive me crazy anymore because I will start my intern life at CVS on Tuesday and I don’t want to get kicked out for counting the wrong pills . Thank you!

    • foulou says:

      At least Chung Jo is the better actress.

      • Mich says:

        Better actress or not, even the Daesang one can’t save a project if it doesn’t have character developments.
        On a side note, we already have half-gumiho as our main character, full gumiho soon will be on the dark side, why do we need those ninjas in the story and make our half-gumiho not that special anymore? I rather they use those screen time to focus on Kang Chi character and make his story more meaningful and deeper.
        I might sound like an anti but I’m SeungGi’s diehard fan, I just feel so cheated with all the potential synopsis about Kang Chi journey and his innermost feeling for his beast side. Hope to see those coming in the nearest future.

        • foulou says:

          Seung Gi appears in most of the episode. Don’t fault the airtime of other people, fault the writer for writing episodic content that’s slow in pace. The last two episodes did nothing for me. No character development, no heavy plot devices, no nothing. It’s just KC discovering YW as a girl and saving the monies for the irrelevant ship. KC doesn’t need more air time. Instead, we need to have content that would develop ALL (read ALL, not just KC) characters fully. A lead can only go so far. If you put Seung gi in 99% of the drama without developing the stories of the support characters, it will be terrible.

          There’s one fix for you. Just re-watch the KC scenes over and over if you don’t want to watch the other actors and if you’re only in it for Seung Gi. Seriously, this is a drama a.k.a. a collaborative project. Without the support cast, a lead won’t be as effective.

          • Mich says:

            Where in my post did I say that I want to watch SeungGi only?? I stated that I would like to see more character development. I already said few weeks ago that a drama was made by team work not just one or two people. Chung Jo was pretty cool when she asked the other gisaeng girl to call her by her name Park Chung Jo. Then we suddenly had her character back to squared one for the whole 2 eps this week. Her screen time for these 2 eps was pointless. I bet that if we have a chance to see the real time ratings for these 2 eps, those that hit the lowest points were those scenes at gisaeng house with Chung Jo. The writer could have used those for her character development as well as others.

            • foulou says:

              Having more time =/= better character development.

              “I bet that if we have a chance to see the real time ratings for these 2 eps, those that hit the lowest points were those scenes at gisaeng house with Chung Jo. ”
              Assumptions, not facts. You’re using assumptions (note: without clear evidence) to further a point you want to make.

              Their amount of screen time has nothing to do with it. It’s the script and the dialogue. Seo Hwa and Wol Ryung only got 2 episodes but their screen time were used efficiently.

              Instead of wanting to remove the screen time of the other actors just so you can “have character development”, you must learn first that having more screen time doesn’t mean we’d get more character development. Character development for KC had also been flat the past two episodes, despite the fact that he has the most amount of screen time. “Oh if only they cut CJ’s parts it would instantly mean we’d get a deeper KC!” FALSE. It’s what they do with those segmented screen times, not with how much screen time one character has. KC can fill up one whole episode but if we’re going to get the same writing for the past 2 episodes yet again, you can damn be sure his character won’t advance.

          • Anonymous says:

            I guess you forgotten where you are commenting at? You are leaving comment at a Lee Seung Gi Airen’s blog. I do not see any wrong if Airen would wants to see more of KC and stating their desire here. This is not a drama review site. You probably wants to leave all this comments at dramabeans and etc than spending your time here writing all this which I actually did not quite enjoy reading because it seem like you are more interested in arguing and prove your right. I guess they have a freedom of speech, you do not like it doesn’t means you have to leave comment like this. If you said there is no character development for the last 2 episodes, I guess you definitely did not understand what you are watching or going deeper in thoughts. Whatever it is, be nice.

        • Anonymous says:

          Because it’s part of the history, LSS is making ships to fight against japan where ninjas are from and obviously GW is working with them. Go back to that episode where YW met up with LSS at the market. And about kang chi, he did have devt he acted more human, he didnt make a ruckuss to take the silver chests which he usually do. So next episode is Cj arc just bear with it, coz kc will probably get heartbroken, CJ is like seo hwa she will get scared of kang chi maybe. Thus he will try harder to find the book just like WR did. But again maybe. you are too pessimistic let’s just pray for the success of the drama.

    • Anonymous says:

      Chung Jo will spend her first night with Jo Gwan Woong and Lee Yoo Bi spent her first night with Shin Woo Chul

      • tryp96 says:

        Should I give your ip address to Lee Yoo Bi’s company and have them sue you for libel?

      • Mich says:

        Are you on drugs?

      • manassuper says:

        really Anonymous you don’t have to stoop so low…….really this comment is good enough reason to be removed………really vulgar and outrageous… may not be lee bo yi fan but don’t be a scary anti… demeaning and questioning her integrity is just a horrendus crime….really so easy for you to say these only brings in light your cheap chareceter and mentality…….

      • Anonymous says:

        you are RUDE !!!

        • Ivaa says:

          sorry, forgot my id.
          since I was so mad with those comment.
          yes, @mannassupper, agreed.
          Please don’t be scary…..
          respect all the artist and their talent….
          drama and movies are not ONE MAN SHOW !!!!…..
          It contains many teamworks, preparation…a lots lots of preparation and an exhausting energy not only to be able remember all those script, but also have to acts, and film crews who have to filming despite all condition.
          makes me mad if someone not be able to respect and complaining, whining and rudes….
          just proves yourself first, if you got yourself a ‘TONY Award’ or ‘Emmy Award’, be my guest…..( sorry Tryp, I just got blew up…..)

      • Anonymous says:

        Why you say Lee Yoo Bi like that. I have just seen Yoo Bi in “Nice guy”. I am not her fan also, but I really really like her because of her excellent acting. She is beautiful and good actress. For Korean actress, I like Han Hyo Joo, Moon Chae Won, Ha Ji Won and Lee Yoo Bi also. They are so good. So please don’t say like that, it hurts much.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well ChungJo is KangChi’s first love. He’s life evolves around her. That’s why they need to strengthen her plot,from the very start all KangChi wants is ChungJo. Everything for ChungJo,what makes her happy her safety. AT the beginning up to episode 8 ChungJo is the love interest of KangChi. Only later did KangChi knew YeoWol is a girl. And ChungJo reflects SeoHwa in GW eyes for him she is SeoHwa. I may say in the story besides the fact KangChi wants to be human and in order to achieve he must not get involve with the woman he loves (YeoWol eventually),ChungJo’s part is very important in KangChi’s journey to Humanity.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, but I don’t think CJ is important for KC journey. More than that, she will disturb KC’s journey later on. In any case, she should have escape in episode 7 if she escape in episode 11. While they show CJ’s suffering in last 2 episodes, they could have start KC’s journey already.

        • Anonymous says:

          Disturbance is important especially if you want something so badly. YeoWol will not do that bec she understands him. But with ChungJo we don’t know she might end up like SeoHwa disgraced of what they are. Now KangChi has to think is it really worth it to become human? Or will it be better off not and live away from the people he loves? As what they said ChungJo will be manipulating KangChi,this will be the right time for KangChi yo realized the you love or the one who love you no matter what? Bad or good everything are important in everyone’s journey.

        • LoveSG says:

          The fact that she will disturb KC’s journey later on is the very reason why she is important for KC journey. Without trials and tribulations, KC’s journey will be very short and boring.

          I doubt the writers are solely trying to show CJ’s suffering but also the villain’s feelings towards her. I just hope they don’t leave it as showing his lust for her… The villain got to have some vulnerability that makes him human, not a bad guy through and through ^^; and his recent setback against KC is the very proof of that. This not just shows KC’s cleverness but a dent in the villain’s pride as well!

          • LoveSG says:

            Sorry! I forgot to add in the word ‘clever’ before the ‘bad’…. so it should be “not a clever bad guy through and through”

    • noodlelover7 says:

      ㅋㅋㅋ fighting for the counting stuff
      no suprised cj will appear more since she’s one of the reasons kc wants become human. just wait untill cj finds out the exact nature of kc… ^^

      • Anonymous says:

        agreed. just wait. but i hope chung jo will accept exact nature of kang chi. she is good and quite strongwilled girl, more SH 🙂

  2. LoveSG says:

    I bet Chung Jo will become the next Seo Hwa once she knows about Kang Chi as half-beast half-human and that pervert villain can be using her against Kang Chi. Chung Jo is the second lead actress so even if you don’t like her, I think we’ll still be seeing her for quite a while in this drama.

    Currently the plot is going no where if it keeps on harping on CJ’s miserable days in the Gisaeung so I truly hope the writers can just rescue this damsel in ep 11 and continue with the story of Kang Chi clearing the name of Lord Park, return the Inn to CJ and TS then get busy finding the Gu Family Book to turn human!

  3. mel says:

    I don’t have a problem with CJ. I think this is probably leading up to the siblings both using KC for their own benefit, which needs to happen if it’s going to happen. TS needs more reason than being mind controlled to be against KC and CJ needs some way to save herself from GW. And this is getting into how KC feels about himself. So far everyone has basically been okay with who he is. His most important people probably aren’t going to be so understanding though.

    • foulou says:

      Why are a lot of people assuming the siblings will be evil or will use KC even from the very 1st episode? If you’ve got that idea always behind your mind, you will have the wrong impression of the characters no matter how nice they are presented. That’s just presumptuous. Just watch the drama for what it is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read people posting ways how CJ or TS will betray him, even waaay before TS was revealed to being mind-controlled.

      • Airmost says:

        It was in the character description of CJ that she would be manipulating KC to get back to her noble position.

        • foulou says:

          Care to link me to that?

          • Airmost says:

            From the synopsis, however we’ve seen that there’s some things that has been changed around ie how KC discovered that he was a gumiho. But I’m assuming the basic character descriptions are still the same.
            “Although Park Tae Soo used to treat him like a brother when they were younger, he started to feel a strong hatred towards Kang Chi when he misunderstood that Kang Chi is the main cause of the downfall of his family while Park Kyung Jo who always looked on him began to make use of Kang Chi to pave her way back to the noble status that her family once held after she was sold as a gisaeng to Chun Hwa Gwan “

          • Anonymous says:

            You can see news of GFB in early days 🙂 I am quite sure that there are that character description. But for me, I like Chung Jo, and I am waiting for what happens to her and whether she accepts Kang Chi’s identity 🙂

        • foulou says:

          found it on Soompi. it also said this, “Although Park Tae Soo used to treat him like a brother when they were younger, he started to feel a strong hatred towards Kang Chi when he misunderstood that Kang Chi is the main cause of the downfall of his family”

          Which we all know by now that even TS knows he was under a spell. Everyone who read the synopsis already assumed these nuances in the story line before even watching the episodes. Psh.

      • mel says:

        Because I’m sure it’s going to happen. So TS and CJ are just going to be perfectly nice to KC for the rest of the drama (minus the stabbing)? Yeah, right. Plus it’s in the synopsis. CJ is definitely working her way up to doing whatever she has to do to get her family status back.

        TS’s betrayal probably doesn’t end at being mind controlled. The end of the last episode seems like an obvious set up to me.

        • AnnMichelle says:

          A son by blood vs. a son by adoption…although Kang Chi was never officially acknowledged as a member of the Park family, it was obvious his position was much more important than that of a hired hand/servant’s son. Lord Park particularly liked and trusted him, TS and CJ practically grew up with him and looked for him in times of needs. Most significantly, Lord Park died because he wanted to shield Kang Chi from harm. This would certainly play and replay on TS’s mind, if subconsciously. I guess in Lord Park’s thinking, TS was his son and heir, so there was no question he would have inherited the business and everything. That’s why he recommended Kang Chi, instead of TS, to LSS, so that Kang Chi could have opportunity for better and bigger things. However, this show of trust and affection in public just added another shadow in how TS viewed Kang Chi. And the sad thing is, the father is no longer there to assure the son of his undying love. With Yeo Wool in the mix, TS could feel even more threatened or resentful toward Kang Chi. All these are in addition to whatever spell he’s under.

          • mel says:

            Yes, exactly. Someone on Soompi forum put it simply in saying he basically has middle child syndrome. Makes sense to me. TS was too easy to manipulate for me to believe there aren’t some lingering feelings of resentment towards KC somewhere in him. When you factor in YW it’s probably going to get even worse.

  4. JM says:

    Yeah, seriously, the Chung Jo story is too much, she’s 2nd lead but her part is written and directed better than our main leads and makes viewers easy feel for her. They’re so detailed about her life in gisaeng house, even create new character (the gisaeng name Wol San) for her plot line, is it necessary? I’m fine with that if they do the same for Kang Chi and Yeol Wol but no, they didn’t. Why they make it seems like KC so easily accept his beast side, KC in ep 9-10 is written the same in ep 3, there’s no development in character. Yeol Wol is appear as cool girl but overshadowed by pitiful CJ and pushed to 2nd lead. I’m not even Suzy’s fan but I feel bad for her, feel like they just use her popularity. The writer should focus on main plot and develop it first, not just focus on side plot and forget the main plot. Not mention poor directing, editing and styling, the hair and costumes for KC in ep 5-8 is just bad.

    • Ivaa says:

      I knew what do you mean….

    • Anonymous says:

      I think they are trying to reincarnate seo hwa on chung jo that’s why. It’s like giving it a 2nd shot since they killed the character after the 3rd episode. So chung jo may possess some of seo hwa’s attitude and perspective but will eventually choose a different path like not just thinking of suicide to end things. she may be able to get a sweet revenge on GW. and if you think Yeo wool ( suzy) is overshadowed, nope i think you are mistaken Lee yo bi is a very good actress that’s why. Put shin min ah as YW if you saw how she played arang, coz im thinking YW’s attitude should be a little similar to arang, the way she jumps runs and talks or Ha ji won. i bet the character won’t be overshadowed even without a good plot line. If only suzy puts more emotion to it i bet it will be daebak. she is improving though, when she is with seung gi.

      • JM says:

        Yes, I know LYB is a better actress but when I mention overshadow, I mean the character wise, not acting wise. I love both girls because they are strong in their own way but CJ is written with background, with layers, her story can be a different drama about a noble girl become a gisaeng, on the other hand, we don’t know much about YW’s background. Maybe they will reveal later but right now, YW’s character is overshadowed.

  5. garden29 says:

    wahhhh,I dont know why but I feel so sad reading some of the comments. I invested so much in this Gu Fmily Book, I find it hard not too like every ep.In my opinion it’s not that Kang Chi easily accept his beast side,but the thought of knowing that there is a way to be a human give him hope to grab on and all the promises he had made with his beloved Lord Park has force him to quickly accept it and find a way to control the beast and finally obtaining the gu family book. We are far from over, so I’m hoping everyone can open their heart to accept the flow of the drama although there are some flaws here and there BUT lets get on board with Seunggi in a roller coster ride through the land of Gu Family Book.
    Gu Family Book and KangDam couple fighting!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      100% agree with you. Kang Chi still has a long way to go. We can not skip anything, just patient to accompany with Kang Chi in his journey. For Chung Jo, her story contributes much to the journey. I find that she does not push YW to the 2nd lead anytime. Both female character has their own charm, attracting the viewers. Gu Family Book fighting! Kang Chi fighting!

  6. Ivaa says:

    The things that bothers me a lots is the way they edit….
    are they in a rush ? deadline ?
    Or maybe because it happens with Seung Gi, so I turn out to be soooo watchful for the whole show ? makes me watch for the details more……..dunno
    likes when 1st story about thief in hundred year inn, the guard slipped when jump …..
    likes when KC and Gon fight in front of PMS room in hundred year inn, and Ha No bring the guards, one of the guard just slipped…..soo noticeable
    likes when the hand position is different ( ep 10 # when YW came to KC side )….
    #sigh…( just take a deep breath…)
    the loooooong stand by moment in every scenes…..
    everyones have to stay still………..
    it really really bothering me….
    when I saw some bts……….including in entertainment news…
    wow, uri Seung Gi actings really great…..
    but when it airing…….why oh why it’s not there ? I mean got a different feeling…
    what about YW background story ?
    pleaseeeee makes us understand why she choose to be a warrior ….
    it’s already ep 10 right ?
    just don’t circle around for pitiful CJ…..enough…
    makes CJ meet with YW and then YW teach her how to use a knife…..
    makes head gisaeng teach her how to strategy, or even makes WS to teach her how to flirt without jeopardize her …..
    if CJ character is someone who want to stay at gisaeng house and restore her family name, make her to be ‘DARE’ and ‘SLY’….
    so she can use her position as gisaeng for her goals….
    bring the life and death situation with awesome fightings….
    as for drama cover….
    I loooves so much when KC met for the first time with YW and got fainted under the peach tree, it’s soo beautiful and feel like manga, with blue light floating around them….
    ( sorry, maybe becoz I’m in advertising industry, so we love to projecting something that catch the eye while telltale who the OTP )

  7. wulan says:

    its like cj the 1st lead, too much story about her. i want more kangdam love line n kangchi journey

  8. Anonymous says:

    I do agree that the Chung Jo character is getting too much attention.Enough of her sad story. This is Kang Chis quest for the GFBook….please move the story along that line. It’s true that I started doing something else when her time comes up because we are getting the same old story and so with the evil guy, enough with that. I wouldn’t blame the Korean viewers if they start changing channels because of this. We want more story development and not just rehashing the same story line.

    • foulou says:

      We don’t even have a clear picture as to how KC arrived at his motivations of “wanting to become human”.

      With his enemy using some spells and magic, it’s clear as day that him being a gumiho not just levels their playing field but it even puts him in an advantage. Add the fact that no one really cares that much about him being a gumiho except for maybe, himself. If Wol Ryung can appear as a human, so can KC. He just has to learn how to control his gumiho side. If you can control your appearance, plus everyone around you doesn’t make a fuss about you being a gumiho, I don’t see how or why KC shouldn’t just be himself. YW already said KC will always be KC, and he even agreed to it, yet he’s still searching for the GFB. Huh???

      • tryp96 says:

        Are we even watching the same drama here?

        What makes you think that “no one really cares that much about him being a gumiho except for maybe, himself?” Right now, none of the people at 100 Years Inn, people KangChi really cares about, knows the fact that KangChi is half-beast. How do you think they will react when they find out? Even in this text preview, KangChi is worried about ChungJo’s reaction. And he was beating himself up because he couldn’t go and save ChungJo that fateful night when he transformed. And he specifically said that he couldn’t go back to his family like that. So you don’t think that would be a motivation for him to be “wanting to become human?”

        Of course it’s nice that he has special powers to fight the bad guys. But what about later, when the war is over? When KangChi falls in love, when he wants to start a family? He’s immortal as a half-beast half-human. He’ll forever look like a 20-year-old, while his loved ones age and die. So you don’t think that would be a motivation for him to be “wanting to become human?”

        Sometimes, it’s better to pay more attention to details and think for ourselves.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thank you tryp for the explanation! I don’t know how much character development they want KangChi to have? Not because he’s half and half all of a sudden he’s everything just like that. Littleless we know the story wanted us to see that KangChi is more human than a beast. There is so much care in him that only he could do everything for everyone and yes he knows he can do it bec he’s half mythical but still he doesn’t want to risk his loved ones life ones he becomes a beast because he might forget who he was or who are they. For me KangChi’s character is at the right spot,better think first before you act. Suprisingly this came out when he realized he’s half and half for all we know KangChi was not like that.

        • foulou says:

          Yes, we are watching the same drama.

          Well the point is that YW has accepted him, and obviously that’s what separates her and SH. WR’s motivation was his doubt of SH’s reaction, and the fact that he was tired of living for 1000 years. First one is already made obsolete by YW accepting him for who he is, second one is irrelevant since KC has only lived for 20 years. Lord Park has accepted him, even Madame Yoon did. Add another 4 people into the mix and so far, a lot of people have accepted his gumiho-ness, or at least a lot more than what viewers would expect.

          Secondly, there is no indication of how he will age, given the fact that he’s been aging at a regular pace for the past 20 years. He looks 20 for a 20-year-old. There have been no mention of his lifespan nor at what point he won’t age. Besides, he doesn’t know that he won’t age. The monk never told him that he’ll outlive everyone he knows, so that reason for motivation is out of the question.

          Now isn’t that ironic.

          • tryp96 says:

            Once again, please pay more attention to details before you comment.

            It’s true that YeoWool has accepted him for who he really is, but it’s his 100 Years Inn family members’ reaction that he’s more worried about. Lord Park and Lady Yoon knew there was something different about him, but they never knew his exact nature. Not sure about Lord Park, but I’m quite sure Lady Yoon would scream and faint if she ever saw KangChi the beast. Do you think she would let KangChi anywhere near ChungJo or TaeSeo after that?

            Secondly, in the 8th episode (starting at 51:13, in case you need some verification), SoJung specifically told KangChi that he wouldn’t die, that he would live an eternal life if he didn’t try to become a human. The reason “he’s been aging at a regular pace for the past 20 years” is because he’s been wearing that bracelet. Or is that another trivial detail you happened to overlook?

        • crazyahjumma fan says:

          Good one tryp! Foulou, it seems like you only watched the first two eps which you liked so much and skimmed over the rest.

      • Ivaa says:

        @Tryp : agreed…
        @foulou :
        so far only SJ and YW who knew his half human and half beast….
        even PJ, Gon and LSS knew but not knowing for all the details….
        if you really watch it, even PJ & Gon always have doubt with his Gumiho side…..never trust him…
        they just want to hunt him and kill him when YW told them.
        right now only YW and LSS who trust him ( LSS, because PMS vouch for him and he also saw that KC have a kind heart )
        YW…well, since she knew KC from loong ago and he save her, so she knew that he has a kind heart …
        so, how do you think others people will react ?
        his father ? who take care of him ?
        knowing that he is different but not really know, that he is a half beast….
        Lady Yoon, who watched that he as a baby can healed himself just freak out and remember that she afraid KC will harm TS & CJ because he’s not a human….
        what about us ?….
        how will react if someone we knew turn out to be not fully human ?
        it’s only human to react in a prejudice way….
        it’s in our nature actually…..
        easy to judge and regret later…..

      • Anonymous says:

        If you didn’t feel things by your heart, I think you should watch a cartoon instead of a humanity drama like this.

  9. arnims says:

    Its aready at ep 11 now…..i dont mind cj part being centered again sometime…cause i feel like seeing lsg acting beside lee yo bi is awesome ….eventhough i understand suzy character by now should develop with kangchi….BUT i agreed like most viewers that( the plot is like getting a bit confused for me)…what and where is the main storyline is. ….GUMIHO….like the ep1 and 2….i see like neither here or there….I think the writers must be very careful in what to make the viewers stick to

    • arnims says:

      Im sorry half way post that. ..what i mean is that in ep 1 and 2. ..we actually know what is the story gonna like….so in order to stick until ep24. .we hope things going to be good….

  10. luna says:

    I think it’s better if KC doesnt end up with anyone, no war will occur :)).

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t want him to end up like his father,though living but yet alone. I’d rather see KangChi dying saving the lives of his love ones. He may be a beast and all but still he is human and lived as a human.
      Waaaah so much for the ending! Guys let’s just enjoy the story please? If you don’t want some of the character just think like this. In our real life there are alot of people who we don’t want to encounter but still they’re the first person to pop in our lives. Though we want them out,this make us realize this is life afterall. Not fair and not perfect and so as GFB there are some scenes and people we think are not necessary but we also have to think,life does not simply evolves with KangChi and YeoWol alone. He has a journey to go through to,a journey for humanity. And to be able to achieve he has to be around human but not just simply human but all kinds of human being. Good and bad. Remember as we say “it is easy to become a man but it is harder to become a human”.

  11. Anonymous says:

    We indulged ourselves too much to the title “Gu Family Book”,for the fact even SongJu priest is not sure if it really existed. No wonder they changed the english title to “KangChi,The Beginning”. Despite the fact that KangChi is half mythical he is far like his father. Because KangChi has a human blood and that makes him different from his dad. Second his dad lived himself alone and knew who he was. With KangChi he grew up being a normal human being without knowing half of his life. WeolRyung decided to become human because of someone. While KangChi decided to become human to prove to himself that he’s still human after all and for the people he loves and loved him. I want to think that the “gu family book” is simply a metaphor,a symbol of something you want to hold on to in able for you to achieve what you really desire. And in that journey there are paths you need to go through to,a path between right and wrong. A path wether to aimply give up or fight for what you think is better. KangChi’s father journey t become a human was done all alone all by himself. But with KangChi his journey is surrounded by people who knew him as a human and a beast. His judgement will based on the people surrounding starting to a adopted father who loved him anyway despite knowing who he is. To a governor who then after being thrown out accepted him and saw the good in him despitethat e’s dangerous to a girl who despite she hated his personality still choose his side bec of his human nature of being selfless and caring. To a mother who thought her son is a monster. To a adopted mother who thought that he will take away everything from them. To a friend who thought he betrayed them. To a man who for the first time defeated by him. The story evolves around KangChi and his journey to become human. S it bad if they show some story behind those people surrounding him? The lesson of this drama for me is there is no formula for someone to become a human. You have to live and feel like a human being that there will be pain,heartache and tragedy but despite all that you have the chance to feel it. Some people may accept you and some may not but you yourself need to accept it to yoursel. That even a 100% human being there’s still have a inner demon in them. That he is no different from any of them. (sorry for the long post)

    • crazyahjumma fan says:

      Bravo! Finally, a sensible analysis! And I agree with you. Being a human is a journey of ups and downs. It’s not always sweet – there’s the bitter too.
      This is what I would love to discuss about!!!!
      All this harping on the flaws and tearing it to bits is not helping! Comment by all means but don’t just criticise for the sake of criticising as if one is an expert in the field. It spoils the enjoyment of the drama for many.
      For me, I love the drama. It’s intense, funny, cute, scary and Kang Chi is so adorable! I want to bring him and broomstick Master home!

      • LoveSG says:

        I love your thinking…. Now I’ll try to skip those bits of unconstructive criticism that only makes me feel bad…

        I also agree that this drama is about Kang Chi’s JOURNEY to find the Gu Family Book, which MAY NOT have existed in the first place! However, that book gave a beacon of light to Kang Chi – to give him a reason to still live.

        I also feel that Lee Soon Shin has already spoken out loud the essense/key message of this drama that the writer is trying to convey to viewers – “I’ve seen countless people born as human, who live as worse than beasts. The thing that determines your humanity is not your birth, but your heart.” – a logic that Kang Chi will come to realise in his course of the journey to find the Gu Family Book. What’s important is not who you are (what you are born as) but what you do (your choices/actions in life).

        The writers have promised us lots of twist and turns in the drama so I guess we need to be patient to see them. My personal opinion is that Ep 9 and 10 allowed us to take a good look at Tae Seo and Chung Jo’s character. Most importantly is Kang Chi discovering Yeo Wool as a girl, so I am curious to see how their interaction starts to change. Even though it seems that Kang Chi still treats Yeo Wool as his buddy, the latter may feel a tad more self-conscious in her actions while Kang Chi shows MORE of his protective side.

        I cannot wait for the next episode!

  12. Anonymous says:

    i want some action between kC and YW … i really like chung jo but come on!! YW is the main … how long are they gona make us wait ?… it`s getting boring

  13. Wood says:

    Woah. Please respect this is tryp’s blog, some restrain and net etiquette goes a long way to keeping this a feel-good, happy place. We all want the show to do well and I respect that some are more passionate than others. But how did just 4 statement of preview makes one assume how 1hr and the rest of the show go ? It’s so easy to criticize from the comfort of our sofa, and forget the whole cast and crew is working so hard to produce what we are watching now.

    How we behave, every little bit, in various environment, determines our nature, our heart. This is what the show is reminding us, what kind of human being do we want us to be ? I have enough of negativity in DB that I stopped reading the comments, I really don’t want to see it spill over here.

    Please respect all actors who are doing their best. Can’t help it if they became the scene stealer because they did good, to be fair. Sure we want the best for Seung Gi, but not at the expense of others.


  14. bambee says:

    i would be better to continue the mom and the dad story.. please? :))

  15. Thanh Barvosa says:

    Good article, thanks.

  16. SEUN says:

    I love ur this drama it is a good drama all things go straight no achieveing i want to ask something re u using tarlli during the drama

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