Gu Family Book Ep 11 Preview – Lee Seung Gi

source: imbc

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  1. milkteanlsg says:

    KC is leaving the martial arts school already!!??

  2. Chillpill says:

    Kang Chi~yah 😦 Yeo wool~yah 😦 Chung jo~yah 😦
    Monday please come -.-

  3. Anonymous says:

    why on vimeo plus? .. T-T i can’t see it 😦

  4. LoveSG says:

    Woah, tryp, thanks a lot for the preview!!! Seems not a lot of action but Kang Chi made Yeo Wool cry!!!!!!!!! T_T I need subs to know what made her cry…

  5. monday please come,, excited to watch this drama!!!

  6. i think KC will leave the academy that made YW cry!!!! its hard to hold on to their feelings…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Looks like KC needs to go somewhere far with CJ, and made YW sad. And also I think he is starting to fall for YW. Yay finally!!!i feel bad for all of them though I like both YW and CJ for kang chi aahhhh stress! Maybe CJ will turn like hye in nuna in mgiag so I’ll learn to not like her and eventually root for YW only.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Where is TS???

    • LoveSG says:

      Yeah…. where is he? He asked KC to save his sister but the brother is not doing anything to save his sister? Wow, seems like the character is such a weakling 😦 How will he be competing with Kang Chi for Yeo Wool’s affections?

    • Anonymous says:

      yes!! where is him ??… i have the feeling that the father of YW will give YW on marriage to him … i don’t know why i feel that … and thet KC will react and not alow it … jejeje sorry it’s too late and my mind is flying 🙂 … can’t wait for the next preview ( ep 12) because to be honest i didn’t like this preview 😦

  9. Anonymous says:

    found the eng sub ;)))))))))
    Chin-Eng Trans
    from Baidu tieba – jooglove (original in Chinese) trans by fruitplus
    视频听译:I’ve translated from Chinese to English (please pardon my poor English)
    KC: What did you say? First night?
    CJ: I would rather die, it is better to die. Rather than live in shame, I rather…
    Head Giseang: You can kill me, I will never leave.
    KC: What? Love?
    YW: It doesn’t matter half beast half man, there is no difference in your look, it doesn’t matter.
    KC: Everything is fine now, you are here with me,everything is fine.
    KC: Don’t worry, I will not leave without saying goodbye
    KC: I will leave, I… will bring CJ .

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why the loveline btw kc n twist developing so slowly?
    Y is he leaving with Cj… Faint….

    • Anonymous says:

      yes! … please get the main couple together already … or at least some action …

    • LoveSG says:

      Remember what CJ asked KC to do when the latter went to fetch her only for her to stop him? I think this time KC leaving the martial arts academy is for that very purpose.

      Perhaps KC need to be away from YW before he realises her importance to him… KC and CJ are most probably going to LSS’ place. The pair shouldn’t really stay at the academy becos GW will then have a reason to tear down that place or even arrest YW, her dad and other academy pupils/teachers 😦

      So all in all KC moving away is sad but essential :/

  11. omg!!! i just saw the english sub of the episode 11 and it sad to say that they will leave together CK and CJ thats why YW is crying… im sad for YW but i know in the end they will end up together not CJ 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sorry I mean kc n yw loveline is developing so slowly…

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont think it’s slow, kc just found out yw is a girl and his childhood crush.he is actually starting to develop feelings for her but then here comes cj again which we all know is his 1st love. Kc is having a conflict of feelings between the 2 if you look closely at the preview. So dont expect that much loveline in this coming episode. But looks like they have a lot of teasing moments that will make our hearts flutter a bit.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think she said slow, because it took already 8 episodes to find out YW’s true gender. In addition, GFB’s main story is not love triangle but KC’s finding humanity. KC and YW should’ve been couple by now and start their journey by helping each other. To be honest, whole story is moving bit slow and I hope that doesn’t affect too much for rating.

        • mel says:

          Being loved for the person he is, beast and all, is part of his search for humanity.

        • Anonymous says:

          it took so long for woong ah to realize he loves miho same thing with hwan to eun song. i think it’s just right.

        • LoveSG says:

          Will definitely affect the rating if people FEEL that the story is developing slowly… A drama needs to sustain audience interest to achieve high ratings and by the pace GFB is going, it might just lose rating due to loss in audience interest. And that’s why so many people are calling for the spotlight to be on the main couple but I believe the pace of GFB could be picking up from the next ep onwards 🙂 With the appearance of the ninja master and KC’s parents, adding more unpredictability to the storyline.

          We have been given teasers about ninjas from ep 4 on and I was just waiting to see when the main ninja will appear ^^ if we read Korean history, LSS was in naval battles against Japan, defeating them many times, so I think GFB will most likely be portraying that from a few episodes on (and most likely related to the motivation driving GW’s actions).

    • mel says:

      No, it’s not. There is still more than half the show left and he already (seems to be) questioning his long standing feelings of love for CJ. I know people want them together now, but that’s not how dramas work…

      • LoveSG says:

        Erm, enlighten me how the dramas shld work then?

        Thanks for the translation, people! I think I have an idea of what the next ep will be like and to be honest, I feel a little disappointed. The pace is still not picking up yet >< And yes, where is Tae Seo? Where did he go?

        I also not like this preview and I doubt I will like the next ep too T_T

        But I am dying to know if GW will really bring down the sword on SR…. don't tell me they had some kinda love story in the past? I kept wondering if YW is truly PJ's daughter (my imagination running wild with possibilities, haha)…

        BUT as I said before, I will be patient and wait for twist and turns to come by.

        • mel says:

          Main couples never get together this quickly. He doesn’t even know he loves her yet. He’s feeling conflicted, which is a giant start because CJ is all that was on his mind before. CJ is still important to him even if people want her to just go away. It’s not satisfying in the least if they just fall in love right now quickly and get together. People need to see why this would work and why SH/WR didn’t work. YW loving KC and KC loving YW is a huge part of his search for being human and part of his story as a whole.

          • Anonymous says:

            agree but at the same time is frustrating … at least they should use TS to make CK feel that he would loose YW or something because this is like an unilateral love ( only YW have feelings for KC) and it’s getting boring

            • mel says:

              lol I know it’s frustrating, but necessary. KC needs to realize his feelings for CJ aren’t love and that YW is as important (or more important) to him as CJ is. If they don’t suffer and work hard to get together there is little meaning to it. Him being loved completely for who he is by someone is a huge part of the story and something his father couldn’t achieve.

              TS is second lead so I’m sure his love will come up eventually… KC being away from YW is just what he needs to realize he can’t live without her. 😀

  13. Anonymous says:

    i don’t like this preview (((

    • Anonymous says:

      me neither … i’m more excited for monday because i want the next preview but not because i want the next ep (11)

  14. manassuper says:

    [Eng] 130511 Gu Family Book [구가의서] Ep.11 Preview cr:rapport 2010

    • crazyahjumma fan says:

      Hi manassuper,
      I noticed that you’re very good at finding links, so I was wondering if you could do me a favour? Seunggi recently gave an interview to a show in MBC, can’t remember which one, but it’s the one where he said that he had baked a strawberry cream cake for someone and that if the show hits 30% in ratings, he sing the OST in his Kang Chi outfit.. Do you know if there are subs to that interview? If so, could you pls let me know the link? Thanks! I be ever so grateful.

      • manassuper says:

        HI crazyahjumma fan……Always pleasure to read our comments defending seunggi and the same time being righteous and insightful ….no need to say thanks as it is always a pleasure to share something with a sincere and devoted fan of seunggi…i can’t exactly figure out which one you are refering so i am posting the links and if it is not the same one plz let me goes the links [Eng Sub] 130429 GFB Cast- Entertainment Plus

        • crazyahjumma fan says:

          First of all, thanks for the compliment. Secondly, thanks for the link, but it’s not the one the one I ‘m looking for. It was his interview with Section TV dated 13.5.13. The interview he gave when he had the much commented centre-parting hairstyle, wearing the office outfit. If you could find it, assuming it exist, it’ll be great. If not, it’s ok. Thanks again for all your contributions. 🙂

          • crazyahjumma fan says:

            Sorry, dated 13.4.13.
            I just realised that Tryp did post it, but I think I missed it. Will try to look for it.

            • crazyahjumma fan says:

              Aigoo! I’m such a muddle-head! It’s the one dated 5th of May 2013. I didn’t realise that the dates were typed in the other way round. So far I can’t find the eng subs for that interview. There’s one for the 13th of April. But that’s not the one I’m looking for.

  15. Anonymous says:

    KangChi will leave martial arts academy and hide ChungJo in the forest where his father lives. And he will try to let ChungJo know who he really is. Now the question is will ChungJo accept him? Or use him? Or betrayed him? I have the feeling that she’ll be disgraced but she will not be like SeoHwa leaving him in despair. Instead she’ll be using him,manipulate him to go aginst GW. To pay his debt to her father because he raised him. And then KangChi will be back at the academy. But the thing is will he follow ChungJo or will his growing affection to YeoWol put him to his senses?!
    I don’t know? But this is what I feel,I hope I’m wrong. 😀

    • Anonymous says:

      yes and i hope the story chung jo/ KC doesn’t take too long … we want more about the main characters … please!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        it will probably wont take long coz papa ho is suppose to show up on episode 12 right?they might meet him in the forest and maybe him and kangchi will have a fight then maybe CJ will see the beast KC and their love story ends heheheh!

      • scbound says:

        actually CJ is a lead character, and one who is important to KC and his story.

        • Anonymous says:

          if that is true then YW is ?

          • Alex says:

            I wonder why my name changed from Alex to alexairen is if because I logged in from phone or something else oh well I guess it shouldn’t matter.

            • Alex says:

              I wonder why my name changed from Alex to alexairen is it because I logged in from phone of because I registered by this name oh well I guess it shouldn’t matter.

              • Anonymous says:

                Yeah. whether you use the name Alex or Alexairen, it is not a big deal. Indeed, I can realize you to be Alex by your taste of comment 🙂 Something gentle and sincere. hehe. just feeling 🙂

        • AnnMichelle says:

          To scbound, you have badmouthed the actress who plays YW every chance you got for no apparent reason. Now you came up with this lead character argument. Please! Do you think we can’t tell a anti? Or a bold-faced lie???

  16. dee says:

    dear airen..can anyone share opinion from this ep.11 preview,why CJ want to go with KC since we knew that she refused to go with him in ep.8&decide to stay in gisaeng house till KC clean her father name.can u guest,when will KC realize his love for YW..¿how can he love her if CJ around him&his mind?heard news that Lee Seung Gi will release his self-composed OST next Monday,is it possible song for YW..¿Like Suzy OST ‘Don’t forget me’ that refer to KC..can be more light moments for KC&YW as main couple?can be YW always beside KC when he start journey to become human?even there still 14 go..but why can’t wait for that moment..when KC&YW together feel dsame feeling..also need more relationship between KC&good guy..i apologized for long comments..thank u tryp for always updating news about our beloved Seung Gi.. ^^

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe because in the beginning ChungJo felt safe with SoRyun. She doesn’t force her to be gisaeng. But when GW told SR that he’ll take ChungJo,SR couldn’t do anything to stop him and prevented her from harm. Hence,she’ll do anything just to get out from gisaeng house. KangChi and YeoWol romance started when they were kids,KangChi just need to realize it to himself. And the love KangChi has for ChungJo is not entirely love but also a need for him to take care ChungJo bec of her father. KangChi spent time with YeoWol to recindle their romance with ChungJo with he’ll finally realize who he trully love.

      • Anonymous says:

        yeah and there was an episode where the monk said KC is a fool he doesnt know the difference of sympathy and love i guess what he really feels about CJ is just sympathy : )

        • LoveSG says:

          Well, it can be easily explained that Chung Jo grew up with him so naturally he’ll like her and mistake a brotherly love / sympathy as romance. There are many kinds of love, after all 🙂

          You know, I was thinking if Yeo Wool is older than CJ or the same age as her? Perhaps KC met YW before CJ was born and he was smitten by her smile but did not meet YW again so that feeling kinda ‘transferred’ to CJ… haha, lotsa possibilities in a love story, I suppose ^^

  17. alexairen says:

    For me I believe if isn’t easy to change one’s feeling or what they believe they feel easily, I mean think about if KC thinks he’s in love with CJ for years and its not easy to suddenly start thinking of another person especially when you are dealing with new circumstances he would want to hold onto any kind of stability, right now the person he believes to be in love with is in danger so he will do anything to protect her and don’t forget his promise to lord and lady park that he would protect CJ and TS with his life. I mean wouldn’t he be called fickle if he suddenly let go of CJ and thinks about YW and isn’t that one of the reason that we love KC his passion for people he cares about. I think it’s a big step when he said he won’t go without saying goodbye that means be recognizes YW importance and eventually the love that will build from friendship and trust will be strong and alsol give KC strength to let go of the bonds that bind him. I believe the director might want all this to be over with before the real gumiho battle begins between KC and his father. I mean can KC go on with life if he is constantly worried about CJ and TS. Anyway sorry if my comment doesn’t make sense i am writing from my phone during break at my work, but all this negativity got to me like editing, directing and not enough focus on certain characters and story come on l am not saying There’s nothing wrong but since they are doing live shoot we should give them a certain leeway, just enjoy the drama and let others enjoy it too that’s one of the reason I stopped going to certain sites. No offence intended but I think we should just enjoy watching seung gi and wait to see how the drama unfolds before judging it. BTW I am just curious is KC really gumiho because the subs keep saying mythical being.

    • LoveSG says:

      No worries, I think you make good sense! Thanks for pointing this out. Perhaps we really shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions and made judgments when we have not even saw the ep yet! It’s like saying a certain dish is not delicious without even trying it…

      I believe KC’s feelings towards CJ is more like towards a family member while his feelings towards YW is more like a special person important to him that he can’t leave without saying goodbye. He might not even know what love is – just who is important to him and whom he wants to protect. Even before knowing YW as a girl, KC already said that he does not want to see her hurt by himself. I think that’s a big affirmation of his concern and feelings for her 🙂

      I also believe it may be good that he left YW too… if he continues to be in close proximity to her, their relationship will simply remain the same. But we want CHANGE =)

      • Alex says:

        Yes that is what I also believe that might be happening, as I wrote before KC always wanted to be part of a family and in his head if he were to marry CJ he would be officially be a member of Park family. I also agree with you that he might just interpreting his feelings wrong or he might not realize the difference between his feelings, I mean he loves TS as a brother but since CJ is a girl he might have taken his feeling of being romantic type.
        It’s like he was living in a bubble only used to people in 100 years inn and now he’s meeting people outside that bubble so he needs to get used to it. I think when people watch a new episode they like it so much that they might forget the flow of the story, I mean when there were scenes of CJ and KC people did not believe that there was even a place for YW and just after few scenes with YW they now want him to be come to fact that he loves or starting to love YW.
        YW haven’t even come to terms with her feelings she was also in denial and just kept making excuses that she cares for KC because he saved her life and in this episode she probably got over that denial and why she cried and KC is slower than her so it might take a while to him to figure out.
        Being on a journey to become human what makes a human is not necessary big thing but small encounters and more importantly what you learn from them, that’s a part of the journey eg. being kind and sincere are easiest things but becomes so much harder to be kind or sincere under hard circumstances.
        This comment is taking a lot of space so I will cut it short.

        • AnnMichelle says:

          Dear Alex, I enjoyed your comment. I agree with your analysis. Very well thought-out and leveled headed. Thanks so much!

  18. nowzah says:

    Seriously. seunggi should get a Daesang!

  19. shindae says:

    i like seung gi and kang chi character as well as yeo wool and gon, but the story phasing is kinda annoying me. i mean i think they are wasting story time on the park family which should have already been given for the development of kang chi’s quest for the gu family book and his journey to discard his beastial form. i don’t want to compare dramas, but honestly, arang and the magistrate is better than gu family book.

    • fyou says:

      That would require Seung Gi to not turn into a gumiho for 100 days.

      So, not happening any time soon especially when gumiho daddy reappears.

      The rules are kinda stupid, though. WR broke one of them (he turned into a gumiho in front of other people) but he’ll still be a human as long as SH loved him after she saw him as a gumiho? Meh. He should’ve just appeared as a gumiho in front of SH first after saving her. That way, he wouldn’t have been cursed because even if SH were to betray him he still hasn’t begun his quest for the GFB. Therefore it might be the best thing that YW is in love with KC, because he can break the rules. Then again the conditions are stupid.

      • tryp96 says:

        Why shift the blame from yourself to the writer? I only watched Ep 2 once, but I still learned enough about the rules to know that they are not as stupid as you think. SoJung never said WR could still become human after breaking rules. He said if SH could still love WR or if WR stabbed SH with the special knife, WR could avoid the fate of becoming a devil and just go back to being the mountain guardian, BUT NOT A HUMAN.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, if the drama is stupid and has so many faults, just don’t watch it. There really is no reason to torture yourself.

        Guys, just a friendly reminder. While we all observe freedom of speech, let us be aware that this is Tryp’s fan site, dedicated to Lee Seung Gi. The purpose of this site is to celebrate the achievements of Lee Seung Gi and to support him regardless. (Yes, we airens may be ‘blind’. Too bad.) This is not a drama site where people discuss or criticise a drama or speculate what comes next. If you want to tear the drama apart, feel free to do so on the drama site but please do not ruin our enjoyment of our idol’s performance. Thank you.

      • Anonymous says:

        well I thought CJ was that baby that was born during the night baby kc got his bracelet off. was that TS then?im confused coz im pretty sure I saw the word she on the subs

        • Amielle316 says:

          To Anonymous
          I noticed that on Viki & notified them that there seemed to be some discrepancies w/ the subtitles & viki corrected that discrepancy. That’s why I watch & re-watch on different sites, just to compare the subs because I rely on the subs to understand the dialogues.
          I’m not advising you to do the same. I’m just doing it ‘coz I luv Lee Seung Gi & I don’t mind re-watching his dramas.

          • Anonymous says:

            hmmmm can you please tell me then who that baby was?thanks!

            • AnnMichelle says:

              If the subtitles were wrong as pointed out by others, here are more clues:
              1. CJ called both TS and KJ ‘older brothers.’
              2. Lady Park said she’s about to give birth to her first child when baby Kang Chi arrived.
              So, can you make your conclusion now?
              I have to say these are not difficult clues to pick up.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think the rules go like this, WR shoulnt eat meat,and will not kill a human in 100 days. But he had to kill. And from that he had to restart his 100 days again suppose to be. Oh but then, he got betrayed right?by the woman he loved and so he can become a demon, now as a counter spell for that SJ gave him the wooden dagger to stab seo hwa. Which we all know he failed to do. Once he kills within 100 days he cant obtain the book. Those rules didnt even say they can become human automatically it’s just a process on how to get the book that no one has seen who knows what’s inside that book.

        • Anonymous says:

          This was for fyou for saying the rules are stupid

        • crazyahjumma fan says:

          May I clarify the rules from what I’ve seen? (Assuming the translation is correct.)
          WR had to pray for 100 days during which he had to observe the following three rules:
          1) He can’t kill any living thing, therefore he can’t eat meat.
          2) He can’t show his true self, that is his gumiho self
          3) He has to help anyone in need.
          Only then will the Gu Family Book appear before him. As Tryp says, no mention that he will be human. Supposedly, the book will tell him HOW to be human.
          However, if something goes wrong within the hundred days, and the one whom he loves does not accept him for who he is, he has to kill her with the special dagger so that he’ll not turn into an evil beast who will live for a 1000 yrs.
          To the person who is saying that these rules are stupid – sorry, I’ll not key in your moniker, cos the name is repulsive to me – pls watch the drama carefullyand try to understand before you make these unwarranted, and unjustified and stupid comments.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think her nickname is good enough to get her comment deleted. Just delete~~

  20. AnnMichelle says:

    Popularity is a curse in some ways. Being popular, this drama attracts people of all walks and of all tastes. Its easily accessible premises also make some people think they understand the story (even without subtitles! Ha!) and can act as critics or scriptwriters, all without properly digesting the content of the drama. Then there are antis with malicious intents trying to tear down hardworking performers just because they don’t like them for whatever silly reasons.

    The post by Anonymous is a great reminder. But, would people listen? Dear Tryp, I would totally support you if you ever decide to take away the commenting function!

    • manassuper says:

      .Always great to hear your comments and views Ann… i also feel malacious comment to be strictcly dealt and should be removed if it is demeaning,vulgar or innappropriate be removed…… removing the basic right to comment is little far fetched and extreme and i don’t support that notion….becoz it always great to hear other fans thought which make it lively and intractive medium……but i also can understand the reason why you said it…….it’s just my view and hope you doesn’t misunderstand…..

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Hi manassuper,
        Your point is well taken. I just think that this blog is like Tryp’s baby. She spends a huge amount of time and effort to nourish it for all our SG fans to cherish SG. In a sense, it’s a very personal blog. If we, as visitors, cannot respect the blogger’s intention and design of her own blog, but come in willy-nilly to say nasty, and untrue, things about SG’s drama, do you think that’s right? In that sense, it is very different from a public forum. This is my opinion only. Knowing how nice a person Tryp is, she would probably continue to tolerate. That just makes me feel more frustrated. Why can’t we just calm down, watch the drama with care and understanding, think before we post, and stop attacking anyone?

        • nicoleko66 says:

          I totally agree with you, Ann!

        • leelee says:

          It’s always nice to read your sensible comments Ann, I totally agree with you. If it’s frustrating to read these comments for us who are just mere readers, how much more would it be for Tryp? I don’t understand why some even have the gal to say, oh, I don’t really want to compare, but will go ahead and compare and say this other drama is better than gfb. It’s totally unnecessary and downright insulting. Tryp didn’t post the preview just so that some people can write some nasty comments here. This is not a recap or a dramablog, this site is dedicated to Seung gi. If you want to over analyze (more of criticize) and vent out your frustrations, go somewhere else. You’re spoiling it for us who are enjoying the drama.

    • crazyahjumma fan says:

      Hi AnnMichelle,
      I agree with you about the malicious comments and how some people comment as if they are well-known producers, directors and drama critics. They only want to see what they want to see, and anything different gets a slashing. The writers gets ‘hate’ comments, and so do the poor director, actors and actresses. Very childish. What’s worse is that they believe that it’s their right to key in such remarks and anyone who gives a different opinion gets slashed too and labelled as ‘fanatic fans’.

      While I don’t mind a different point of view- it’s good to read another’s point of view as well. But more importantly, the comments should not seek to condemn and tear down. Even if we still hold fast to our view, we can choose to disagree amicably. There is a fine line between expressing a critical view and expressing inane and condemning views. It saddens me that a good number of people can’t tell the difference.

      Having written all this, I don’t agree that tryp should take down the commenting section. I personally enjoy a good discussion and a good spazzing session. Where else can I get to express my views of my darling boy, and his works with other like minded people? The better solution could be warning to such offensive commenters, and if they still persist, than tryp can have the discretion to take down their comments. Whadaya think?

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Hi crazyahjumma fan,
        I don’t have the heart to ask Tryp to serve as comment control in addition to all the stuff she has already been doing. Why shift the burden to her? Do you think she enjoyed reading those ill-intentioned comments or ignorant remarks? That’s really asking for too much.

    • Yon says:

      I’ve been trying to control myself not to post comments in blogs since the previous incident.. However, I can’t help but post it now to show my support for Tryp & Ann now. Sometimes people just like agitating others for the fun of it, some people think that only logically right answers/scenes (which they think so) is the only way, anything that is illogical to them, the drama is lousy/bad.. However, they have forgotten that what is a drama and why there is a scriptwriter and director. If everything has to be logically correct, do we even need scriptwriter and director? Might as well let the actors/actresses do it on their own..

      I have bought Kangchi’s bracelet and I hope it gives me the strength to continue to post again without getting agitated by others comments/reply… ^_^ Kangchi-ah, i’m relying on you now! kekeke….

  21. manassuper says:

    yes very much agree with you…but don’t you think should be removed or deleted will be a punishment….but yes it is irritating to see some leaving nasty comments as you said……may be you are right on that……..

  22. Anonymous says:

    can’t wait !!! next ep come faster please 😦

  23. Ivory says:

    Hi all fellow Airen….I think Green eye monster decides to appear and bugging us. I don’t know why they want to visit our beautiful kind host ‘home ? To make us mad and madder ? geez……its ridiculous actually all of sudden there’s so many ‘professor drama & acting been pop up. Well, jealousy is the biggest evil.
    I think we just ignores them.
    Lets just support our beloved one.
    Kang Chi Yaaa… will miss YW, then you will know how much she means to you.KC tends to depend on her right ?
    Waiting so much for tonight ep, will I be cry ? r will I be mad ? Or laughing ?

  24. Anonymous says:

    T-T 10 more hours

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