13.05.13 Gu Family Book Ep 11 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 8 clips + full episode in HD*

KangChi worries about ChungJo’s reaction

KangChi comes to the rescue

KangChi & ChungJo reunited

YeoWool ah!

KangChi’s farewell to YeoWool

KangChi betrayed

ep 12 preview

source: mbcdrama, bestiz

full episode:

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36 Responses to 13.05.13 Gu Family Book Ep 11 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am 100% hating Taeseo!! Though he was half hypnotized but half of his actions came from his own free will!! Totally pissed off, he’s the reason for everything tragic will come to Kangchi!!
    And I feel sad for YeoWol she undeniably and unconciously showed KangChi she loves him. But I felt the way KangChi reacts on her he feels the same way for YeoWol. The main reason for him to be with ChungJo is simply to protect her from GW.

  2. mel says:

    That end scene was seriously so amazing. Great acting by Yoo Yun Suk and Seunggi. So heartbreaking to watch.

    Really loved this episode.

  3. geese says:

    guys can anyone translate what dam ye wol and kang chi said in the preview…super curious me…i wonder why kang chi had this idea of healing ye owl…hmmmm there must be something…

    • Chillpill says:

      Kang chi asked yeo wool why she is being nice to him,
      Yeo wool said that he wants to do everything for kc and that how she feels.
      Then in the last kang chi said that he come to see yeo wool and said please allow him to meet yeo wool 🙂

  4. Amielle316 says:

    Watched it w/o subs but it didn’t stop my heart from beating faster. Kang Chi & Yeo Wool’s moments moved me…& the preview of ep 12 Daebaaakkk! I’m sooo excited!
    GFB, Fighting!

    • yani says:

      I love the preview of ep 12 too, esp when YeoWool holding KangChi’s hand when he is in the beast appearance. Can’t wait to see it

    • Amielle316 says:

      The actors & actresses certainly delivered in this episode esp. Seung Gi-yah… when a tear fell from Kang Chi @ the last scene I just want give him a hug. Luv this episode; luv the preview. Cant’t stop rewatching w/o subs though I’m dying of curiosity… I need a bracelet that’ll give me patience.

  5. Anonymous says:

    love Yeo wool & hate Taeseo

  6. andrea says:

    no entiendo el preview …. o sea ella se coloca d parte de kanchi pero el esta trasfromado? …y q dice de yeowool ? sub!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    kang chi’s mom is alive? wow daebak!

  8. AnnMichelle says:

    Great acting all around…
    When KC and CJ were resting, you could sense that something fundamental has changed between them. KC was preoccupied and not focused on CJ, perhaps for the first time since they were together. And CJ sensed that.
    The farewell of KC and YW was seriously a tearjerker. (Yes, I cried.)
    And YW took up KC’s beastly hand in the preview…Wow! Love you girl!
    When TS took away the bracelet he showed the dark side of human to the soon-to-be beast KC…sad but also appropriate.
    Really enjoyed this episode.

    • Wood says:

      The turning point for me is when CJ threw YW’s powder into the pond.. the contrast even when young … that one is so giving and generous, the other has a hidden selfish and proud side.

      We now see how KC has to manage his beastly side on his own and with YW support. No more safety net, no more short cuts being a human with the bracelet.

      Great ep. Great job Seung Gi, Suzy and everyone else. Well done PD, director, writer and crew.

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Yes! The smart use of prop really tells a lot about the writer. And the economic way the PD filmed it. Two shots and we tasted some essential difference of the two girls like you said. Very satisfying.

  9. Anonymous says:

    may ı ask a question?? do you know when will release lee seung gi’s song?? ı’m very curious about this…

  10. crazyahjummafan says:

    A great episode. Very touching and poor KC is torn.
    Suzy’s acting has certainly improved! She’s doing a great job! So’s Seunggi and everyone else!

    Thanks Tryp for posting!

  11. Kangchi fan says:

    People help me, i’m dying here of curiosity. I need to know what the preview of ep 12 says. I’m seriously going crazy here. What to do…….

  12. Yeo Wool Fan says:

    Love this episode..lovw watching scene of KC and YW……can’t wait for ep 12…they will be together again…yeay!!

    • AnnMichelle says:

      CJ said to the beast KC: Get away! Stay away from me!
      GW said to CJ: If you become mine, I become your man (and will protect you) too.
      KC to YW: Why are you so good to me? YW: Because I want to do everything for you; that’s how I feel right now.
      Voice over, YW’s father: Prepare to have a full out battle with CGW!
      KC: I came to see YW! Let me see YW!

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is an off topic, but this worries me. Saw SeungGi’s eyes all red during the scene he’s saying goodbye to Suzy. And as I looked at him closely he looks pale. I hope he’s not spending too much of his energy and get enough sleep. He is too worn out.

  14. Anonymous says:

    have you seen this video???????
    this is during seoul music awards……….
    love them both…….

  15. Eva says:

    Too bad that TS and CJ have their mom’s genes. They haven’t even seen his other side and TS already treated him bad so I just can’t imagine how the siblings will react after they see his gumiho side. We all know that this angst is coming but still my heart ache for Kang Chi. For 20 years he grew up with them and his dream is to be with them for a long time, probably deep inside he just wanted to be treated like he’s part of their family. But unfortunately, he was betrayed by those people he loved/trusted the most. On the other hand, luckily he’s got YW who he only helped/encountered once but never forgotten about him and the best part is she accepted him for what/whoever he is. So Kang Chi-ya, we’ll give you some time to become depress/sad because that’s natural but you better get your act together coz YW is waiting for you.

    I’ve seen Suzy’s past dramas and I must say & agree with other people’s comment that her acting has improved a lot and she’s got potential, I hope that she’ll take all those criticisms and prove them wrong in the future.

    Seung Gi-ya…what can I say but you keep on melting my heart with all those tears…if only I can wipe them dry LOL…Fighting!!!!!! 😀

    • mel says:

      Them turning on him was the saddest thing in this show so far. So heartbreaking how much faith and love he has in them that’s not returned. They are family to him, but he’s not family to them. Kangchi 😦

      • crazyahjumma fan says:

        I feel that KC’s love for CJ stems from a desire to be part of the family, to be really accepted as part of the family. Although he was raised ‘LIKE a son’, he was not raised ‘AS a son’. Therein lies the difference. And KC knows that and he so very much wants to be loved and accepted for who he is. Because of his unknown parentage, he was not a full-fledge member of the family. That’s why KC is always doing things for the Inn and the Park family. He wants to be accepted fully and thinks that these actions will make him accepted.
        When you think about it, he was not.
        1) Lady Park, as we all know is wary of him and was not in favour of his feelings for CJ. She made use of him. Accepted him only when there was no other choice.
        2) Lord Park (bless his heart), even though he was a sweetheart, did not fully accept KC as well. He did not give KC his name; KC was only like a son – KC called him ‘nauri’ and not ‘aboji’. He did look out for KC – asked LSS to train him – more like giving KC a better future, but the Inn and property was TS from the beginning. KC was just the resident bouncer.
        3) CJ – she accepted KC’s love but was not willing to make any sacrifices for it. He couldn’t speak up for his feelings, but she could. And she didn’t. She chose her family over him.
        4) And now TS is doing the same thing. Whether he’s hypnotised or not, the fact is that he chose to betray KC (at least in KC’s eyes). It’s soooo sad. When TS said that CJ is the only family he had left, my heart broke for KC. The family that he so wanted rejected him.

        That’s why I’m so glad he has YW. She’s the only one who accepts him for who he is – beast and all! I love how she went and held his hand, claws and all!

        • Ivaa says:

          @crazyajuhmma : Yes….me too
          That’s why I’m so glad he has YW. She’s the only one who accepts him for who he is – beast and all! I love how she went and held his hand, claws and all!

          it’s LOVE……..
          heads over heels….
          in a real world when we could not see an invisible claws & beast side of our beloved one……
          we tend to accept them, when we fall in love…….
          as for Kang Chi : Being Accepted what he is….

    • Amielle316 says:

      LOL. That was what I’m thinking too RE: TS & CJ have too much of their mom’s genes. Their weak trust & feeble affection for Kang Chi can easily forget years of harmonious relationship. I felt bad for Lord Park that his kids weren’t at par w/ his noble character.
      Anyway our noble hero Kang Chi deserves an equally noble heroine Yeo Wool…
      I’m not diminishing Kang Chi’s feelings for CJ. Of course its real & sincere but there are different kinds of love too. A love for a parent, sibling or friend can be passionately felt too. KC & CJ’s interactions were always presented like a one way road i.e. what KC can do for CJ. Whereas KC & YW’s interactions were always presented like a two way road i.e. KC saving YW & vice versa. It reminded of a prayer that I once read in a book for a soul mate encounter: “Lord, send me that one whom I can love & help & whom can love & help me.” Thus, KC & YW’s interactions were progressing like a soul mate encounter where they’ll both help each other to be a better person.

      • crazyahjumma fan says:

        “KC & CJ’s interactions were always presented like a one way road i.e. what KC can do for CJ. Whereas KC & YW’s interactions were always presented like a two way road i.e. KC saving YW & vice versa.”
        @Amielle316 -good point!

        • Amielle316 says:

          Thank you crazyahjumma fan. I’ve always enjoyed reading your point of views here @ tryp96’s blog & @ dramabeans

  16. Fruitplus says:

    Such a slight expression, and his eyes are asking expressively ,”YW, why? Why are you crying? because of me?”

  17. Jennifer says:

    The Park siblings are such selfish n ungrateful people. Completely opposite of their father. I hate them for betraying Kang Chi and hurting him! Kang Chi ar, please cut them off your life to ease your sufferings!! Kang Chi FIGHTING!!!

  18. sarah says:

    thanks Tryp for the HD links.. There are two person I am hating on this episode.. the Park Siblings!! haha Now finally decide on which ship I will be on and of course its YeoWool and KangChi !! too bad really felt on ChungJo emotional conflicts but how can u not love YeoWol she IS and AlWAYS at KangChi side even on his puppy look or beast form..haha 😀 once again soo impressed with our SeungGi daebak acting skill!! the end part where he worries and pleads that Taeso dont taking off his bracelet– he nailed it. ^^ and the confused look when he saw Yeowol tearing up because he is leaving.. that jst breaks my heart. Little that he know he is already having feelings for our YeoWool..^^ and I want to see that today.. oh gosh— that holding hands in his beast form and KangChi’s line” I came to see YeoWool— gosh soo excited for today episode!!!!^^

    Im worried on our SeungGi’shealth but really all his efforts are showing in the drama.. GFB fighting!! KangChi ya~~~ Fighting!

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