Who are the ‘Four Noble Characters’ in Gu Family Book?

The identity of the ‘Four Noble Characters’ will be revealed next Monday, but I guess this could be a fun guessing game to play until then. 😛

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Jo Gwan Woong said they were hidden characters with money, intelligence gathering skills, and martial arts skills. So far, we know Master Gong Dal is ‘bamboo’. But who are the other 3?

Orchid = ?
Plum = ?
Chrysanthemum = ?

The characters pictured above are the potential candidates suggested by the reporter.

source: imbc

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40 Responses to Who are the ‘Four Noble Characters’ in Gu Family Book?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I somehow think YW is one of them… the symbol from her sword..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Head Gisaeng Chun Soo Ryun Im guessing is one of them. There’s something in her eyes as if she’s hiding a personality. And she’s fierce enough to face Jo Gwan Woong. And I think her sign would something like weed or grass? Bec they keep showing her painting those kind of plant. 🙂

  3. Sophea says:

    LSS & DYW for sure but not sure about the other person.. hmmm

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure SEO WHA is one of them…

  5. Ivaa says:

    I think :
    1. Head Gisaeng Soo Ryun : they shoot her sign in her handbook accessories same as her painting ( during SH in shame tree moment )
    2. off course Master Dam with his dragon bow sign…..
    3. Master Goong in bamboo……
    4. SH father……that’s why GW killed him, and I bet SH will follow his step…..( money / merchant )

    • Cherrie Fab says:

      just my opinion and your idea or guess is similar to my guess..:D…..just a wild guess..:D

    • Ivaa says:

      OR :
      Orchid : SH ??? ( the new lady……)
      Plum : YW ( we can see an flower sign in her clothes )
      Chrysanthemum : SR ( in her handbook accessories, similar in her painting )
      flower signs mean women right ?…..
      that’s why YW have Gon as her shadow, to play Joseon spy….
      ah….now we play james Bond….

      • Ivaa says:

        I notice a flower sign in YW shoulder …..like plum flower
        ( she’s not young, regarding to those times, remember that CJ, is 2 years younger than KC and she already on the way getting married , before all hell broke loose )
        so far, I only notice 3 sign…..( plus the bamboo )
        maybe the new lady is the orchid….

        • Uyen says:

          the sign in YW shoulder is the dragon bow, and it is uniform of the academy, Gon and other students’ clothes have the same sign

  6. kimia says:

    i think yw is too young for that
    maybe Chun Soo Ryun and seo hwa?

  7. kimia says:

    i think yw is too young for that
    maybe Chun Soo Ryun and seo hwa?

  8. Anonymous says:

    1. Dam Pyung-joon
    2. Madam Soo-ryung
    3. Teacher Gong-dal
    4. Seohwa? Yeowool? (but i think she’s too young to be called one)

  9. Lulu Ibrahim says:

    i am guessing kang chi will be the plum andHead Gisaeng Chun Soo Ryun is the orchid maybe ?

    • Ivaa says:

      @Lulu :
      we can saw in head gisaeng handbook accessories similar in what she always painting….
      as in plum ( I mentioned above )
      he he he….interesting….

  10. LoveSG says:

    I do think that Head Gisaeng Soo Ryun is one of the four, along with Teacher Gong-dal and Yeo Wool (since she is one of the teachers). I was thinking of Gon… but more likely he is Yeo Wool’s personal bodyguard/assistant. But not to forget Dam Pyung-joon asked Gon to take care of the Academy while he is away, Gon would possibly be one of the candidates.

    I just have the feeling that Gon will die soon enough…

  11. tryp96 says:

    DCLSG fans’ guesses:

    Orchid = Chun Soo Ryun
    Plum = Ja Hong Myeong/Seo Hwa

    • Eva says:

      Hello Tryp! Do we get a reward if we get it right? Hehehe 😀

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Tryp, I watched up to Epi11 with Eng-sub. Is B.C.O.P mentioned in Epi12? SeoHwa was given a tattoo in the Gisaeng Hse. Epi2 shows her romantic night scene with her husband, and the tattoo was clearly shown. What’s that WORD & is’t related? Pls advise. Thk u.

  12. crazyahjummafan says:

    I can understand the rest, but SEO HWA? How did she become a noble character???? Nothing very noble about her.

    • Cherrie Fab says:

      i reviewed episode 3….when seo hwa..strike jo gwan woong…he was talking to a japanese….and maybe (just maybe)…that japanese…saved seo hwa..and brought her to japan….heheheh….another wild idea…

      • Jade Butterfly says:

        That makes 2 persons with that wild idea! That fleeting thought stalled me for awhile when she was stabbed. The Japanese guy looked slightly affected, by that I mean by SH’s pitiful plight /attempt. Just maybe ….

  13. Anonymous says:

    1. Head Geisang – Plum
    2. Teacher Gong-dal – Bamboo
    3. The new lady (see the logo on the new lady hat… it’s a flower sign) – Orchid
    4. …. dunno. :p

  14. Eva says:

    My guess:
    Bamboo = Master Gong Dal
    Orchid = Chun Soo Ryun
    Plum = Master Dam Pyung Joon
    Chrysanthemum = the mysterious lady

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you..
      Master Gong Dal- Bamboo The Martial Arts expert
      Master Dam Pyung Joon – Plum The Martial arts and sword expert
      Head Gisaeng Chun Soo Ryun – Orchid The intelligence gathering skills expert
      Lady Rich Merchant Ja Hong Myeong (aka Seo Hwa in disguise) – Chrysanthemum The Money expert

      • crazyahjumma fan says:

        If this is so, then why is she with the Japanese who are allies with GW and who are going to attack Korea? (That’s why LSS needs the turtle ships)

        • Jade Butterfly says:

          He saved her.Shipped her back to Japan for healing. Fell in love wt her. She maybe grateful but still using her new position to hit back at GW. Convenient alliance wt GW maybe a cover up ? to later turn around ? Dunno Dunno …just mind tossing up all kindsa possibilities.

        • Eva says:

          I was kinda unsure with the 4th one too but since I haven’t seen any other characters, I kinda presumed that it’s her…LOL…but just like Amielle316 said below, if Master Dam is not one of them, so we’ll have 2 more new characters or hidden characters waiting for us. I was going to say one of them is the dead Mr. Park because he’s got the money but Master Dam mentioned masters at school so he’s out of my list. If the mysterious lady is Seo Hwa who triggered Daddy Gumiho’s peaceful sleep then I’m also wondering how did she become part of that Japanese group who are allies with GW ~ that’s a million dollar question I hope the writer has got some good justification on how in the world did that happen 😀

          • Anonymous says:

            or maybe the 4th one is someone they haven’t introduced yet. A new surprise to the drama,MBC is not announcing him/her yet bec they screwed the surprise about Yoo Dong Geun before. 😀

            If the lady merchant has Seo Hwa’s spirit I think she will have a different battle against JGW, with Papa Gu alive this couple will turn JGW world upside down! A fight he wouldn’t imagine will ever exist!

  15. Amielle316 says:

    Don’t know if the eng subs were done faithfully, but in episode 9 Kang Chi asked who’ll decide if they can stay at the martial arts school or not. Master Dam answered that besides himself, there are 4 more masters @ school. So if the subs are right we should exclude Master Dam as one of the 4 masters. Maybe there’ll be 2 more new characters who’ll be introduced on Monday.

  16. Honey says:

    I just realized in episode 10 Head Gisaeng Chun Soo Ryun using orchid hair’s ornament, so I guess she really is one of noble characters, as for other I’m not sure, for mysterious lady’s hat flower sign, first I thought it also Chrysanthemum symbol, but then I read in a forum that its japanese clan symbol from heian dynasty called mon 3 commas, so I’m not sure either, I hope that other noble are new characters.

  17. crazyahjumma fan says:

    I hope that they’ll not introduce any more new characters. Too many. I’m not trying to guess the four pillars/honourable men are. But my made up story would be at they came, but too old, (haha …. or somehow can’t fight with GW and his baddies, so they train YW, KC, Gon and TS to be the new masters.

  18. crazyahjumma fan says:

    The four masters each take one of the young ppl under their wing:
    SR – YW
    Broom master (I love him) – KC, of course.
    Master Dam – Gon, who else?
    Mysterious person – TS

  19. Anonymous says:

    i think so jung is one of them

  20. kang chi's wife says:

    WARNING! below are the answers i have watched every episode and i know who they are so don’t look if you dont want to spoil !!

    Master Gong Dal- Bamboo
    Master Dam Pyung Joon – Plum
    Head Gisaeng Chun Soo Ryun – Orchid
    Park Tae Seo – Chrysanthemum

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