Gu Family Book Ep 13 Preview – Lee Seung Gi

source: imbc

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47 Responses to Gu Family Book Ep 13 Preview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. crazykd babe says:

    ya…. i got watch it….. juz waitng for it….

  3. gfbfan says:

    yeo wol wearing hanbok….yes! but i have a bad feeling about kang chi n yeo wool meeting…n dad’s out..curious

    • Anonymous says:

      Me too ~ I don’t want Kang Chi and Yeo Wool have the distance anymore. I hope they can date well

  4. AnnMichelle says:

    Are they dating? OMG, Kang Chi, please get there on time! Don’t be late!!!
    Can’t wait!!!

  5. Nurafnieka says:

    I think yeo wol will not meet with kang chi because he goes to see his father, ups..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh, No! Why do I have feeling the one who gave the hanbok to YW is TS, and YW think it’s from KC, and KC break YW heart again without seeing YW at festival….

  7. Jennifer says:

    Ohlala Kang Chi is finally meetings papa gumiho! Can’t wait for Monday to be here!! Kang Chi, sarang heyeo!!!

  8. Hikary25 says:

    Thanks so much!! At last WR returns!! and YW with a Hanbok really Writter-nim you just want to make my day!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  9. Anonymous says:

    Kang Dam couple so sweet! Kang Chi ahh I miss you so much hu hu

  10. anonymous says:

    YW in hanbok!! <3<3<3
    patiently waiting for monday
    WY n KC will finally meet….
    eager to know wether KC will meet YW also or not T.T

  11. Finally..YW in hanbook.
    iam not sure they will meet.Ahh..KangDam Couple

  12. Gen Wong says:

    Omg, this preview excited me the most! Seriously can’t wait for Monday!

  13. Melissa Tam says:

    i hope this ep.13 will gain more 16%
    This ep.13 has alot of LSG and Suzy WR scene.. I hope the rating gain over more!!

  14. Muljen says:

    Please let Kang Chi meet with Yeowol wearing hanbok and they can start their loveline soon. This will make my day ❤

  15. Anonymous says:

    i was just wondering when will she dress like a girl… because in promotional photos she is dressing like a girl

  16. Lani says:

    the feminim of Yeo Wool, finally they are going to have date ^^
    KangDam couple always being so sweet, make her lean on his shoulder hehehe
    when are they going to kiss? 😛
    welcome back to Wol Ryung.
    can’t wait monday! ^^

  17. wow finally YW wear a hanbok, now CK will see the beautiful side of YW… hope CK will not be late on their first date…. and in the other side hope that the father and the son will not fight in their first meeting…….

  18. manassuper says:

    KangChi, the beginning (Gu Family Book) Ep 13 preview ON YOUTUBE

  19. Melissa Tam says:

    I want this drama to extend more over ep.30

  20. LoveSG says:

    Haha, finally we can see Suzy in female clothes in this drama? I was wondering when Yeo Wool will ever wear women clothing……… I bet she wanted to give Kang Chi a surprise with her hanbook appearance but he can’t find her that led him to finding his father instead. Talk about irony :/

    And I sure think Kang Chi will be fighting Papa Gumiho to protect the Academy students… 😦 But I am more interested in Kang Chi x Yeo Wool love story though – just hope Papa Gu will help to bring these two people closer to each other!!!

    One more day to Monday. YIPPEE!!!

  21. Eva says:

    Writer-nim please don’t waste YW’s pretty hanbok without KC seeing her in it? I’m really dying from curiosity to find out KC’s reaction so chebal..hmmm…make it happen!!!

  22. SayangSeunggi says:

    I’m excited with kangchi will meet his father for the first time..i’m sure that can be epic and how kangchi can face to face with his father whose look young as him but his father age is 1000yrs if i’m not wrong..this drama is more interesting now..GFB fighting!!

  23. crappidoo says:

    i think KC felt the force from his dad like at the end of ep 12 and ended up heading into the forest to investigate all the while forgetting that YW was waiting for him. that’s why we see him running through the crowd frantically searching for someone. hopefully he’s not too late to see YW agasshi in her pretty hanbok.

  24. Anonymous says:

    i thought that kangchi was looking for yeo wool because she was lost!

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe kc made a promise to yeo wol to meet at the lantern festival then forgot about it because he tried to find whoever is killing people in the forest and so he comes running to find her : )

  25. Anonymous says:

    They don’t show the mysterious lady in the preview.

  26. Kangchi fan says:

    It is Here, the preview. Kangdam couple fighting!!!!!!

    Omg i have been replaying the video so many times, i can’t even get enough of it. So awesome…. Kangchi and Yeowool time, aaaaaahhhhh i can’t wait to see more of them. Hihi

    I’m seriously flipping it out here, feels going everywhere and still got to wait till monday.
    Haven’t been this invested in a drama since K2H.

  27. coleen says:

    Oh my!!!! Father and son face off! Just how do you guys think will wol ryung react if he found out kang chi is his son?? And yeo wool wearing a hanbok. Whoa episode 13 come now please. V

  28. nowzah says:

    Seriously?????!!!! im having an exam on monday & tuesday… but nowww….. this made me so curious……..ahhhhhhhh

  29. Jennifer says:

    Poor Kang Chi being framed by the suspicious human again. Dying to watch ep 13 & 14 this week…will be interesting as Kang Chi will meet his parents soon. Kang Chi fighting!

  30. scbound says:

    I am curious, will WR know KC is not a full human? wondering if they can sense it..

  31. sunnnybee says:

    I think Gu Wol Ryung KangChi’s father is going to come back as what the monk said in Ep 2 a 1000 year Evil Spirit that kangchi will unfortunately have to fight. More pain for KangChi as e grow ups and matures as a human.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats EXACTLY wat i thought. Since his eyes were all scary red and the plants around him sorta “rotted”. T^T Kang Chi I will cheer for u 4eva!!

  32. Domi says:

    He meets his mom (diff. body??) and dad(revived!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Xander says:

    monday and tuesday appear de episodes?…..i can see only tuesday and wednesday….tell please the link to see monday too….ty

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