Gu Family Book Ep 16 BTS Video – Lee Seung Gi

KangChi’s tears acting, unedited video revealed! (MBC, thank you for showing us the REAL ‘impressive acting’!)

source: imbc

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39 Responses to Gu Family Book Ep 16 BTS Video – Lee Seung Gi

  1. garden29 says:

    Seunggi oppa I never doubt your acting skill,but this is just beyond… you are magnificent!!!
    Lee Seung Gi fighting!!! GFB fighting!!!

    • yani says:

      I really don’t get it why someone give a thumb down for the posting that praise Seung Gi’s acting. Aish, if you are not supporting Seung Gi why do you have to come to Tryp blog and ruined our mood to appreciate Seung Gi’s acting skill in GFB.

      • Anonymous says:

        they are probably you know,the uhm of uhm you know! 😀 Don’t mind them they just can’t accept the fact that Seung Gi is the better or I may say best actor! (thumbs down whatever you want,this is Seung Gi’s site)

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not strange but LOL. Yesterday I read so many bad words from Suzy’s fans at some GFB-sites cursing LSG while people said that Seung Gi acted crying scenes so amazing but Suzy did not.

        • Amielle316 says:

          Or they might be pretending to be Suzy’s fans so that they could have a reason to curse LSG ‘coz if they’re real fans they would think twice before creating negative vibes between the OTP couple.

        • yani says:

          Personally I don’t think the thumb down came from Suzy’s fans, but as the previous anonymous said it’s from ‘the uhm of uhm you know’.

        • Error says:

          It’s not from suzy’s fan, Why would we thumbs down or even hate on seunggi when we know ourselves that he’s an amazing actor? And who’s uhm of uhm you know? the person that puts fame in head? And the person who judge the cast even though his character is not that big tbh?

      • Anonymous says:

        We don’t need to waste our time thinking who and why they give thumb down. The truth says all. Seunggi is just so jjang 🙂

        • LoveSG says:

          What other people think is their own perspective. And we cannot control them, so chill please.

          You are right. It is people’s freedom to give a thumbs up or down…

          I just simply agree Seunggi is an amazing actor.


  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    when he sits at the corner like a lost boy,I felt sorry for him. I want to hug him. The emotions were so real. Seung Gi yah jiang!

    • sarah says:

      the same thing for me.. ;( Im amazed with his acting but I dunno I also feel sad.. really worried about his health and evrything.. and ALL this roller coaster emotions his acting just to give s a convincing drama SeungGi’s hard work is immesurable 😉 proud fan. Im super proud fan of Him!! ;D

  4. Amielle316 says:

    Daebak Seung Gi-yah! You’re Awesome! (*_*) 사랑해요

  5. caroline says:

    WOW!..It’s indeed a very impressive acting!.. 🙂 more & more powers to our Seung Gi!:) ♥

  6. Rensha says:

    is he Kang Chi stuntman who stands in the middle of Kang Chi and Wol Ryung?? *sorry for asking because i haven’t watched ep 15 & 16 now.. still waiting eng sub for episode 16 .. kekkekee.. thak you so much for sharing tryp eonni ^^

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe he is Kang Chi stuntman:). The two episodes are so amazing. But I think the unedited scene is much more amazing:)

    • mgsuan says:

      Epi 15/16 Eng-sub: ( KangChi, The Beginning). (Gu Family Book).

  7. Airmost says:

    Did they do all that in one shot? That’s real impressive and his eyes woah! but MBC when are they going to release BTS of the OTP? What’s holding them back? In K2H we had bts of kiss scenes and etc.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why was the scene edited? It just so perfect and awesome :). Seung Gi ya, you are so amazing, so awesome, so special, so perfect for words. sarang hae oppa 🙂

  9. Muljen says:

    All I can say is WOWw Seung Gi ya WOW… Your acting is really impressive. SEUNGGI JJANG!!!!!

  10. NT says:

    when I saw him acted, I admired him more
    No word can expresses my feeling, so wonderful !

  11. Lulu Ibrahim says:

    ahhh i wanna watch this but the vid in not working 😦 😦 can anyone tell me where to watch this ? 😦

  12. Lani says:

    always put his best to show every single emotions, that’s how Seung Gi’s acting skills superb incredible.

  13. Anonymous says:

    What more can I say with you Seung gi ahh, that was daebak! While watching , it gives me chills and my chest felt heavy, and want to say stop crying… that was so emotional…

  14. crazyahjummafan says:

    It’s actually amazing how he can be laughing and smiling one minute, and then crying and emoting so convincingly the next. I think it’s pretty difficult to act in a drama. In theatre acting, because there are no cuts, it’s easier to emote cos you are in your character from beginning to end and whatever emotions you’re supposed to feel will be built up thru the play, but in a drama, it’s as if you must be able to turn on an off character. Incredible!

  15. sarah says:

    goshh I must be crazy.. why Im tearing watching this.. aww I dunno.. Im just soo proud to be his Fan!!I cry when I watch this scene but I now Im crying/ laughing wah.. just feeling soo proud to be his fan!! ALL the crying scenes are heartfully felt.. when Director say camera roll our SeungGi rapidly change to KangChi.. in seconds he is in acting mode. without any hesitation he cries.. he really cries.. Our Best Actor SeungGi!!! Im forever be your Fan!!;)

  16. Anonymous says:

    owww… the ending he really looks like a lost puppy… so sad 😦

  17. Jennifer says:

    OMG Seung Gi’s acting is simply DAEBAK ! He delivers such sensitive n real emotion in the most natural manner. I love how he draws us into Kang Chi n feels his varied inner most emotions. How my heart aches for Kang Chi when he is down…n I rejoice with him when he is happy! This is the first time I feel so deeply attached to a drama character n I thank Seung Gi for the experience. Uri Kang Chi has been uber adorable n I really enjoy following him on his adventures n quest in becoming a real human!! Can’t wait for Monday to be here. Kang Chi/ Seung Gi FIGHTING!!! Sarang heyeo ……

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  19. DV says:


  20. seunggicharm says:

    OMG!!! I am really in awe watching Seung Gi transform into a very good actor. Gosh! I am really lost for words. Like it was making me crazy! The way he acted as Kang Chi was superb. Those tears are REAL!!! I really felt the emotions he showed in the scene, and when the director said CUT, he was still feeling the character and emotions. My goodness Seung Gi-ya! What are you trying to do to me?!! You are so jjang! Awesome in every sense of the word. I am even turning my friends to be your fan and they are loving your acting and have nice words for you. I could never be more proud to be a LEE SEUNG GI fan.. ^^

  21. CrazyforU says:

    Wow ! Amazing ! He put all his energy and emotions into that scene that he could actually shed tears. I think that’s not easy to do especially for a man but it only goes to show the depth of emotions that went into saying those lines that resulted in those tears. He was not only playing the part, he was the part. Daebak, Kang Chi !

  22. PeNne says:

    My heart is full. It will be full. As long I know Seunggi has us, it will be full!!!!
    Seung gi, can u even imagine how much you make us happy!!! And as long as you’re fine, we are happy for you!!!

    I keep saying, our bond with LSG, isn’t only about the drama or the songs. It is beyond that. It is. A journey. And it remains as it shall remain – a bond, so true and lasting!!!

    P.S. by the way – not to sow any negative vibes, but just to highlight some light moments – I am so smiling here when I read the phrase “the uhm of uhm you know” …..ok, just want to blurt it out…it is such a discrete, polite way of calling the…the…., yeah exactly, the “uhm of uhm you know”! LOL

  23. judepps says:

    whoa! i knew i was bit late but while watching this BTS im lost for words and out of praises for Seunggi.. you are really turned into an amazing actor..that’s no doubt… I don’t know how to express how proud are we seeing your amazing skills & how you worked hard in every bit beyond those tears…I hope you would feel the love & the undying support of all the Airens for you not only in Seoul but globally..

    After the director said cut..seeing Seunggi still on his the character and emotions i just want to hug him and tell him you did an amazing job Seunggiah.. whoa!!!

  24. Tazzo says:

    woah, acting seems hard, very much so.

  25. impreza says:

    I’m discovering this very late. 🙂 At the time I didn’t watch those BTS, I wanted to stay immersed in the drama.
    This clip is so impressive. It’s not the first raw clip I see of him acting as Kang Chi. Each time he blows me away with his vibrant acting. I love this scene from episode 16 especially, and when I first saw it I thought he was so good in it. But watching the raw clip brings the emotion to a new level. You can clearly see here that his acting is very physical. It comes from deep inside.
    In this scene, I remember that I was disappointed at the conversation between father and son (previous to this moment). I was disappointed at Choi Jin Hyuk who didn’t bring the thing I expected from him. LSG on the contrary was very intense, acting with his whole body. This clip confirms what I had felt at the time. Thanks for posting it.

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