[Eng Sub] Gu Family Book Ep 18 Preview – Lee Seung Gi

credit: LSGKWA

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20 Responses to [Eng Sub] Gu Family Book Ep 18 Preview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. milkteanlsg says:

    I preparing boxes of tissue for this next ep… TT

  2. yani says:

    ohhhh poor Kang Chi …. please don’t make the story dragging in the sad one for too long

  3. ELVIRA CAMPO says:

    Twitter is like a toy box, Keep looking and ‘r bound to find something good you!

  4. it’s gonna be a worst moment of them

  5. ritz says:

    m really hating chung jo…1st tae soo nw her..why are they making kang chi sad again n again…i hate to tears in his eyes..t wud b a panful episode tomorow..:(:(

  6. im so sad for this ep i hope kang chi will forgive yeo wool father, that time he just following orders from jo gwan jo.. kangdam couple ❤ fighting!

  7. lulu2050 says:

    OMG looks like i wont be able to study tomorrow because of crying 😦 please Kang Chi don’t stay mad for long she’s the love of your life 😦 u 2 Yeo Wol please don’t let the past stop you !!

  8. Anonymous says:

    its not gonna be that sad he just have to think what he should do to Yeo Wool.

  9. Kangchi fan says:

    Can someone tell me what has been said in the preview!!!!
    The video doens’t work for me. I need to know……

    • Kangchi fan says:

      PS the only thing i could figure out was when Kangchi said he likes Yeowool alot

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t speak Korean… so I apologize if I get this wrong! But I know how hard it is to wait sometimes! So here goes: The general video shows clips for episode 18. It shows that the big bad evil man is increasingly suspicious that Seo Hwa is the mysterious, rich “Japanese” woman… and although he isn’t quite sure, you can bet that he is determined to find her out. In the meantime, that same woman (the rich, perhaps Japanese woman) is now looking into who KANG CHI is… could it be…? …. “Could it be that he is her son?” she must be wondering. So this lady is now trying to capture and interrogate Kang Chi with her minions. Meanwhile…. Kang Chi has found out that his father (Wol-Ryung) was slain by Yeo-Wol’s father, Dam. He is EXTREMELY upset that she (Yeo-Wol) did not tell him herself. Their relationship is now threatened, somewhat, by this challenge. Yeo-Wol looks ashamed, but she perhaps doesn’t know quite how to make amends, yet.

      On another note, Wol-Ryung does not look very happy that ANYONE has threatened his son, Kang Chi. Hmm…..

      Well. I am SUPER sorry if I messed this up for you. I hope that my descriptions are at least somewhat accurate and helpful for you! May you have a blessed day!



  10. mel says:

    Hate that Chung Jo got so petty. I had high hopes she’s concentrate on GW and not try to ruin Kangchi’s happiness. I hope YW and KC don’t fight for long.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yeo wool was scared that he might seek revenge so they won’t have this kind of relationship.

  12. I feel like someday Yeowool sword will stab Kang Chi….

  13. Anonymous says:

    fu kang chi :(((((

  14. cloudwind92 says:

    I want to cry when Choi Kang CHi cries 😦 Hixx

  15. fitripa says:

    wow,,,so interesting,,too many people comment here …the Drama will having good rank……I like lee seung gi , he always doing responsible for everything. I don’t know ,why I have imagination if the ending of the drama one of them(kang chi and yeo wool) will be die, just imagination…..but I hope there are having happy ending. “Best couple suzy and lee seung gi.”

  16. cloudwind92 says:

    I watched.this epsoide. It’s very moving.

  17. can,t stand to see next episode,love that amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing series,with extraordinary performance of that great actor Lee seung gi,really facsinating sreies…

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