13.05.23 GFB Fan Event Fanpics & Fan Account

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Fan Account from Singapore Airen, Heodang:

A Date with Lee Seung Giㅋㅋㅋ

First of all, I would like to thank Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen and Lee Seung Gi Singapore for inviting me to the meal event. I have contributed funds to the project. One fine day, I received an email from Lee Seung Gi Singapore inviting me for the meal event in Seoul. It happened that I am having school holiday. After thinking for awhile (about a day), I decided to go. The notice is short so I hurried to get my air tickets and etc. I started to research places of interest where I am able to find Seung Gi’s trace.

On my way to Seoul, I felt as if I am still dreaming~ I think I am crazy for taking a 6+ hours flight to meet him in real life. This is my second time meeting him. I am really nervous. The first time was Singapore fan-meeting last August. World Staff came to fetch me from the airport at 6am in the morning! I am speechless for the great hospitality! There were language barriers but we overcome it all with the love of Lee Seung Gi~ I checked in to my hotel and we have lunch together. I reached a day before the event so that I can have a good night rest before meeting him the next day. After lunch, she brought me to her apartment. I am amazed by the work they have been doing! I saw Kang Chi’s umbrellas packed in boxes ready to be send to post office. I saw the gifts that were nicely packed and everything is so neat and perfect. The ribbons of the same colour. Even stickers with NO BROKEN EDGES! They cut it one by one, she said. About over a hundred of it. The day ended with alittle shopping at Myeongdong.

Today is the day! I am crazily nervous. World staff brought me for brunch and we took a vehicle over to the MBC Dramia. The journey is unforgettable! The road to MBC Dramia is extremely bumpy and few of us almost vomitted. Imagine Seung Gi travelling to and fro the site and back to Seoul. The 2 hours journey is probably manageable for him because he is well-trained in 1N2D but for me, is a rare experience!

When we arrived at MBC Dramia, we were invited into the meal event hall. Before entering, World staff hand over a red vest and black belt that were prepared beforehand to me and I landed up dressing up like Kang Chi ㅎㅎㅎ. After dressing up, two other Worldren and I were busy taking photos of the place so we went into the hall a bit later. While taking photos, we saw Choi Jin Hyuk (Wol Ryung) outside the dressing room talking to one of the staff. He is really tall.

As we entered the restaurant, we saw all the big banners hung up for the meal event and most Airens were busy taking photos ㅋㅋ After which, we joined in to help the official fanclub to pack gifts (Berocca vitamin and bottled mineral water) prepared for the crews.

After the gift preparation, a few of the staff from the filming crew came into the restaurant. One of the staff that saw us dressed up like Kang Chi commented “Wow cosplay!” The staff realised we had Kang Chi’s caricature, Kang Chi’s name, Gu family book and Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen badges pinned on our vest and they asked if they can have it. So a few of us removed some of our badges and gave it to them. They started to pin the badges onto their shirt haha. They really love Kang Chi a lot because most of them wanted the Kang Chi caricature badge ^^

Then a staff came over and asked Worldstaff to bring the gifts for Seung Gi and Hook entertainment staff to his manager’s car. I went to help. After loading the gifts into his manager’s car here comes the funny part..
While we were still standing outside sorting out some of the gifts for the crews, Seung Gi walked out of the indoor filming site! He said hello and bowed politely and his first reaction when he realised all of us were dressed up like him was “Wow Kang Chi’s tribe!” Jokingly and cheekily he said “I am scared” ㅋㅋㅋ Although he said he was scared, we knew deep down in his heart he actually like it because he thanked us and gave us a very sweet smile before heading into the restaurant. Seung Gi was really tall and handsome and his face looks much smaller in person. I was star struck ㅎㅎㅌ

We followed suite and saw him standing in front of one of the tables greeting all Airens and he even stuck out his tongue! How cute!! I think that made all Airens’ heart flutteredㅋㅋ Seung Gi sat down but he seems to be very shy with so many Airens staring at him and cameras clicking away. Hence, after sitting down for a minute or two he stood up and shyly said he will be back in a while.

Soon after, staff started to enter the meal event hall for their meal and Suzy and Sung Jun (Gon) came in too. Suzy is very pretty and fair looking and surprisingly not as tall as I expected but her height was just perfect for females. Gon looks much better looking in person.

And now our superstar Lee Seung Gi is back to the meal event hall! He sat down opposite Suzy and beside Sung Jun and started having his meal. While enjoying his dinner, Seung Gi would sometimes lift up his head to take a look at the video prepared by fans and smile. He seems to be quite close to Sung Jun and Suzy, especially Sung Jun, because they were joking and playing around. Choi Jin Hyuk joined in for dinner and sat down beside Sung Jun. Seung Gi, Suzy, Sung Jun and Wol Ryung were chatting happily and Seung Gi seems to be telling them some funny incident or jokes because they were all laughing awayㅎㅎ. Our Seung Gi whom always lightens the mood and brightens the atmosphere ^^ It’s really a great to see them so close just like a family. Seung Gi seems to have enjoyed his dinner because he ate quite a lot and heartily. Oh! He seems to love grapes too. At first he only took a few grapes to eat but after finishing that two or three grapes, he took a whole bunch of grapes to eat ㅋㅋ

On a side note, I noticed Seung Gi seems to have injured his hand because I saw a big plaster or patch on his right hand near his wrist L From his actions while talking to Suzy, Gon and Wol Ryung, it looks like he is telling them how he injured his hand.

We had a group photo-taking session with him after his dinner. However, this was actually an embarrassing moment for me. I was standing at the last row but because I am short, other Airens were trying to get me to stand in front instead so that my face could be seen. As I was being pushed to the front I tripped and flew out from behind while everyone else were already ready for photo taking. Seung Gi saw me popping out from nowhere and he said, “Wow many Kang Chi and there is a small Kang Chi”. Embarrassed…I feel like digging a hole to hide ㅎㅎㅎ

After the group photo-taking session Seung Gi sat down to autograph posters. Looking at him from a close distance really made my heart go “dugeun dugeun”. After autographing the posters, he gave his final greetings to all Airens, thanked us for the meal and bowed politely before heading out of the restaurant.

Oh wait! This is not the end of my fan account!

As we were chatting with other Airens outside the restaurant after the event has ended, Seung Gi popped out from nowhere (he went to the washroom) and walked past all of us! I think most of us were in shockㅋㅋ He greeted us goodbye and as usual our polite and gentlemanly Seung Gi bowed before heading to his van and taking his leave. I manage to get an eye contact!! “dugeun dugeun” Now it’s really the end of my fan account and once again, I am really grateful to Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen and Lee Seung Gi Singapore for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Seung Gi up close. It was a fun and wonderful journey meeting Seung Gi and other Airens. I will never forget this happy times. 🙂

source: LSGKWA

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5 Responses to 13.05.23 GFB Fan Event Fanpics & Fan Account

  1. crazyahjumma fan says:

    Thanks for the fan account. My heart also went ‘duguen, duguen’ as I experienced vicariously thru you. When u saw SG, I squeeled. It must have been an awesome encounter. To be able to see him upclose!

  2. Jade Butterfly says:

    Thanks for the personal account. I had the memorable pleasure of stopping him in his stride & he,kindly stopped to shake hands & it makes my day thinking about it.
    So,I can’t imagine the absolute thrill of your amazing encounter.
    It’s be a ride to the Moon & back !

  3. AY says:

    Hey Heodang, you had your heodang moment falling out from the last row!! Keke. Thanks for the fan account.

  4. jwjwlsg says:

    Thank you for the detailed description of yr meeting with Seung Gi. It feels like being physically there too.

  5. Adeline says:

    Love your fan account, thanks so much for sharing . Wish I could visit the drama site and see him in person but I will probably faint if he smiles at me.

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