13.06.04 Gu Family Book Ep 18 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 7 clips so far + full episode in HD*

Hanbok skirt trio

KangChi charmed by SeoHwa’s beauty, YeoWool is jealous

KangChi finds out the truth

KangChi’s tears of resentment

I like you… a lot

SeoHwa finding out about her son, KangChi

source: bestiz, mbcdrama

Full episode:

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53 Responses to 13.06.04 Gu Family Book Ep 18 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. scbound says:

    thanks for the fast updates Tryp, I tried to watch live stream, but the lagging was so bad today, I missed 1/2 of the show, and the ending was ..well my heart is broken for KC, I hope that the mom goes to him.

    • luvlatte says:

      You catch the live stream at imbc.com? I experienced the lag yesterday. I tried closing the window of imbc.com and then restart the live streaming again. After that, it’s fine.

      • geese says:

        i did the same thing close then open a new one i usually encounter that for at least three times good thing i turn imbc 1 hour earlier just making sure i can watch KC….he he eh he…

    • geese says:

      i need papa gumiho now i need his bad side ahmmm…can you try to use your bad side for my baby gumiho so that it can be put on good use your dark side….he he he he he…

    • yani says:

      same here, the connection is really bad tonight. I tried all the link that Tryp put for GFB but all has the same lagging problems.

      • yon says:

        I have no problem with imbc.. i login later than yesterday and thought the lagging was due to my late login. but when the show before GFB was on, the connection was back to normal. It could be your internet connection problem… previously i was using broadband and always have very bad connection, but ever since i changed to fibre, it has been working fine for me. but i’m still worried, so i always try to login an hour before the drama starts..

  2. lulu2050 says:

    thnx tryp unnie your he best ^^ i thought today’s episode needed ore Kang Chi Yeo Wol moments but it was a very nice episode (would have enjoyed it ore if the stupid thing stopped lagging >.<) but i am super relifed the misunderstanding didn't last long i thought it would be for at least the next episode but thanks god i guess Kang Chi loves Yeo Wol too much to stay mad :3 i really a dieing for nesxt week i mean seriously i knew that guy was evil but to actually do that to Kang Chi just to make Seo Hwa confess he is just going on a diffrent level i hope Kang Chi will be okay i don't know exactly why changning was even harder for him this time because of lagging but i really hope he'll be fine 😦

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks tryp, I love this episode, the best part is the ending, deabak acting from SG and Yoon Se Ah, the mother-son relationship is much more interesting than the father-son relationship, I hope they will focus more on this story, not to mention YSH acts better than the actor playing father, I can actually feel the connection between mom and son, love it.

    • scbound says:

      I am glad she met him earlier, she was charmed by him you could see it, and at the ending I kept waiting for her to run to him, I do think that is what will happen. Did KC know who she was at the end? can anyone tell me. thanks. ( Darn Lagging)

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      Now I know why they changed actress. Although Lee Seon Hee did a pretty good job as young SH, I don’t think she’ll be able to carry out the complex emotions needed for the mature SH, esp the last part when she saw KC transform. That was some good acting!

      And the chemistry between KC and his mum was awesome! Charmed the socks right off her, KC did! I think, like me, she was probably hoping she was 20 yrs younger! (Since she didn’t know who he was then.)

      • eva says:

        @crazyahjummafan…But your answer sounds reasonable though on why people hate WR LOL! It’s probably the effect of Forest Kiss and the sweet back hug…hope you had sweet dreams 😀

        • Eva says:

          oooppppssss…why is my response under here? LOL! Computer glitch or more so due to operator error resulted from watching sweetness overload from our OTP ~ first was the hot to the max KISS then the unexpected romantic hug!!! 😀 😀 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love this back hug so much! kang chi is the best ❤

  5. Anonymous says:

    It turned out that not only me who had bad live streaming. I got so frustrated with my connection especially when it was the back hug scene. I kept refreshing and kept complaining to my computer! I wanted to see it so badly!!!! Thank you, Tryp…. because of you, I could rewatch that part again. So curious to know what is going to happen with kang chi next week:(

    • geese says:

      just hope that Kang Chi will be rescued on time..the editing team is daebak i keep on wanting to stretch the tape so that i can see more what happens next…heard that they are having all nighters shooting…just hope everyone is healthy to the end of the drama…
      good luck guys….few more episodes and they can have a rest but i will still enjoy the moment of tormenting you for making a good sageuk drama….he he he he he..

  6. Fruitplus says:

    Thanks Tryp. The lagging was terrible today. Missed more than half of the show.

  7. kichietain says:

    one words, “RELIEF”
    i won’t watch that ep before, but i’m so corious, & i’m so reliefed

  8. Anonymous says:

    you spelles ir wrong! Curious.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Was the lagging that bad? I didn’t have a single lagging moment tho’. Login about 30 mins before show started. My favourite part was where YW misunderstood KC re: her father and all the moments leading to the back hug.

  10. Niksss says:

    I dont regret watching tonight’s ep live…im very relived that kangchi didnt took it bad for yeo wol too long and confess that he like her so much, that he didnt want her to lie again(our otp is save!) CJ’s maid is really getting in my nerves..it’s her 2nd time putting KC to danger! I hope someone interrupts (head giseang, YW,CJ, Gon *they’re hurrying right!?*) and prevent mom from bursting and be cornered by WG ..please endure it mom! You can’t be caught formally!!!

  11. SL says:

    just watched it live and I’m watching here again. 😛
    Thank you, Tryp!

  12. AnnMichelle says:

    I found myself crying when Kang Chi walked back to Yeo Wool and gave her a back hug…That was so totally unexpected, so moving, so heart aching…OMG, what a great scene!

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      KC’s the MAN, literally and figuratively! He’s so mature and a ‘better human than everyone else’ to quote my friend, Jade Butterfly. Loved how he handled Dam, and how forgiving he was towards YW!

    • Minea says:


      Agree! I, too, found myself tearing up over that backhugh. What a beautiful and poignant scene! I squealed over the kiss yesterday but the backhug was the one that touched me more. Love love love

  13. Anonymous says:

    I like the moment KC met his mom. Mrs Kang, please create many touching and complex scenes between KC and mom!

  14. Tessie says:

    can someone please explain why the actor who plays kang chi´s father is so hated, what did he do? his name is choi jin Hyuk right? I really wanna know what he did wrong, something that makes Lee Seung gi bad or…??? VERY THANKFUL FOR REPLY! cheers and love seung giiii!

    • lulu2050 says:

      he did nothing wrong to Seung Gi oppa but he just keeps promoting himself with false rumors like he said that his character wasn’t coming back but the writer brought him back due to viewer’s request which is totally not true because he was supposed to come back in the original script from the first place i guess because his acting was good in the first 2 episodes he got hot headed and started promoting which is really stupid because if someone will take the praise for good acting that would Seung Gi oppa and Suzy unnie because both of them really did a great job in improving their acting

      • Tessie says:

        ok thank you so much for the info, I´ve wondered a long time now why a lot of people dont like him. I feel nothing for him, dont like him nor dislike him. I just dont care, nothing about him interests me….I watch gu family book because of seungi, as I guess a lot of you are. Thanks again for you reply lulu2050, big hugs!

        • lulu2050 says:

          anytime sweetheart ^^ i felt the same way at the beginning but right now he just irritates my guts :/ and yah i guess lots of us watch because of gu family book but it turned out it was so amazing as expected of our oppa :3

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      After he ‘resurrected’, he went round killing ppl by sucking their chi; as a result, KC gets blamed; he injured his best friend, the monk; he told the monk that he wants to destroy everything related to SH; he demanded that KC give up his quest to be human, or else he’ll kill him; then choked his son; hurt Master Gong; didn’t try to get to know his son; – is this enough?

      • crazyahjummafan says:

        Haha! Misread your question. It’s past 1 am here, very sleepy.

        • eva says:

          @crazyahjummanfan…But your answer sounds reasonable though on why people hate WR LOL! It’s probably the effect of Forest Kiss and the sweet back hug…hope you had sweet dreams 😀

          • Airmost says:

            I’m largely indifferent to CJH, don’t hate him nor love him. He can promote all he wants, and as long as he’s not disturbing the drama, I’m fine. But I actually like WR. WIthout WR we wouldn’t have that nice private kiss in the forest! You can tell that deep inside he still has that old WR in him although he’s starting to lose it. You can see his pain as he sees his old self in KC. Plus, I enjoy KC’s family problems more than GW’s Japanese Invasion/murdering plot(almost forgot about this.) He’s quite the looker as well.

  15. LoveSG says:

    Omo… One moment I am laughing at the hilarious scene and the next moment I am crying at the misunderstanding portion but also very very glad that Kang Chi learnt to put down his hatred and opt for forgiveness (at least this is what I surmise – I need subs to confirm my guess!).

    Evil GW managed to capture KC and force him to transform before his mum… on a bright side, I gotta thank him for that…. allowing the mother-and-son to reunite after 20 long years… exposing himself as the perpetrator too – meaning that KC won’t hate Seo Hwa for ‘abandoning’ him because the real culprit for all this tragedy unfolding is because of Evil GW…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode :0

  17. watching the back hug is very touching moment for KC and YW, but i love how KC hugged tightly YW..

  18. Muljen says:

    Seung Gi ‘s acting is DAEBAK!!!!. I cried a bucket watching this episode especially the last scene between KC and SH. It was so heartbreaking huhuhu. Please writer-nim, you must give happy ending for KC after all his suffering. I won’t ask too much such as baby gumiho, just let KC be happy at the end..Jeballllll

    • Erika says:

      I’m very sorry, accidentally touched thumb down.

      This is just WOW! SeungGi’s awesome as Kang Chi! His acting is amazing!

      Tryp, thank you so very much for all the LSG updates. God bless you always.

  19. Minea says:

    Thank you SO much, Tryp, for the fast upload!s! I love your website and have followed you on twitter just so I know when there’s a new post. You feed my LSG (and GFB) addiction. Thank you. =)

    Anyway, I love today’s episode! I particularly liked the mother-son dynamic in the beginning scene (even if it was just a short one). I’m truly appreciating the actress who’s playing the older Seo Hwa. Like what crazyahjummafan said above, her acting was great and she was able to pull off the many complex layers that the character required. And that back-hug scene was so beautifully done I found myself in tears. I watched it unsubbed so no idea what they’re saying but their acting conveyed the emotions to me. I’m probably gonna cry again when I watch it fully subbed later.

    Oof! another week of waiting! O.O

  20. Anonymous says:

    This episode is totally heart breaking! And I realized it’s a family episode from Kang Chi’s parents to his soon to be father in law and not to exclude his soon to be wife!! The story evolves around them which is beautiful and heart warming. Misunderstandings are one by one resolving, the story is making a firm plot on how we can foresee Kang Chi’s future. Wether he’ll be human or not,one thing is important love! Love of the person who unconditionally accepts you and the love of the family.
    It is so heart breaking seeing mother and son like that. The son who is chained like a wild dog and not as a human. I know mother’s instinct will kick in. She won’t let her son suffer like what his father suffered under JGW!

    And out of context,I know TK2H has the best story line but Kang Chi surpassed Jae Ha’s emotions for me.(seungGi’s acting) When Kang Chi cries I cried with him. And when he’s transforming into a beautiful creature,I clenched my fist and jaw ,I could feel his pain. It’s growing in me and I actually thought he’s a real gumiho. I may say Seung Gi 100x more of a fan. For me there is only Seung Gi! He’s definitely a SUPERSTAR (True meaning of a superstar).

  21. Minea says:

    I suppose TK2H was a really good experience for him. He has matured a lot as an actor and it really shows in his acting here. I’m so invested in his character (Kang Chi) that whatever he feels, I feel it as well. And when he cries, ooof! he breaks my heart. So much feels.

  22. Racil says:

    Seung Gi’s acting is superb be it a beast or human, every new episode I tell myself this is my favourite one his acting is just getting better every episodes!!!!when he cried it really breaks my heart, when he smiles he melts my heart. I love the “ano” dialogue he is just so adorable, the back embrace is so touching, the last scene was heart breaking. Seung Gi yahhhh you deserve a Daesang for your acting!!!!

  23. Yon says:

    I love the scene when he came out from DPJ room with blood dripping from his hands.. He looked at Yeowool and was so heartbroken when Yeowool walked pass him.. i wish i was there to hug him… Then when Yeowool realised that Kang Chi did not kill her father, she went to look for him. He looked sad & disappointed that Yeowool did not trust him like in the past when others accused him of being the one who killed the people.

    This drama has indeed brought Seung Gi another level up in his acting skills.. He definitely deserved a Daesang award..

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      I also loved the scene when he found out that Dam was the one who had killed his father and when he went looking for him. The look on his face made me tear, but his expression when he confronted Dam was simply awesome!

  24. Ivaa says:

    Hate CJ’s maid…….aarghh…Kang Chi yaa, please learn your lesson, jebal…..
    I was worried when there so many happy loveable times, because they will give us the suffering ones…….
    I just waiting anxiously in every scenes……
    when they will be make Kang Chi suffer…..
    geez, this show really get into me….
    my heart break with Kang Chi….
    when he realised that YW’s aboji killed his dad, and made him ‘a 1000 years demon’…..
    Seung Gi really breath Kang Chi alive……daebak!!!
    Happy 9th Debut Anniversary Uri Lovely Emperor Seung Gi !
    thank you that you chose this entertainment path and makes all of us happy and completes our lives.

  25. Sophea says:

    The best episode !! trust trust trust… Love the scene between KC & YW.. family ties mother & son.. love every single character in this episode.. Great Job GFB.. best script said when the back hug part & KC acted while he’s being chain.. the best Seunggi!! Great job.. You are the man!!

  26. Amy says:

    I hope that this drama won’t end in tragedy , like Kang Chi or Yeo Wool ‘ s death or something like that. Remember the monk said that one of them might end up dying ? I just love this couple so much! Please be a happy ending ,Gu family book !!

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