Gu Family Book Ep 19 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

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Ja Hong Myeong is shocked to learn the truth that Kang Chi is her own child. But she pretends not to know Kang Chi in spite of Jo Gwan Woong persistently questioning whether or not Ja Hong Myeong is Yoon Seo Hwa.

Meanwhile, Yeo Wool visits Bong Chul and they look for ways to rescue Kang Chi together…

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29 Responses to Gu Family Book Ep 19 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Gina says:

    Finally the hyungnim can save his dongsaeng,hopefully it will turn out fine…..Can’t wait for Monday to come❤❤❤

  2. Lulu Ibrahim says:

    OMG MONDAY HURRY PLEAAAAASE ❤ ❤ i can\t believe Seo Hwa is actually going to betray her beloved son i mean she's been looking for him like crazy how could she have the heart to do that 😦 i hope Bong Chul and Yeo Wol succed in helping Kang Chi and hopefully we'll see soe of the funny Hyung-Dongsang relationship again 😀

    • scbound says:

      I am hoping she finds a way to get him away from JGW even if she does not admit anything, for YW to save him seems anti-climatic to me there are other options that would be more dramatic while adding more development between KC and the others

      • mgsuan says:

        I hope SeoHwa will put on the bracelet for KC (too sad to see him suffer further). This gesture doesn’t mean that she has to admit KC is her son. But what will happen if JGW is taking it away! His best opportunity to bring down LSS.

    • Ceecile says:

      She’s lying to protect him as well as to save her own ass though.

      • LoveSG says:

        I agree with Ceecile but this is not strictly to save herself…

        Yoon Seo Hwa is supposed to be dead! If she comes back alive…. can she still live as Ja Hong Myeong and take revenge against Jo Kwang Woong? I think that’s what she is thinking right now – not looking for or saving her biological son but to take revenge against JK – at least this is what i think.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who is Bong Chul?

  3. widy says:

    fighting kang chi…

  4. spus says:

    who is Bong Chul?!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    aah…..MBC is coming!!!….
    Yay…..50 Nyang guy!
    I knew it, that he will be Kang Chi rescuer….
    this is sound soo crazy, but now I really can’t live without monday & tues, and hate it when it’s saturday – sunday………aarrghh
    Kang Chi ah….you just turn my live upside down….

  6. deasy says:

    i hope seo hwa still love gu wol ryung and at the end the three of them can happy together. i only watch this drama not the other. give me a good ending

    • yani says:

      as KangChi said “whatever happened 20 years ago … is the elders problems… so don’t push the past onto us”. Same with KangChi, I don’t care what’s gonna be happen to the elders (especially to WR and the denial SH).

      • LoveSG says:

        A good resolution would be them coming to realise their wrong and correct their mistakes but if that would lead to their death…. it would be a sad ending for Gu Family Book 😦

  7. kimia says:

    oh……ma bong chul !!!!!!!!
    cant wait for monday
    but why yewool visit mbc? cant she save kang chi without mbc?
    kang chi ah fighting mbc and yw will come to save you!!!

  8. Eunjin says:

    Woaah, daebak …
    tryp96.wordpress always be the first !!
    This drama really makes me mad waiting for Monday, aaaaaarrrghhh..

  9. Strawberry says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD SHE DO THAT TO KANG CHI!!!!!!!…….I’m curious about a lot not that you can give me an answer but just if anyone else is thinking the same thing…..
    1. Monk said that either YW or KC will die so I wonder..
    2. I wonder if WR and SH will ever meet again….
    3. There must be cure to WR…..I think it’s seeing the mother again….Maybe she can help all his memories kick back in…..

    • Bojana says:

      The monk said that one of them “may” die which is just a possibility. It’s not yet certain. It’s meaning should be deep. I guess what he really wanted to say is that, their life depends of the choices they make. In the last episode it seemed that a demon took over, so I am not sure anymore about sure for WR. I personally would like to see cured WR, but I don’t know how much we can expect that. 🙂

  10. mel says:

    I’ll wait to see what happens before I judge SH too much and what she actually says and does. It’s what I figured she would do since I doubt she wants to play into GW’s hands, even if she has to watch her son suffer. 😦

    Love Bong Chul though! I can’t wait for him to help. Monday can’t come soon enough.

  11. changjel says:

    Seohwa sure has better plans by denying kangchi is her son for the time being. She must feel sorry too.
    since fate can’t be changed except be messed with I believe sojung’s words can mean either human or beast kangchi will die.
    my love for suzy says ofcuz yeowool won’t die hehe

    • scbound says:

      your on a Lee Seung Gi fan site saying you hope his character dies so another can live, I am speechless.

      • changjel says:

        lol no what i meant was either beast-kangchi dies n human-kangchi lives or the other way around… dude I wish everyone lives except gw n his peeps…
        sorry if my choice of words confused everyone.
        why would I want kangchi to die. he’s the coolest beast ever in any korean dramas ever existed.

    • LoveSG says:

      My interpretation of your words here is that Kang Chi’s human form could die, leaving just the beast form. But I do think YeoWool may die leading to Kang Chi’s human form dying as well – this makes this drama more tragic for the characters and could mean a sad ending 😦

      I shudder to think of the possibility that all characters might die – 同归于尽.

      But of course… the evil ones would still get their retributions in the end as well.

      • changjel says:

        i just thought for a happy ending yeowool may end up with either beast or human kangchi that doesn’t matter since sojung already said “one of you might die”. i thought as twist of words, either form might die, not the character. idk but i think pds nowadays don’t kill the leads but pd shin got quite unique thinking. there’s always mixed feelings. if i have to choose, i pick human kangchi to live since that’s what kangchi wants…. ^^
        i don’t want kangchi to suffer anymore too. 😦

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. putri dewi says:

    kalau saya lebih suka berakhir dengan cerita yang bahagia,misalnya GWR bisa bertemu dengan SW, CKC bisa berkumpul dengan orang tuanya walau hanya sesaat karena pada dasarnya dia sangat kasihan, dia sangat merindukan pelukakan kasih sayang orang tua kandungnya. sejak bayi dia tak pernah mendapatkan sentuhan kasih sayang dari orang tua kandungnya, tak pernah mendengar suara atau pun melihat wajah orang tuanya. walau di keluarga angkatnya dia di sayangi sepenuhnya oleh bapak angkatnya tapi menurutku kasih sayang orang lain itu berbeda dengan kasih sayang & cinta kasih orang tua kandung pada anaknya. yW bisa menolong CKC untuk menjadi manusia seutuhnya walau harus mengorbankan nyawanya. karena bagiku cinta itu pengorbanan dan cinta yang suci itu membawa kekuatan yang tidak terkalahkan,keajaibannya membuat manusia terfana tanpa kata, beku & bisu tak bisa di ucapkan dengan kata kata atau pun di gambarkan dengan lukisan, hanya hati yang bisa berbicara & melihat kekuatan cinta itu datang.

  14. ccuamnzor says:

    WOW! Hopefully SW doesn’t become selfish like before and end up getting KC in even more trouble. This drama is getting really good and I’m suppppper excited for tomorrow can’t wait to see what will happen!!!!

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