Gu Family Book Ep 19 Preview – Lee Seung Gi

English translation by AnnMichelle

source: imbc

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40 Responses to Gu Family Book Ep 19 Preview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. yani says:

    ahhh poor KangChi-ya … I wish you will find your happiness soon

    • yani says:

      hahahaha here come the trolls with their thumbs down …. lol. Gimme more you troll

      • Anonymous says:

        WTH? Thumb down crazily again?

        • yani says:

          they might not have any place to go, unlike us who has Tryp who always update news about our SeungGi. OR they’re idol might super lack of talent so the only thing that they can do is jealous over our talented SeungGi and his very suppported fans 😉

          • Betinha says:

            Respect. This is just one of the qualities of Seung Gi and one of the reasons why i admire and like him so much. You’re are his fan, right? Then you should follow his example and learn how to make comments without disrespecting others. I’m sure you as a fan would hate if someone spoke ill of Seung Gi, so let’s respect each other, hmm~?

            • Anonymous says:

              a very beautiful drama series i really enjoy watching gu family book i love lee seunggi ang suzy bae

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Translation please!! Our helpers like AnnMichelle please translate it!!
    I waited for this till 2am in the morning in US

  4. Lulu Ibrahim says:

    OMG ITS FINALLY HERE !!! tryp unnie thank u sooo much for the fast update ! Kang Chi really breaks my heart he just goes through all kinds of stuff ! looks like he will discover she’s his mom ! and i seriously love Yeo Wol i just adore her she’s really the only person who cares for kang Chi and ONLY him not anyone else even herself ! this is soooo exciting i can’t wait for tomorrow !!

  5. Anonymous says:

    mother-son encounter
    yeowool fighting scene
    YW helping KC
    cant wait for tomorrow~ >.<

  6. dramaaddict says:

    Waiting for another great hug from KC and YW tomorrow nite.:)

  7. great :)) thanks tryp96 ^_^v

  8. Cherrie Fab says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    The scenes between Kang Chi and mom really make my heart hurt

  10. lenny says:

    omona,omona,omonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa can monday come sooner pleaseeeeee…daebak…..great preview……

  11. Hạnh Phước says:

    Hope that GFB has happy ending 😀

  12. kimia says:

    how can i wait till monday ?
    daebak daebak daebak
    kang chi ah!
    love ye wool
    at the end when kang chi said you hate me that much?!! breaks my heart

  13. caroline says:

    oh my!!!:D next episode looks so heart breaking!..can’t wait so see KC&YW again,… I’ll wait for you EP 19!:D

  14. Anonymous says:

    can’t wait for monday to come… love the new actress that portrays Seo Wa..seems like we’re going to have a hearbreaking episode again.. Seunggi Fighting! i really love the Beastly Seunggi the brown eyeliner & the make up..

  15. AnnMichelle says:

    Here is the transcript based on Tieba @jooglove:

    For this kid who’s not even human, whether you want to trample him to death or torture him to death, it’s totally Master JGW your own decision.
    They said she’s my mother. Who?
    Get this monster out and hang him up at the market!
    I want to kill that guy.
    I want to kill JGW.
    There have been bodies in the forest again.
    The only existence who can kill the thousand-year deveil is Kang Chi.
    Your mere presence by my side makes me feel I own the world.
    If that person smiles, I will smile along; if that person cries, I will cry along. KC is that kind of person to me.
    As soon as I was born, you threw me into the river; you disliked me that much?
    You were afraid of me, disgusted by me… to that extent?

  16. lucky me to subscribed this blog….
    i found out the preview faster than my friend

  17. Cherrie Fab says:

    thanks AnnMichelle!….

  18. Cherrie Fab says:

    hehehe.,.,,for those who are doing the thumbs down…you might be a person…who do not know how to appreciate….tsk…tsk..tsk…tsk…

  19. kimia says:

    it might be out of topic but i just notice it
    in ep 3 minute 25:45 when taesu saied his line seung gi saied taesu line too.
    like in bl special han hay joo mention that seung gi says her line with himself too.
    sorry for my bad eng

  20. Thanks Ann Michelle. Your super fast translations are superb. God Bless You Always!

  21. Nina says:

    Now I know that ep 19 will be a heartbreaking episode. However, I still curious about WR. Does he come to 100 Inn? Does he feel SH is at that place? Ghost…..can’t wait for tomorrow episode.

  22. Aiman Amanda Syafiqah~airens~ says:

    I can’t wait to watching the GU FAMILY BOOK in ep19~thank you Ann Michelle~seunggi fighting!

  23. help says:

    it’s not loading.:(

  24. keri says:

    For those of u who wants to watch this live , i fpund a blogger who will support us 😀
    Starts at 10 kst

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