Gu Family Book Ep 20 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

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Gu Wol Ryung suffers from becoming a thousand-year demon. Jo Gwan Woong tells Gu Wol Ryung that Seo Hwa is the main culprit behind everything, and proposes a deal.

Meanwhile, Dam Pyeong Joon tells Kang Chi to take off his prayer beads bracelet and to fight and defeat him (DPJ) with a sword…

source: imbc
English translation:
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7 Responses to Gu Family Book Ep 20 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hurray, Kang Chi will be mastering sword fighting soon. Can’t wait to see him yielding a sword…..darn that he has to kill his dad tho…..still hoping for Kang Chi to stop suffering n find happiness in the end! Kang Chi sarang heyeo!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    so on ep19, the ending would be jo gwan woong meeting gu owl rung!

  3. scbound says:

    Love the preview header Tryp…..

  4. Nina says:

    Thanks for the text preview tryp96
    Hate it if WR wil be JGW’s ally. Hope deep down in his heart, WR knows that the truly demon is not him but JGW. I also dislike the battle of daddy-baby gumiho. I hope there is a way to save WR and I think KC will also try to save his father life cuz now he knows that his appa and omma are still alive

  5. Anonymous says:

    What is the link for the live stream?

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