13.06.10 Gu Family Book Ep 19 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 14 clips so far + full episode in HD*

That child who’s not even human…

You’re looking so frightful (JGW obviously needs to get his eyes checked :lol:)

Who did you say was my mom?

KangChi’s (real) father feeding him rice ball

YeoWool trying to rescue KangChi

This is Choi Kang Chi’s true nature!

SeoHwa revealing her identity to save KangChi

Did you hate me that much?

KangChi rescuing YeoWool

KangChi choking up

This is not a SG cut, but it’s just too funny! ๐Ÿ˜›

BongChul cries, “My brother KangChi likes a man!”

Ep 20 preview

source: mbcdrama, bestiz

Full episode

credit: Kate Jennifer

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30 Responses to 13.06.10 Gu Family Book Ep 19 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Lsalazar says:

    Me encanta………… Super rapido Felicitaciones por tan buen trabajo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Tryp!!!!!!! You are always fast. I love today’s episode. Again, thank you for your hard work Tryp!!!!!

  3. Lulu Ibrahim says:

    this was such a beautiful episode really i found so touching ! I cried for about the first 40 or 30 minutes it was heart breaking seeing Kang Chi like that everything just portrayed struggling the director and the writer did a great job ! the part when his mom said she doesn’t care weather he dies or not it just struck me i mean i don’t have any kids but i know that a mother can’t do that it is just wrong ! even though she confessed that she is Yoon Seo Hwa later and all but it is just terrible how she heard her son scream and did nothing except the next morning ! i also love that beside Kang Chi there is someone to help him with his wound and that person is not only Yeo Wol but also all the people he grew up with whom we all thought they would be scared but in fact the defended him and even his dad took the beating for him but also defended him after taking the beating and the part where they were all eating on the table oh my god it was beautiful those two parts portrayed what family is really they don’t have to be blood bound to be family i just loved that part and the episode as a whole ! GU FAMILY BOOK FIGHTING โค

  4. geese says:

    my live streaming stop for nth time….grrrrr..now i have to wait for the uploads…good thing they are always fast….he he eh eh he…

  5. Qibe says:

    As always.. Faster than anyone.. Thank u tryrp!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This episode was so heart breaking from a destructive father to a disturbed mother to a loving adoptive mother Kang Chi has it all. Never to forget the martial arts family that made Kang Chi teary eyed because he felt that they’re the only family he got. And Seo Hwa I know she has the reason not to aknowledge Kang Chi but still it breaks my heart when Kang Chi asked am I that scary to you that you have to deny me? All she could do was beat her chest to contained herself and the feelings inside. Oh and I cried when adopted papa bit off the dirt from Kang Chi’s food,a real father there despite his son’s different he’s still his son. And on the bright side,I laughed so hard when Ma Bong Chul thought Kang Chi is into men. He thought Yeo Wol was a man too,trully he’s Kang Chi’s hyungnim :)). He cried so hard Kang Chi can’t help but laugh despite of all this sad stories. Tomorrow is another day,I don’t know what to expect but I hope a little brighter day is yet to come. Because Kang Chi killing his father in front of his mother will totally be devastating and heart breaking! Saving my last box of tissues.

  7. changjel says:

    the scene where he goes all “๋„ˆ๋ฌด ์•„ํŒŒ์š””etc is so so sad :'((((
    n lmao i can’t help it this is so funny : i wonder if mabongchul think they’re gays L O L

  8. vian says:

    thank you so much Tryp!

  9. Ivaa says:

    aah…..I cry a bucket….
    geez, when those guard kick the rice ball, all I wanna do is kick him….
    but, how about my tv ?…..hiks…..
    sooo heartbreaking episode….
    and they said it getting so much sadder in the next episodes…..OMG…
    Kang Chi ya……….be strong…..
    we will hug you……..

  10. Jennifer says:

    Thank-you for the upload. This episode is just so heart breaking yet DAEBAK. Poor Kang Chi has to go through so much pain n hurt by his real parents…yet so many people around him are giving him lots of support n love to keep him fighting on. Lee Seung Gi’s acting is simply impecable. The scene when Kang Chi confronted his mum was subtle yet so touching. And the dinner scene…..sigh, my heart aches for poor Kang Chi. Can’t wait to watch ep20……oh no, only 5 episodes to go?!! Kang Chi/ Seung Gi FIGHTING!!!

  11. RandomInquiry says:

    Since Suzy fans are always visiting this blog, I have a question to them. Why are Suzy fans at one hallyu suzy thread are so egoistic? It seems to me that they only see Suzy and I haven’t seen any compliment towards SeungGi whom her partner in GFB. They even prefer Wolryung to be the partner my god! I won’t ever visit that forum again. Is there any other Suzy forum out there which is more welcoming and respectful? I’m starting to love this girl but her fans there irk me so much and they don’t reflect the amazing personality of Suzy imo.

    Disclosure: I’m not a fan of SeungGi neither Suzy before GFB but i find Airens as more heartwarming and professional fanbase.

    • scbound says:

      Her fans are probably all young teens just as she is only a teenager, immature and who knows what else. Seung Gi has a fan base of ALL ages and his reputation is the best, he is also more mature and been around the business a great deal of time, Seung gi attracts a wonderful variety of devoted, mature and also very creative and talented fans, as well as younger fans. Thus a different mentality

    • mel says:

      I’ve only seen a couple of people like that. I wouldn’t lump all Suzy fans in with a few. Some of them there think Suzy should have more of a role than she does, which even some SG fans think YW should have more backstory. But Soompi has a lot of Suzy fans on there and they are all turning into SG fans. :p

      You also have to remember Suzy fans are probably younger/idol fans than Seunggi fanbase who has people of all ages.

      • RandomInquiry says:

        Thank you scbound and mel for your replies. I apologize if i was too mean. That thread really left me a bad impression. Couple of my friends who are becoming new fans of SeungGi and Suzy were disappointed too. And we can’t help but compare the two fanbases. This is just an observation from a 20-year old outsider but airens are more admirable. Thanks for suggesting soompi, i will google that thread instead and join the fun.

  12. Erika says:

    OMG! This is the best drama ever! Lee SeungGi’s perfect portrayal of Kang Chi is giving me goosebumps and having me experience mixed emotions I never felt in watching a drama. My heart aches for Kang Chi’s suffering (I cried buckets!) and his smiles make me super happy. I don’t see any trace of Lee SeungGi, I only see Kang Chi. His eyes convey lots of emotions. My heart shattered looking at his eyes when he looked at his adoptive father in the “rice ball” scene, when he talks to his mom, when he’s choked while eating with his martial arts school family, etc. I can’t imagine any other actor as Kang Chi. LSG deserves acting awardS with a capital S for this. I thought The King 2 Hearts was the best drama because of SeungGi’s excellent portrayal of Jae Ha but he outdid himself in this drama. I can’t wait to buy the original copy of English subbed DVD!

    Tryp, thank you so very much for your sacrifice in always giving us LSG updates. I hope you have enough time to rest to maintain your good health. God bless you always.

    Tryp fighting, Lee SeungGi fighting, Kang Chi fighting! Gu Family Book fighting!

  13. Racil says:

    very well said Erika, I become a fan of Seunggi after watching TK2H, and I love him to death in his portrayal as Kang Chi, I am very much emotionally involve with this drama, OMG my heart really aches for Kang Chi, my head aches in crying oohhh. And to Tryp what can I say you are just an angel to all of us Airens please do take good care of yourself as well Tryp, seems to me you don’t get enough rest just to keep us updated all about Seung Gi, more power tryp, Seunggi fighting!!!!!

    • Erika says:

      Thank you Racil. ๐Ÿ™‚ I became his fan thru 1n2d because of his adorable personality. Then my friend recognized him in a DVD of Brilliant Legacy while we were in Vietnam. So, I had to buy it even it was not original as there was no other source that I know of then. I came to know YesAsia because of him and bought a copy each of available LSG stuff there. I bought all his original English subbed DVD of lead role dramas. Oh, I had asked my son to help me convert The King 2 Hearts to be able to play in my phone! My husband paid his CD that I ordered which made me really super happy but he said that I’m going crazy over this young adorable star! My family understands my craziness though. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Glad to meet you here Racil. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Racil says:

    I am very glad to met you too Erika I just become a fan of Seunggi just this year and after watching TK2H I searched about him and watched all his dramas and now I am on episode 82 of 1n2d, your husband is very supportive of you Erika that’s great, the funny thing is my husband got jealous of Seunggi LOL!!! he asked me if Seunggi is my true love LOL.

    • Erika says:

      LOL Your husband is funny. ๐Ÿ™‚ At first I think my husband is a bit jealous but it’s been years since I became his fan and he learned to accept it and be supportive & he knows that I’ve never been a fan of any male star. He just laugh when he sees me watching SeungGi’s concert while baking. ๐Ÿ™‚ When I’m home, the only music anyone hears is SeungGi’s and no one complains. ๐Ÿ™‚ I alternately play his 2007, Bodukan & 2010 concerts. My older sister even learned to love his voice and watch all his dramas because everytime she comes to our house, there’s SeungGi. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Airmost says:

    Lol seriously, those “disgusted” by beast KC really needs to check their eyes. He’s totally sexy. I think some of us are being a bit mean to Suzy fans here, not everyone is like that, and those like that are most likely trolls. Fans should be supportive of each other’s costars. I’m a fan of Seung gi and Suzy is one of the few female idols I really like.. Let’s all get along here.

  16. AnnMichelle says:

    At last, Seo Hwa comes to life in Ep. 19!
    In this episode her story finally gets out enough to let me understand her motives.
    She said to JGW she did not care what he did to KC, as long as she got all the stolen maps back. This was her design to ensure JGW would NOT kill KC, at least not right away, because KC was the one who had stolen the maps. It’d be foolish for JGW not to try to get some information out of KC.
    Her reasons for the association with the Japanese group could be 1) the guy who saved her life was one of the group’s leaders (very possibly becoming her husband later on), and 2) just like all the things she said to Tae So, those happened to her as well (father killed, family ruined, brother as slave, sister as prostitute) and her old country did nothing to right the wrong; so she decided to join the other side to exert revenge. (She urged Tae So to do the same, betraying Master Li and Korea, in order to have JGW’s head.)
    Her own position in the organization is not that secure. Even though she had sworn loyalty to it, her being a Korean was an undeniable fact. Those people around her were protecting her, but my guess is they were also watching her every move. She said the right hand man, can’t we kill JGW now. The guy said no. They still needed him as an ally. So she was on a high rope act where any misstep would result in her failure to do that one thing that’s sustain her all these years – to kill JGW.
    In the preview of Ep. 20, KC asked her: What about me? You can only see the one you want to kill; What about me? Can you not see me?
    To save KC, she took off her pretense and admitted the Seo Hwa identity. As shown in the preview, this move had badly shaken the trust the Japanese had about her loyalty. She did not put their best interest as first priority. She put KC’s above all.

  17. Racil says:

    thanks a lot AnnMichelle!!!

  18. geese says:

    i hope all the power rangers a.k.a justice league survive not one of them die….he he he he he…i love everyones character now the suspense is coming which direction should the scriptwriter go…whew…****beads of perspiration…wipes*****

  19. Deanna says:

    OMG, Seung Gi really makes Kang Chi alive…..
    the rice accident, the mom son scenes, when he need a ‘hug’ from YW ( a reassurance that she always his source of strengh ), and the very heartbreaking moment with martial arts family dinner. It’s a very hard acting to be able emotes those sad and broken heart feeling eyes knowing that his mom alive but rejected him and his dad alive but changes into hatred
    demon. Phew…….what a really nice workd you are living in Kang Chi yaaa.
    And the way Gon, Seung, teacher Gong and

    • Deanna says:

      sorry got cut off,
      typo error ‘ nice world’.
      the way all his martial arts fam looking at him, they all know
      ow heartbroken sad
      Kang Chi is. wow…..I never ever feeling so sad and hearbroken while watching a fantasy drama. this is the first time Ive got teary eyes…my tears flowing watching Kang Chi eyes….huhuhu….

  20. crazyahjumma fan says:

    I like where the story is heading with the ‘moral-loyalty’ decisions a number of people have to make.
    1) SH- her loyalties at the moment lie with the Japs, but with KC’s love and acceptance on the line, will she still continue to be loyal to the Japanese?
    2) TS – interesting that SH made him decide – loyalty to her cause or lose the 100 yr Inn? I wonder what choice TS will make. Will he go the path of SH and forsake his country, or will he choose to be upright and honourable like his father and BE worthy of the title of “Honourary Man’?
    3) SH’s guard – GW made him as offer to be one of his men. Will be remain loyal to SH or abandon her? I suspect he was the one to killed the ninja trying to kill GW.

  21. Jennifer says:

    I just re-watched ep19 with subs n cried a river. Kang Chi’s sad puppy eyes really break my heart. How I want to hug n comfort him. Sigh….he loos so gorgeous yet sad in his gumiho state….so boyish n pitiful when faced with his mum who rejected him. I thought I couldn’t love Lee Seung Gi more after watching TK2H….I was wrong. Now I am hopelessly in love with a Kang Chi! Can’t wait to watch ep20..,,yet I am feeling sad that the drama is coming to an end in a fortnight….luckily Seung Gi will be visiting Spore in September. Else, I’ll be depress when the drama ends…..!

    Ps: such is the emotion a Kang Chi fan holds…..completely irrational n helpless!

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