13.06.11 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

FaithND: Lee Seung Gi will return to Singapore for fan meeting in early September! Stay tuned to Faith & D FB facebook.com/faithnd for updates


Gu Family Book, fighting!!! Choi Kang Chi, fighting!!! Lee Seung Gi, fighting!!!

13.06.10 AGB Nielsen ratings:

#2 MBC Gu Family Book 18.3% (Seoul 21.5%, #1)
#7 SBS Jang Ok Jung 11% (Seoul 10.5%, #7)
#17 KBS Shark 8.8 (Seoul 9.4%, #14)

13.06.10 TNS ratings:

#3 MBC Gu Family Book 17.3% (Seoul 21.0%, #1)
#8 SBS Jang Ok Jung 10.7% (Seoul 11.6%, #5)
KBS Shark not in top 20

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15 Responses to 13.06.11 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. A.D.T.O.T.Y says:

    the rating decreased a bit, but it is still higher than last week Monday ep, hope it will increase higher for today’s ep
    GFB fighting! Kangdam couple fighting!

  2. seunggifan says:

    yay….. isn’t it the best of the Monday’s rating??
    i have a strong feeling that tomorrow will be reach 20% tomorrow..
    you can do it.

    • Lsalazar says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I think it’s also the best emmtional episode so far. This episode seemed for Kang Chi and his mom. All the buzz articles of this episode are about Seung Gi and Yoon Se Ah (middle age Seohwa), those get very high review from journalists and netizens.
      Hope there will be more scenes between them.

  3. Melissa Tam says:

    today’s ep. 21, we could see alot of LSG fighting scene..

  4. mmeshahsg says:

    Last night’s episode was AMAZING!!! He held his tears, he appreciated Yeo Wool’s companion by hugging her, he showed respect to his mom and yet he felt so much pain inside. Oh dear Kang Chi… you are incredibly talented.

  5. Fara Noona says:

    Tryp oeni is it true?seunggi will return to spore?hwaaaaa daebakkkkkkkk can’t wait, gowamo oeny as always you’re the best!!

  6. DV says:

    Yippy!!! I am so happy.. He will be back to Singapore. Can’t wait!!!

  7. Jennifer says:

    My heart aches for Kang Chi. I was so touched by the scene when Kang Chi met his mum n the dinner scene that I cried a river. Seung Gi’s acting is simply impeccable! His sad eyes kill me. Really DAEBAK!! 5 episodes to go n i am going to miss my Kang Chi after that. Seung Gi / Kang Chi FIGHTING!!! Sarang heyeo!!!

    Ps: really HAPPY that Seung Gi is coming to Spore again…but why Faith organising it again? They did a lousy job last year esp.with the horrible venue. If they have to organize it again this year. Please ensure they pick a much much better venue!

  8. sweetspring says:

    sept s’pore fan event, best news this week!!! thanks Tryp 🙂 Hope you can make it to Asia for it!

  9. Singar77 says:

    Looking forward to September Singapore fan event!
    Dear Lee Seung Gi, Welcome and Thank you for coming to Singapore again.

  10. rhumball says:

    why why.. he’s going there when i’m not?? i always miss it. i’m going there in Aug, and I can’t change my ticket.

  11. yeeees….. looking forward to you SEPTEMBER…..

  12. Shynreigh Strawhat says:

    I always hope deeply for LSG to have a fan meeting here at Philippines. 😦

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