Gu Family Book Ep 20 BTS Video – Lee Seung Gi

*updated* (even my computer was acting up because there was too much dark force in the video, so I had to re-download/upload the file)

Gu Family’s First Reunion

source: imbc

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22 Responses to Gu Family Book Ep 20 BTS Video – Lee Seung Gi

  1. LoveSG says:

    😀 with pins in his hair and then discussing the scene with Yoon Se Ah – Quite funny to watch 😉

  2. Love_Choi_Jin_Hyuk says:

    I love Wol Ryung’s smile….It’s so adorable…..I have to say the best good looking characters are Wol Ryung and Gon….Somehow I only like Kang Chi when he’s in his gumiho form….otherwise he’s okay….But Wol Ryung always cute, I love Gon and his weird face expression, and I find Kang Chi much cuter when he’s a gumiho, I think it’s the hair…..

    • tryp96 says:

      I’m sorry to be rude, but could you please be kind enough to fangirl the demon somewhere else that’s more appropriate?

    • Erika says:

      Have you not learned how to behave properly in other people’s house as a child?

    • Hate_Choi_Jin_Hyuk_user says:

      wow! trolling much?! so obvious! lol love your wol ryung all you want! who cares?!

      Sorry tryp this is a 1 time rudeness!! I had enough of those fangirls!

    • just saying says:

      Like idol, like fans. Tsk, tsk…

    • yani says:

      oops … you enter the wrong room girl. Please read the top header carefully, it’s “Everything Lee Seung Gi” and not about the one that you worshiped.

    • Becks says:

      what a pitiful comment.
      i wonder if you are really wol ryung fan, you just make him looks awful.

    • Love Lee Seung Gi says:

      sorry for say this although this blog is not mine: PLS GET OUT!
      This place is just for who love Seung Gi no matter what he is. We like him not because his looking, just because he is HIM, because his maner and his talent. We are not welcome you here so pls… “This is solely dedicated to the best all-around entertainer, the one and only, Lee Seung Gi”

      To who like you : dont spent time and talk meaningless things here. Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      the demon is full of hatred and his fans are full of jealousy.

  3. dramaaddict says:

    Tryp, my computer is alright, as it was compensated by the sweetest Mum with her awesome kimono and that gorgeous person in red vest and his everlasting smile. 🙂

  4. Seung-Gi ya, I love how you look no matter what and this blog is dedicated to YOU!

  5. Anonymous says:

    (even my computer was acting up because there was too much dark force in the video, so I had to re-download/upload the file)
    I thought you had it on slowmo,so that SeungGi’s part will be longer and the other dark force will be on 100x fast forward! 😀

  6. SayangSeunggi says:

    Oh my!! you’re so rude..i’m sorry i have to say to that fan, so childish,please!!behave yourself when you ‘enter’ others home..this is LEE SEUNGGI home!!..please respect miss tryp96, this is her site..i’m feel sorry for you strong..tryp96 fighting!!seunggi fighting!!

    • Ibonita says:

      To SayangSeunggi: girl, what comment are you girls talking about? it seems that someone was making rude comments but I dont’ see them……???

  7. Poply says:

    Ha ha ,,i’m laugh with fangirl of Cjh. Ha ha ,, they try promotion him by come another sites. They hard find blog that activity and friendly alot area. It okay if you try read news blog lee seunggi. You will understand why he receive love from fans. His charm really hard talk , maybe hard belive , why he awesome. Fan seunggi really awesome. Trype, thank for news about seunggi . Another fans , you only can find your favorit human by only hoter. Ha ha … You should promote him for else idea. I’m hope this drama end by happy.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know what’s funny? When some pretty good looking supporting actors get too much credit/attention and forgot how great the lead actors are. The thing is they were never greater than the lead one,if so how come they always ends up as a “support”!?
      I’ll accept that they’re good looking,but the fact is they were not just as appealing as the lead actors matter how good looking they are! Good looks (so as good acting alone) is not the only thing you need to be a leading man or a well made actor. Pfft!
      You need CHARISMA,TALENT,VERSATILITY,an INSPIRATION and “HUMILITY”. And never gets to ride on someones popularity as if you’re the one who made them popular. For the truth is they’re the ones who made you popular.
      Well,as they say a “well made actor/entertainer” need not to brag what’s good about themselves because people already know how great they are. 🙂

  8. Jennifer says:

    Ha the happy family reunion only seen on BTS. Seung Gi is smiling all the time when discussing the scene with the actress. I love Seung Gi’s sunshine n warm smiles!! Seung Gi FIGHTING!!!

    Ps: Tryp, you can delete those nasty posts from your blog right? Some people just like to make a nuisance of themselves…..(roll eyes)

  9. seunggifan says:

    What is wrong with this people… why do they have to always stoop so low to promote their own…. disgusting behavior… its getting so annoying… hot gumiho daddy should have been lead… he is so much better looking…. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH
    fellow SEUNG GI fan, dont worry we know our worth… we don’t have to go down to their level…. i mean we are airens…. we have the best person to support…. you can’t blame them, seung gi ah makes our job so easy… he is PERFECT……

    TO ALL YOU HATERS….. this is our home…. do not step into our house and disrespect us… WE ARE A FAMILY HERE… go take your hate somewhere else…. we are sorry ur whatever his name is cannot step up to our main man.. if he can u would not need to…..

    TRYP96.. am sure it gets frustrating for you but am sure us true seung gi fan appreciates and loves you..

  10. Iza says:

    all the Papa Gumigo fangirls should have known that the ratings wouldn’t have picked up if he had been the lead and the fact that the ratings have picked up in the episode when our Kang Chi made he’s first appearance. Stop being delusional and stay off this blog! Papa Gumiho has already made himself a fool without you fans helping him.

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