Lee Seung Gi Fanvid: Like Being Hit By A Bullet

I think what Path is saying with this video is that falling for 2 characters in 1 year is like being hit by a bullet, and she’s happy and thankful for it. ๐Ÿ˜›

credit: path

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26 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Fanvid: Like Being Hit By A Bullet

  1. Anonymous says:

    As i watched the video,It looks like Lee Jae Ha is the descendant of Choi Kang Chi. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Here’s a Korean translation of the song:

    As if I had been hit by a bullet, I lost all my wits about me,
    Because only laughter came out, I just laughed, I just laughed, I just did.
    If I laugh emptily, It’s because I want to ask you one thing: Why are we breaking up? Just how can we break up? Just how can we break up? Just how?
    In that numb heart which is overflowing with memories of us, even if I try to grab onto it, even if I try to stop up my heart, they slip away through my fingers.
    If my heart stopped beating, I don’t think it would hurt this much. So just do something, cure me, if I’m left like this, I’ll be broken…that numb heart.

  3. Ibonita says:

    I love Mr. Lee SEung Gi in K2Hearts……he was so masculine and Serious. Love his hair, his smile….OMG!

  4. sarah says:

    Thank You Path and Dear Tryp for making/sharing this vid!!^^ this song is one of my favorite from Baek Ji Young ๐Ÿ˜‰ ang putting SeungGi JaeHa/KangChi with it is just LOVE!^^ Love the transition from JaeHa to KangChi ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Lee Seung Gi, you look great no matter what period of time you come from! I’m so honored to be living in the same country as you. The fact that I live right by MBC Dream Center where you did your script reading and recent May interview with Suzy is a thrill in itself. I look forward to attending one of your concerts in Korea this year!

    • judepps says:

      @jerseygirl0420, thanks for translating the song..No doubt that indeed your lucky enough living on the same country as Seunggi..we can only dream of the freedom you had that anytine you can see him..and yes he’s looking darn hot as always to us..Us, his international fans will stay behind you forever-:)

      • Hi judepps,
        Actually, I’m from the USA and came to Korea to visit relatives and teach English temporarily…and now it’s become 6 years…after falling for Seung Gi, I’m not sure I want to go back home! LOL!

        • Jennifer says:

          I’m so envious…wish I can move to Korea so that I can attend Seung Gi’s fan meets, signing, etc. For sure, I will go to Seoul to attend his Hope concert again this year. It’s the BEST concert ever! Last year i attended it by myself n thoroughly enjoyed myself as I soaked in the wonderful atmosphere among Airens from all over the world! I LOVE Lee Seung Gi!!!

          • You’re so lucky to be an Airen Jennifer! I missed the deadline this year and am so sad about it! However, I am still an Airen at heart and will support Lee Seung Gi no matter what. I hope to sign up as one next January when the next applications are taken. So far, I’ve managed to sign up for his official website with Hook entertainment. I think I’d die of happiness or faint if I met him in person! ^^

            • Jennifer says:

              Hiya Jerseygirl, it’s Happy Friday! Honestly,I almost didn’t make it to joining the official Airen this year. Thanks to LSG Spore, I made it at the last minute! I know how you feel cos I missed it last year. For sure you’ll get it next year. Actually, I met Lee Seung Gi at his Spore fan meet last year. I came to Spore to attend it and my lucky st*r was shining that night as I got to sit next to him at the group photo session. He is even more handsome, charming and kind in person. I was so star struck my brain froze. Could only muttered ‘sarang heyeo’ n he gave me the warmest smile ever. If looks could kill, I was dead at that instance! I have been hopelessly in love with Lee Seung Gi thereafter n I dream of meeting him again…..hopefully one day I can get a big hug from him!!! ^ ^

              • Ibonita says:

                Jennifer, hello, i have two questions, what is Spore and what does “sarang heyeo”?

              • Hi Jennifer,

                Wow! Thank you for sharing your fan meeting experience with SeungGi with me! I totally love Lee SeungGi and admire him for being a good person besides all the other talents he has as a celebrity. I think I’d be too nervous and happy to say anything to him, maybe I’d pass out…I don’t know…But I definitely want to meet him in person before leaving Korea and returning to the USA. Next January, I will remember to sign up as a KoreanAiren and hopefully, have more access to his news and events. Right now, I’m so happy to have discovered Tryp96’s website on facebook!

                • Jennifer says:

                  Thx Jerseygirl for helping to reply. Me too, i’m so happy to have found Tryp’s website. this is my main source of Seung Gi news n i check it many times a day! so nice to be with many like minded people here. I LOVE everything about Lee Seung Gi!!!

        • Ibonita says:

          jerseygirlo420: i have two questions, first, now that you live in Korea, is it easy to see Lee SEung Gi or is it hard? and, my second question is it hard to find a teaching job? I am a teacher in California, I am just wondering…!

          • Hi Ibonita,

            Since I recently became an ardent fan of Lee Seung Gi after The Gu Family Book. Before then, I saw him in My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox and just thought he was cute, what a fool I was! I wasn’t into Kdrama or Kpop as much back then since it had been only a year or two since coming from the States. As for now, I haven’t had a chance to hear about any fan signing events in Korea yet. Also, since I missed the deadline to sign up as an Airen here in Korea this January so I’m sure I’ll miss out on many exclusive fan meetings that he will hold with them. ใ… ใ… . However, I’m sure it’s much easier to see Lee Seung Gi in Korea than it would be if I were to return to the USA when my teaching contract is up.
            As long as you hold a B.A. from a US college, are a US citizen, and are a native speaker without an accent, there are plenty of job opportunities available in South Korea. I had some personal business to take care of which is why I came back to the country in which I was born. I figured that I’d pay off my school loans while I was here before returning to the USA.

            • Oh, I almost forgot to add that an M.A. degree is even better as well as a certificate is TESOL or TEFL. An FBI criminal background check is also needed as well as an apostilled and notarized copy of your college and or graduate school diploma. Teaching experience in Korea is a plus, but not a must. The more of these requirements you meet, the higher the pay. You can also work in prestigious universities in Seoul the more you meet these requirements. Good luck! I’m looking forward to attending my first Lee Seung Gi Concert this winter – I know he holds his Hope Concert in Seoul every year, so I’m really excited about it.

            • Ibonita says:

              Very interesting…..can I give you my email or is it possible to obtain yours? I would like to connect with you about teaching in Korea. I hold a Masters degree in Multicultural Education. I’ve been contemplating this type of opportunity from long time ago…..!

              • Hi Ibonita, I think the best places to search for job opportunities in Korea is google. Type “teaching jobs in Korea” or “Dave’s ESL cafe”. It’ll give you a slew of information! Best wishes.

  6. Elly says:

    Tryp, a little question, was the background song make from song “ๆˆ‘่ฎฐๅพ—ๆˆ‘็ˆฑ่ฟ‡”? the korean version is so nice.. love the video and the background song. Gomawo..

  7. Jennifer says:

    Oooooh my beloved JaeHa! How I love thee!! JaeHa swept me off my feet a year ago n I barely recovered from the JaeHa fever. Really love the way he looks in smart suit n the masculine sense he exudes. I am still upset that MBC did not give Seung Gi the best actor award last year – for his portrayal of Lee JaeHa was the best performance in 2012 by lead actors! Anyway, I still LOVE JaeHa…I am also in love with Kang Chi. Both are charming n unforgettable in their own ways. Most importantly, they are creation of Lee Seung Gi. Hence, I LOVE them all! Seung Gi ar, sarang heyeo!!!

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