13.06.14 Gu Family Book Filming Fanpics – Lee Seung Gi

They’ll be filming in the forest until late at night:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

source: dclsg

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20 Responses to 13.06.14 Gu Family Book Filming Fanpics – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you know when they will finish filming?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love peach blossom couple so much! This has to be my favorite drama of all times so far!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you Im not really into historical drama since this is my first time watching one but I really liked it and the romance between them is so cute and funny. I’m looking forward to a happy ending.(hope so…..) lee seung gi and suzy FIGHTING!

  3. Melissa Tam says:

    i don’t like papa Gu.. -_-

    • Alexdhamp says:

      I feel sorry for him. It wasn’t his choice to become the 1,000 Year Demon.

      • Anonymous says:

        He chose to become demon when he chose not to stab SH 20 years ago. Everyone is responsible for their own choice.

        • Anonymous says:

          actually he was about to stab Seo Hwa but DPJ stopped him and slashed him to death.

          • Anonymous says:

            No, he left the sword before going to SH, watch again carefully and you’ll see.

            • Anonymous says:

              I’m not a fan of the actor but this is actually what I watched. 🙂

            • Alexdhamp says:

              Regardless, killing SeoHwa(sp?) just to save himself would have made him more of a monster than he even is now(killing someone to safe yourself is inhuman). At least as the 1,000 Year Demon, he’s not in control of the atrocities he’s committing.

        • Alexdhamp says:

          Wait…so you’re blaming him because he couldn’t kill the woman he loved…? Okay…

          • A says:

            Hello alexdhamp welcome to tryp’s Everything LEE SEUNG GI. 🙂

          • Anonymous says:

            When did I blame him? I response for “It wasn’t his choice to become the 1,000 Year Demon”

            • Alexdhamp says:

              You consider him killing the woman he loved as a viable option?

              • otheranonymous says:

                He was a divine creature new to a human feeling,he was never inlove. He never get intouched to people on to the monk. He never had any affection nor conscience. All he knew was to protect the land he’s assigned to. Knowing Seo Hwa and loving her was a first for him,so when Seo Hwa turned her back on him he felt betrayed. The feeling he haven’t felt thousand years ago. And he was a divine creature,wanting to become a human for the woman he loved who betrayed him? Being a 1000 years divine and pure? I’d totally kill the person who let me down,than to be a 1000 years demon killing other people. I’d sacrifice my loneliness and the woman I love for the sake of many innocents.

                • Alexdhamp says:

                  Question is…could you live with yourself for killing someone you loved dearly…and could you do so for the rest of eternity? I still think killing her would have made him more of a monster than he is now as killing someone in cold blood just to preserve your own life is a cruel and inhuman thing to do. At least he’s not in control of his actions as the 1,000 Year Demon.

                  • otheranonymous says:

                    Another question is what could have happened if he killed her and remained divine? Maybe he’ll get redemption? The fact that he’s a guardian,a god. Anything could have happen that time. Otherwise, it’s the same thing living as 1000 years demon to a 1000 years alone. No other choice for him,but what would you choose if you were him? Let the woman you loved live and let the innocent people suffer? or kill the woman you love and let yourself alone suffer?

  4. gildatan123 says:

    I really have fun watching gu family book. so exciting every episode makes me crazy Lee seng gi is always in my heart that even his smile, laughter especially his soft and sweet voice can cure illness and stress.

  5. immawire says:

    Are they still filming?? I thought they done it before the premiere and the drama coming out o.O

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