13.06.16 Happy Time GFB Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 3 HD clips* English translation by jerseygirl0420

NG Special

Solving Curiosity

TV Recap

source: dclsg

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29 Responses to 13.06.16 Happy Time GFB Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Jessica27 says:

    ommo.. thx you so much fast uppload tryp96! 😀

  2. Melissa Tam says:

    I am disappointed.. why are they showing more scene of WR for??
    Kang chi and Suzy are the main character in this drama;;

  3. Cherrie Fab says:

    so happy!!!!!

  4. airen says:

    i’m waiting for the translation 🙂

  5. Sista24 says:

    English Trans please!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the fast upload!! 😀

  7. Betinha says:

    He said he was more nervous during the back hug and kiss scene?
    I’m waiting for the translation!

  8. Thanks tryp96 for the fast uploads! I just came home and will be busy for the next 2 hours, but I will do my best to translate these clips as soon as possible. In the meantime, if there is anyone else who speaks Korean and English, please help tryp96 out. It’s the least we can do to contribute to all the hard work she has been doing for us!

  9. the NG is Daebakkk hehe im laughing when KC is talking to the other ninjas to give them instruction, it seems that he cant stop laughing because of the reaction of the ninja lol

  10. Here’s the Korean translation for the second clip, Solving Curiosity, since the first one already has English subs.

    Here we answer everything that you’re curious about at…Curiosity Topper. The Monday, Tuesday drama that has become popular among viewers – The Gu Family Book! Let’s start with Choi Kang Chi, the half human, half mythical creature who so desperately wants to become a human and his story…. Lee SeungGi, Bae Suzy, and Choi Jin Hyuk…all these top stars have been mobilized to make this drama…The popular drama The Gu Family Book…I am curious about this….Starting at the shooting scene where the behind the scenes start, everything will be revealed by Curiosity Topper – The Gu Family Book!! The month where the weather naturally heats up – June. We are at the outdoor filming location at Yongin in Gyeonggi-do. While they are busy filming, the Curiosity Topper team was able to locate them. And the familiar face that we met at the filming site – none other than Lee SeungGi!

    They cut to the scene with SeungGi who greets the camera by saying,” Hello, Happy time viewers. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Lee SeungGi who plays the role of Choi Kangchi. Cut to the scene with the ninjas and the voiceover that says, here is Lee SeungGi who is responsible for the role of half human-half mystical creature, Choi Kangchi. Fancy action scenes as well as realistic mythical creature makeup are making him a hot issue… Viewers are wondering what his secret is to his beast makeup? SeungGi says,”I am thinking that it is one of the most difficult parts of filming to go through the makeup process that will turn me into a mythical creature…Eyeliner, makeup, and color lenses…makes it next to impossible to use my hands. When I have my nails on, my hands aren’t free to do whatever they please so in reality, when I am in full makeup as a beast and fighting, I’m really weaker. I can’t fight very well because of the nails, and my eyes get dry easily because of the lenses. I can’t really see what’s in front of me very well. So, I’m acting without really being able to see what’s in front of me.

    Cut to the scene where Yeowool comes over to Kangchi and smacks him behind the head twice. The reporter says, make is just make up. Kangchi’s strength actually gets weaker when he’s in beast makeup. That’s when you can see the reduced number of stars indicating his strength, powerful nails, and powerful eyesight. Everyone bursts out laughing because Suzy just did an NG after hitting SeungGi. She apologizes for hitting him. As his hairstylist comes on the set, the Korean caption “Yeowool’s power surprises Kangchi” pops up on the screen. The next caption says, there must have been more than 5 counted rehearsals (of this scene). SeungGi jokingly turns around and says,”Suzy, I don’t think I can do this anymore.” The captions on fire jokingly say that SeungGi is angry and repeats what he just told Suzy about not being able to do this anymore but asking, “What is it that you can’t do? (directed at SeungGi)

    The next scene shows SeungGi and Choi Jin Hyuk with the reporter asking the actual difference in their ages in real life? Choi Jin Hyuk answers,” 2 years.” He says that there hasn’t been a scene yet where they have had to call each other father or son. He said that it hasn’t really hit him yet that he is playing a much older character (a father) to SeungGi and he said that honestly, if the flow as father and son didn’t happen on the set, he would feel a bit embarassed .(due to the knowledge that they share such a small gap in age)
    The reporter continues by saying in the next scene,”even though these two men who are two years apart have been fated to be father and son, their relationship on the set doesn’t seem that awkward at all.

    Also, the crew continues filming action scenes by Kangchi and Yeowool. They succeed in showing up at the scene, but action stops when SeungGi says,”Let me see”. It seems as if something has flown into his eye. But half human-half mythical beast is afraid of…gnats? His costar, Suzy, even lends a helping hand. SeungGi jokingly asks her if she is trying to pick away an eye booger (what you get when you wake up in the morning after sleeping) In the end, they sought out the help of bug spray.

    Here are the actors that spend so much time shooting just one scene. This is how the scenes in The Gu Family Book are born.

    Cut back to SeungGi’s interview. When asked to pick some of his most favorite scenes from the drama, he said “Personally, there were many scenes that were fun, but I’d say the backhug scene and kiss scene with Yeowool.” They cut to a clip of the kiss scene with captions that say that this is the scene that SeungGi chose as the best scene from the drama. The reporter states that it is the very scene that made everyone swoon and have hearts flutter everywhere – the affectionate kiss between Kangchi and Yeowool.

    SeungGi also says that he enjoyed filming one on one scenes with Admiral Yi Soon Shin. The voiceover says, “the very scene that Lee SeungGi likes the most…as they show a clip. Kangchi tells Yi Soon Shin, “What does it matter since I’m not this or that (full human or full creature)? I’m half human-half beast.” Yi Soon Shin replies by saying that “what determines whether you are human is not the blood that flows within your body, but rather what kind of person you strive to live as. I’ll ask you this one more time. What do you want to live as?” Kangchi tearfully replies,” I want to live as a human.”
    This was a scene where we could see Lee SeungGi showing his heartfelt tears as a half human-half creature who so wants to be a human.

    Lee SeungGi says,” Happy Time viewers, I don’t think that I’ve been able to greet you very much. I’m glad that I had a chance to meet you like this and (The Gu Family Book) is on its final leg of its marathon towards the finish line. To all viewers, just like now, please don’t change and it’d be nice if you could continue to keep the channel fixed (on The Gu Family Book). Please love The Gu Family Book very much. Thank you!

  11. Sorry it took so long, but a clip just isn’t the same when you can’t understand it. Here’s the English translation:

    The Monday and Tuesday drama, The Gu Family Book. (Kangchi shouts,”No!” as Jo Gwan Woong’s man takes off his bracelet. Ja Won Myung gets to see him change into a beast form as memories from 20 years ago resurface. Cut to the scene from Episode 2 when she gives birth to Kangchi – (Seo Hwa’s voice,”You weren’t a beast! You weren’t a…beast!…My baby!!!!”

    Honestly, 20 years after giving birth to Kangchi, Seo Hwa left Korea(called Chosun back then) and lived as Ja Hong Myung.” Jo Gwan Woong says,”So now what should we do, Danju?” Seo Hwa says,”You really have a lot to say, Lord Bijou! That kid who isn’t even a human or a thing! Whether you step all over him, torture him, or tear him to pieces, that is up to you to decide Lord Bijou!” Seo Hwa is very cold towards the son whom she has met for the first time in 20 years. The next day, Gwan Woong is planning to kill Kangchi…Jo says to his men,”What are you doing? After dragging him to the marketplace, tie him up and let him be stoned to death!” The men say, “Yes sir!” Kangchi’s adoptive father freaks out along with his adoptive family members at the 100 Year Inn. “Quickly take that creature to the marketplace and have him tied up, now!” “That’s enough…now why don’t you stop, you have won!” shouts Seo Hwa. Jo asks her, “What do you mean?” Seo Hwa replies,” I am saying that you are correct in assuming that I am the Yoon Seo Hwa that you supposedly killed 20 years ago. Now that you know my real identity, what do you plan to do?” Seo Hwa reveals her identity in order to save Kangchi but she wants to hide her identity from Kangchi. She asks Kangchi’s adoptive father, “Please don’t tell the child about me. Just pretend that you don’t know anything about me.” When Mr. Choi interrupts by saying, “But…” Seo Hwa says, “It’s the best thing to do. Please do so.” He answers, “Okay.”

    In the next scene, Seo Hwa says to Kangchi, “So you have woken up?” He says,” Yes”. Then he turns around and says, “Well, what I’m trying to say is, it’s because I’m curious…did you really dislike me that much? Enough to throw me away into the river as soon as I was born, was I that terrifying to you? I just wanted to ask you just once. That’s why. With this, it’s enough. (Meaning, you don’t have to answer me). Seo Hwa almost collapses with unspeakable sadness.

    Meanwhile, Seo Hwa’s trading group (from Japan) is growing increasingly dissatisfied with her (who is being swept up by so many emotions)… Kangchi says, “Chung Jo, why are you here?” She replies, “I’m afraid that Danju has fallen into a dangerous predicament.” Seo Hwa’s life is placed in danger by her trading group as Kangchi appears on the scene. He says to her, “Please get up now. Come with me.” Seo Hwa says, “Go, I have things that I personally have to take care of.” Kangchi holds her arm and says, “Please don’t do this.” She screams, “Please let go of me! I have things that I have to do! I have people to kill, people who destroyed my family, the people who made your father and I like this, the people who are trying to kill me, I’m going to kill them all with my bare hands! So let go of this hand! Let go of me!” Kangchi interrupts by shouting, “What about me?!!!! All you see in your eyes are people you have to kill, but what about me? Do you not see me? Still, I’m your son, mother!” Seo Hwa starts crying, “Kangchi-ya!”. The announcer says, “Kangchi, who saved Seo Hwa from danger, what will his future days be like? The program ends with the announcer saying, “Up till now, you’ve been watching a not-to be missed episode of Happy Time TV.

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