HQ Stills of Lee Seung Gi & Suzy Gazing Sweetly in Bed

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source: topstarnews

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20 Responses to HQ Stills of Lee Seung Gi & Suzy Gazing Sweetly in Bed

  1. Melissa Tam says:

    what’s going on with GFB gallary.. why are the complaining about OST???
    what’s happening? can someone explain to me?

    • Airmost says:

      CJH is going to release a cover of one of the osts, Best Wishes To You. I’m still waiting for a duet b/w Suzy and Seung gi though..

      • mel says:

        It’s so ridiculous. Not only trying to cover The One but covering the main couple’s song and doing an interview about it saying it. Both Seunggi and Suzy did their songs without much fanfare. I feel bad for the other supporting actors. CJH and his agency seriously never stop.

        • mel says:

          *saying it was closely related to his character

        • Anonymous says:

          He’s not even close to Seung Gi,everytime there’s something good coming out about Seung Gi even simple things. He makes to a point that there’s something good about him too. pssh! Now as if GFB is nothing without him,making himself so special! Hello,he may live or not Kang chi’s life is more exciting! I don’t even get him coming alive when in every scene he had with Seung Gi he never aknowledge Kang Chi as his son! All he did was stalk,growl and made those dull looking eyes! Funny how some fans are so hype with his appearance saying he’s sexy and hot when no one is aknowledging his acting!

      • Anonymous says:

        I tried to ignore him as much as possible but he keeps getting on my nerves. Why does the supporting actor cover the OTP’s theme song and say it fit him. Even giving a interview for releasing the song, do you see SG or Suzy does that? And that interview is super annoying, want to be like LMH releasing an album, LSJ is jealous of him (LSJ is much more talented than him!), briefly tell SG and Suzy after covering the song, blah blah blah. He really thinks he’s the main character, doesn’t he? Never seen such a person like him! I hope his story will end in next episode because seeing him on screen is a torture for me.

        • CrazyforU says:

          Where did you read this interview ? I don’t like him too. He’s getting too big-headed !

            • lulu2050 says:

              i just wasted 5 mins of my time -___- i really usually don’t care when someone famous does something bad because i think humble famous people like our seung gi are really few but he gets on my nerves really i mean c’mon his voice is even ugly ! i heard him before on panda and hedgehog OST and omg i couldn’t even complete the song (that was before gu family book for all the people who are going to think i am not fair) i am really sad for the one i used to love their song so much right after seung gi oppa’s song and now it will be tarnished !! if they would release more OSTs they should have done a duet between Seung Gi and Suzy not this !

            • CrazyforU says:

              He’s just a “karaoke level” singer. He doesn’t realize it but that’s what he said in the interview….hahahha.

      • Anonymous says:

        2 words – For WHAT??! I’m sorry but why the hell did he release an OST for?? Stop ruining the OST. To whoever is producing the OST or whatever u call it, spend ur time/resources/energy wisely!

      • Nobody says:

        It’s confusing..why would he even bother to cover an ost..he’s not a singer..and i can’t relate that ost to his story at all..i mean the song is dedicate for how Kang Chi feels towards Yeo Wool when he is leaving her for helping Chung Jo..sorry if i’m wrong…it just my opinion..

  2. Anonymous says:

    im loving this couple more and more!! how i wish they have a duet ost for the drama 🙂 seungzy, kangdam, peach blossom couple fighting! ^^

  3. Yeo Wool Fan says:

    Yeah!! i want a duet of KangDam couple too..i think their voices will match well…Please give us duet of KangDam couple covering any Gu Family ost..i like the new ost sing by Shin Jae [Would be my love rain]..perhaps can they cover that ost together…owhh,i imagining to much..sorry…

  4. well, we have the same in mind, why not request for it? a duet of KangDam couple as a gift for us, we only have two episode left, so i hope they will guarantee our request for a KangDam duet!!!! request? agree??

  5. Melissa Tam says:

    Please VOTE for LSG year end award.. popular award!!! excellect award!
    I am having trouble of joining MBC;;;

  6. Ibonita says:

    Can someone please explain what is an OST? thanks

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