13.06.17 Gu Family Book Ep 21 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 10 clips so far + full episode in HD*

Pulling arrows off KangChi’s back


KangChi sleeps on mom’s lap

Maternal love

KangChi’s high jump (?)

Lee Soon Shin stops KangChi…

Let go of that kid…

Ep 22 preview

source: mbcdrama, bestiz

Full episode:

credit: rhdqn04

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63 Responses to 13.06.17 Gu Family Book Ep 21 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    what is the preview saying?

  2. Sheila Laibahas says:

    In the first seconds I think KC tells he wants to be with YW, and he doesn’t want to think about living in a world without YW. Then when the preview is showing WR, KC says, this is the last time, isn’t it? I will miss you (?) on some times. I can’t really hear TS voice regarding LSS and GW. Then KC seems to meet the monk and the monk tells him about his prophecy on KC & YW, because KC asks, what do you mean? One of us may die? Monk: So, give up on Lady YW. Leave.
    The next scene, YW thinks: the time left for us is 3 days. Can I really let you go, KC? KC thinks: what should I do with you, YW?
    Well, that’s what I heard. Sorry if it’s not correct πŸ™‚

  3. lulu2050 says:

    OMG i can’t believe Seo Hwa died πŸ˜₯ i cried soo hard and NOT because i was sad for that demon i was really petting Kang Chi how can his dad ruin everything for him !! although i thought the episode didn’t have enough Kang Chi but i am glad the parents story line ended (i a really sad Seo Hwa died i wish it was the other way around) and the scene where Kang Chi was crying with the Admiral i didn’t quit understand why but couldn’t help but cry rivers Seung Gi really keeps ripping my heart out with his superb acting skills ! i guess will be having more tears next episode since apparently Kang Chi WILL leave !! OMG THIS IS SO FREAKIN HEART BREAKING I DON’T WANT HIM TO LEAVE 😦 please writer-nim reunite KangDam couple again and make Wol Ryung story end right there because now we saw him more then we can handle and give us a happy ending ! GU FAMILY BOOK PLEASE PASS 20% TODAY !! FIGHTING

  4. Anonymous says:

    My heart sank just watching the preview. As i read some of the comments, i think i’ll skip episode 21. 😒 Why they brought back Kang Chi’s father, he just messed up everything!✌

  5. geese says:

    whats the final rating…

  6. Anonymous says:

    its not out yet

  7. Anonymous says:

    Episode 21 is definitely Seo Hwa and Wol Ryung moment. (I don’t hate Wol Ryung but the actor playing it is another story.). It was heart breaking Seo Hwa gave up her life for the men she loves. Though this was supposed to be her fate 20 years ago but I guess divine intervention happened our Kang Chi was born. Seo Hwa decided to give her life so that her son won’t be obliged to kill his own father. This lead me back to what Kang Chi had said to master DPJ what ever the elders problems let the elders do it. And Seo Hwa did,besides it’s not KangChi’s fault and obligation that his father went to dark side. Though it’s heart breaking specially to Kang Chi who longed for parents love it is only justifiable that Seo Hwa gave hers. In that we can close the chapter of SH and WR and we can now moved on to Kang Chi’s journey to humanity and find that Gu Family Book. Now I can look forward only to KangChi and Yeo Wol how will they handle the situation they have to face (including KangChi’s leaving the academy and Yeo Wol). The last 3 episodes will surely be “Kang Chi,The Beginning”.

    • geese says:

      guys do you think there will be a continuation of this basing only the from the title…but i hope the next saga would be shorter episode only…it will be short but for sure it will mark its own story as unique sageuk…..what do you think????

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      I think It’s fitting that SH killed herself with the wooden knife, so that WR won’t turn evil anymore and to amend what wrong she did. Yoo Se Ah did the job splendidly. However, I’m wondering did the writer have this scene in mind, right from the beginning? Cos they had LYH in the scene. Either she did another cameo, or this scene was filmed rght at the beginning.

      • Airmost says:

        I think it was another cameo. Yesterday I saw a picture of the demon WR and LYH together.

        • According to Korean internet sites, there was news that actress LYH would appear for a cameo in episode 21. I think it was to emphasize the memories of the young Seohwa Wolryung shared with her as she lay in his arms dying. Since he didn’t recognize the middle aged Seohwa, it was to make this scene more poignant. Anyway, I’m glad that she was able to appear on the show for the cameo! It was an emotional episode. Can’t wait for tonight!

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      Another thing I would like to add. Although I cried at SH’s death, it was more for KC than for WR. And personally, I felt that the scene where WR cried over SH’s death was waaayyyyy tooooo looooonnng! I think it was just to accomodate THAT person’s rendition of his song. Which I find ridiculous. Neither Suzy nor SG, who are much better singers, even had a chance for their OST to be played the entire length!
      I’m wondering how much CJH’s company paid to have that scene. Just wondering!

      • Anonymous says:

        I was actually thinking the same,that the storyline of Seo Hwa giving up her life for WR was written at the very beginning bec LYH was there. or maybe another cameo..this brings us to you know who? it means he was actually cast from the beginning to the end of the drama not as people requested him back! And oh OMG that song? He killed it! The scene was so heart breaking when Seo Hwa was dying but the BGM was killing it! It was killing Seo Hwa the 2nd time!Oh my! This guy just for the sake of popularity he will do everything even if doesn’t fit him! I can’t stand the song it was too dull and eh!

        • gfbfan says:

          Im sorry to say this, but all this negative talking about CJH kinda bothering me coz if im not mistaken AIREN are much appriciate bcoz they r like their star..humble n professionnal so what will seung gi feel if we keep doing this..let’s just do”whatever..up 2 u” attitude towards this guy. Coz i dont want to upset seung gi n i believe neither of u want it too..peace:-)

          • I’m in total agreement with gfbfan. Please remember Lee Seung Gi’s gracious manners when posting about other actors on this blog. He is professional in every way and he would never slam any of his costars. If you love and admire Seung Gi as much as you say you do, please refrain from badmouthing his costars. Just think of how’d Seunggi feel if he heard all this bickering. I admire Lee Seung Gi as a person and an artist and want to follow his example, so I will not talk negatively about his costars here. We are doing him a disservice by doing so.

          • gfbfan says:

            This guy=CJH

          • Anonymous says:

            But his cover is really bad, he ruins the song… This is the truth.

  8. i hope the prophecy will change, none of them will die.. oh please! i don’t want to see them suffer a lot, that they have to be apart and let go of each other just because of that stupid prophecy.. enough of struggle, seeing the preview breaks my heart into pieces.. happy ending for kangdam couple ❀ fighting! GFB Fighting !!

  9. changjel says:

    i really never would have thought to stop being a demon is just by killing seohwa …
    i really hope we’ll have a good ending >< i'm kind of worried now that seohwa's gone, wolryung is back to normal. this will be all kangdam issues now … rating.. please reach 23% pleaseeee

  10. kimia says:

    what if after 3 days pass yewool marry taeso?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think it will happen. The reason DPJ beg YW to let KC go is for KC to find the GFB for him to become human. For that reason alone,Master DPJ wants his daughter to be happy. KC being human will give him oppurtunity to marry YW.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think so…. It was a pledge they made between the two fathers so I don’t think he would do that. Any ways Gu Family Book Fighting!

        • Anonymous says:

          He only said that so that Yeo Wol will stop seeing Kang Chi. Tae Seo has been to too many marriage arrangements before but he declined.

        • Anonymous says:

          Remember DPJ said that right after he knew about YW and KC’s fate that one of them has to die. I don’t think DPJ is that traditional making decisions for his daughter the fact that he knows YW as a strong willed young lady,what she wants she’ll strive hard to get it no matter what.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree that was not the reason he just Didnt want her to forget about her and Tae seo and he wants her to let. Go some can find the gu family book.

  11. Anonymous says:

    will be the story of this drama will ended same w/ SG drama in 2010? Just guessing

  12. Here’s the Korean translation:

    I want to grow old together with Yeo Wool (Kangchi to Master Dam)
    I don’t even want to think about being left alone in a world without Yeo Wool
    This is the last time, isn’t it? But sometimes, once in a while, you will want to see me (Kangchi to Wolryung)
    There is something for you Admiral Yi Soon Shin, that Ja Woong Myong left behind (sounds like Ja Woong Myong’s former assistant who betrayed her)
    What would you like to do? Would you like to try a hand at making a deal with me?
    What are you trying to say, “That one out of the two of us will die”? (Kangchi’)
    So give up on Miss Yeo Wool, leave her. (Sojung’s)
    The time left for us, 3 days, will I be able to let you go Kangchi-ya? (Yeo Wool)
    What should I do, Yeo Wool? (Kangchi)

  13. Jennifer says:

    Oh my poor Kang Chi. He looked like a wounded puppy with those sad eyes. My heart breaks every time Kang Chi cries ni cry with him….so sad that his has such short time with his mum. His dad should just disappear into thin air instead of coming back to ruin everything. I really can’t take any more of Kang Chi’s suffering. Kang Chi ar, pleasejust stay happy being a half gumiho with Super power. I’ll love you the same! Kang chi FIGHTING!!!

    Ps: Seung Gi’s acting is so perfect, it didn’t feel like acting anymore. Kang Chi feels so real I laugh n cry with him. My heart is still aching from Kang Gi’s tears……

  14. mgsuan says:

    Tryp, sorry to bother & thk for all the updated clips! Just curious, I totally can’t watch the full link fr the ipad. Wonder why?

    • Jennifer says:

      Hmm, I’ve been watching all of Tryp’s vids via iPad so these while with no issue. Strange that you aren’t able to. I wonder if it’s got anything to do with your local Internet? I am currently watching from Singapore. Last week I watched from overseas n didn’t have issue either. Hope you find a solution soon. This episode is really heart wrenching. Seung Gi showed yet again impeccable acting skills.

      • mgsuan says:

        Jennifer, this is the 1st time I can’t turn-on the Full Clip fr the ipad. It says eg HTML5.0. No problem with all the CUT Clips. Anyway, I’m watching fr the notebook. It works! Thk Jen/Tryp.

  15. Anonymous says:

    omg it was so sweet when wol ryung remembered seo hwa! I think in the ending some kind of miracle happens and seo hwa will appear

  16. Anonymous says:

    tryp, the full episode from anjelina Braxton on youtube has been blocked already….:(

  17. kris says:

    it will be happy ending right? it will, right? ;'(
    ep 22 preview just like a twist, right? please tell me that it will have a happy ending..TT

  18. Melissa Tam says:

    today’s WR’s fans are so annoying!!
    today’s ep. 21 is all about the parents story and WR fans so annoying..!! those article comments always write badly about LSG’s name;;

    • crazyahjummafan says:

      The fans are just like the celeb they like! I’m not surprised that he attracts those kind of people.

  19. Anonymous says:

    tryp, pls re upload the full episode please…..thk u

  20. huhuhu cannot download the full episode -.-

  21. Wood says:

    Thanks Tryp, for the new full episode upload. Was patiently hanging around here and waiting . πŸ™‚

  22. snowflakes says:

    It’s sad that Seo-hwa had to die because I felt that Kang-chi had more connection and emotional trajectory with his mother rather than with his father. Poor Puppy lost his mom…the scene with LSS is arguably the most memorable one in this episode. Sad to see the drop in real time ratings too, but wasn’t really surprised honestly. Tuesday’s ratings are usually higher than Mondays anyway so I’ll just hope for the best here.

  23. episode 21, make me cry and in the same time makes me laugh, i cried when the mother of KC died and when KC embrace YW and they both cried, and the part that makes me laugh is when they eat chicken together hahah so funny and cute!!! love that scene, and one thing i like the taking out of the arrow because of the way YW hugs KC hehe so tightly πŸ™‚ i really love KangDam couple

  24. Qibe says:


  25. AIreN says:

    omg! they nailed every scenes in this ep! even though it’s more on SH and WR, i like the ending of their conflict. when WR’s memory had came back, that’s really satisfying. somehow i think that would be nice emotional balance as SH had to died. it’s pity if she sacrifices herself but WR remains as demon. for that i like their ending.

    for KC and YW, they nailed every scenes since they got lovey dovey~ this ep too. and i have to focus on the plot as LSG (i mean KC) walking in the rain is soooo hot! how can i cope with that~

    fighting GFB! CKC! LSG!

  26. zaeiren says:

    I m crying when Δ± saw seo hwa’s die:(:( very sadly:(( actually Δ± always wanted to seo hwa’s died and not to be happy but now I m very sad because of her died:(:( korean scriptwriters are very ruthless;there was just one day kang chi with his mom and wol ryung has returned back just one time after meeting seo hwa;but now what will be happen:(:( ahh very sadly:( thank you tryp for everything from Turkey…

  27. Anonymous says:

    Omg seo hwa died I guess it’s necessary huh. That is so sad, I wish they just let her live since she really loves wol ryung anyway. True love should be enough to break the curse. Hate that wooden dagger,I cant believe she kept it pssssh.

  28. CrazyforU says:

    Hats off to Seunggi for his excellent acting skill in being able to express such pain and agony in the “pulling off the arrows from Kang Chi’s back” scene. It was so good that you could identify with the pain he was experiencing. That’s what good acting is about. Seunggi nailed it !

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