Gu Family Book BTS Video: Interview With TaeSeo

*updated with better video* English translation by jerseygirl0420

source: imbc

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10 Responses to Gu Family Book BTS Video: Interview With TaeSeo

  1. Anonymous says:

    TaeSeo has a kind of sincere look (even though I don’t understand his conversation). I like him in GFB. I’m a die-hard fan of LSG … hehe

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’d never seen this actor in other drama before…but I like him in GFB n his bromance with Seung Gi. He looks like a nice guy n Seung Gi seems to have lots of laughters n fun filming with him. Great that Seung Gi made new young friends filming GFB. Let’s enjoy the remaining 3 episodes of GFB to our hearts content. For sure we’ll miss this DAEBAK drama n uri Kang Chi very soon! :”(
    Kang Chi FIGHTING!!!

  3. Korean translation:

    Hello, I’m Yoo Yun Suk, who is currently playing the role of Park Taeso in The Gu Family Book. It’s nice to meet all of you.
    They cut to the scene with the swordfight between Jo Gwan Woong’s men after Taeso walks in on his sister the day after she is raped by Jo Gwan Woong. He vows to kill Jo Gwan Woong in that scene.
    Cut back to the interview where he says, “To begin with, compared to Kangchi, Taeso’s character is a bit more rational and flexible.”
    “In the past, I have studied characters from sagueks (Korean historical dramas) like scholars and kings…I observed their gestures and acting and thought about how Taeso’s character would be like in reality so I looked for role models. After doing that for a while, I’m thinking this is how I came to infuse all these elements when I play Taeso.”
    When the reporter asked him a question about his secret for preparing for scenes that require tears, he jokes, “When I keep my eyes open for a while, they get sensitive, so they tear up….no I’m just kidding…”
    “Tearing up is due to the fact that there is a key element that causes them. There most be a point that hits the heart that causes one to cry. It doesn’t occur because one wills it to happen or tries to gets wrapped up in the emotions. Thinking about the situation and focusing on that point which cuases one to cry makes it occur naturally.”
    “In order to protect his only bloodline, Chungjo, Taeso gives his all and also runs into a misunderstanding with Kangchi.” Cut to the scene where Taeso is crying in front of Seunggi.
    “I think that it stays in my memory a lot. Working well together with SeungGi and crying together was memorable.”
    “Right now, we are filming episode 22, next week, we will be receiving the script for episode 24. Everyone, to the end, please do not lose your expectations and keep on sending your undying love. I ask humbly for your support and we will continue filming throughout the night. Thank you for sending us so much love. We will keep fighting. Thank you!”

  4. Hi Tryp96,

    Just doing what I can to help out. ^^ Do you know what happened to the two other video/NG clips with Seunggi in it that originally was posted with his interview that I translated on 6/16? I was going to translate them but they seem to have disappeared…

  5. Yes! Awesome. I’ll get working on them and have them uploaded as soon as I get a chance.

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