13.06.18 Gu Family Book Ep 22 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 11 clips so far + full episode in HD*

First night??

Misunderstanding leads to misunderstanding

I want to look for Gu Family Book

Rock rice

Revive one life only once

KangChi’s 3rd wish

source: mbcdrama

Full episode:

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42 Responses to 13.06.18 Gu Family Book Ep 22 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    thank you tryp 🙂
    another heartbreaking ep :((
    after parents tragic love
    hope for happy ending for these two :/

  2. lulu2050 says:

    i don’t know from where to start really !! this drama and it’s rollar coasters it is one minute am crying the other am laughing my heart out ! i just loooove Gon,Yeo Wol , and Kang Chi together they are the cutest thing that can be made i mean seriously Yeo Wol is sooo smart and Gon is soo funny and Kang Chi is playful xD but the emotional trauma i had to go through is really bad i was thanking god that our Kang Chi isn’t one of those noble people that try to sacrifice themselves for their beloved to live on but instead he would want to save everyone and that is exactly what he was going to do until there was no other choice ! part of me understands that he was all worried especially after injuring her but the other part goes like WTH Kang Chi it was a MISTAKE !! don’t get scared of a future that didn’t happen just worry about being human and and worry about Yeo Wol’s death later ! but no i think him leaving was inevitable but please please writer nim reunite our KangDam couple they love each other so much 😦 i still can’t get over the way he told her we can go that far it was so heart breaking 😦 looks like we are going to be having one sad final next week just thinking about it makes me so broken hearted i wanted this to go on it is soo beautiful in every word that can be described ! although the ratings are low for today hopefully next week will exceed 25% GU FAILY BOOK FIGHTING !

    • Anonymous says:

      I was a little disappointed with the writer but about KC’s love for his mom. I couldn’t understand why KC could erase his mom in his mind after a sleep like that. He woke up and saw Yeo Wool, then he only saw her in his eyes while his mom’s death just happened last night but not last moth or last year.

      • lulu2050 says:

        in my opinion he was sad he was just trying his best NOT to show it since it was her wish so i guess he was just satisfied she did her wish and died peacefully and maybe it is because of Gon and Yeo Wol because he said thanks to those people i am able to move on he even said thanks to Gon

        • Anonymous says:

          No, I experience this when my mom passes away 2 years ago. If it’s a month later, you can hide your sadness in your heart for things on present and tomorrow, but if it just happened a day or even a week before that, I believe many people also like that. Mom’s sudden death was a very obsessed thing that you could anything be empty and couldn’t see anything brighten even when you see your belove. I felt quite upset about how the writer let KC could see YW with a full of sweet heart after a night, a super shortime like that .

          • arnims says:

            I guess the writer is in the hurry to conclude the mom episode….time is runnning late..left only next week….hish..

      • mel says:

        She said he cried hard all night. Kangchi does tend to move on quickly and not wallow in things he can’t change. If he didn’t he’d be constantly depressed. You have to also consider he barely knew her and knew what did what she wanted to do.

      • leelee says:

        We have to remember that SH came into Kangchi’s life much later than his family in the academy and the Hundred Year Inn did. I think it’s just right to say that he felt more regret than sorrow.

        • lulu2050 says:

          i agree with past two comments i mean he didn’t know her that much and he already cried enough and from previously on the drama Kang Chi isn’t that kind to reminiscence over someone for long i mean he didn’t with lord part for so long and it was the guy who raised him

      • Anonymous says:

        As far as I know Kang Chi mourned the night his mother took her life,that’s the reason why Yeo Wol stayed with him. Adrenalin rush the very morning he woke up Yeo Wol was sleeping with him (not as if they slept together). He would totally forgot that his mourning,knowing she’s with you and deal with this first. Especially they’re not married and a taboo to be seen sleeping together. And also as much as he wanted to be with his mom,they were just starting to develop relationship together. Though painful,but he suffered a lot before that he can bear this one. And that is his mother’s wish to let her go. And he met his father,Wol Ryung told him that he and his mom will go together. I know it’s hard for us to see our loved one go,but for Kang Chi knowing that his mother died because of the man she loves and that’s his father. And his father never left her side and go with her is more acceptable and bearable to handle. Knowing your parents are happy together.

  3. legofreak says:

    Can someone answer why did Kang Chi lost his healing power? *sob sob*

    • lulu2050 says:

      he didn’t lose it it’s just that the onk told hi the can save the person only once and since he already saved Yeo Wol once he can’t do it again ! correct me if i am wrong

    • Jen says:

      Apparently the healing power can’t be used on the same person more than once. He has healed Yeol Wol in one of the earlier episode 😦

  4. This was a heart wrenching episode indeed. I can’t believe that it ended with Kangchi telling Yeowool that he’s breaking it off with her. After injuring her, he’s afraid of what else he might do to harm her, even if it’s by accident. The shock on Yeo Wool’s face and the sadness in Kangchi’s eyes just about ripped my heart out.
    On a lighter note, I loved the scene where Yeo Wool fell asleep next to Kangchi and when she woke up, Kangchi joked and told her,”To have had a historic first night only to have slept it all away…” Yeo Wool smiles and tells him that she’s glad that he’s able to at least joke around now. Gon’s expression of finding them hiding under the covers together was priceless, not to mention the ensuing fight between the two men where Kangchi’s top got halfway taken off by Gon. Of course Yujoo Ddaek happened to walk by at that very moment to witness that scene. Yeo Wool, in order to get back at Gon for catching her in Kangchi’s bed and spreading rumors or telling her father, answers her sewing instructor’s question of what she was doing there by saying,” I was trying to stop them from doing something that they shouldn’t do.” I was laughing so hard that I was about to fall off my chair since she mistook this innocent innuendo as something too unspeakable to say. I guess that broke all her dreams about Gon right there and then!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for your explanation, Jerseygirl0420. I was so curious what they were saying… Thanks to you, I understand it now:) I found this scene so hilarious! Unfortunately, overall today’s episode is a heartbreaking one. So sad…. I could not think how the end is going to be. One more week, then I am going to miss Monday and Tuesday with Seung Gi…….

  5. Miss Shahida says:

    Oh no!!! Another heartbreaking episode today…Kang Chi and Yeo Wool…
    Why Kang Chi break off with only his love, Yeo Wool??? Hopefully another 2 episod will be know what happen between them…and after that i will miss that KangDam couple very much and also another cast on GFB ~_~

    • He tells Yeo Wool at the very end of the episode, “This is where we end, Dam Yeo Wool.” I think this is because he’s afraid of hurting her physically and having Sojung’s prophecy come true. Of course, he’d rather not break up with her, but he feels its the right thing to do considering his present circumstances and states as a half human/half beast. He doesn’t want to see Yeo Wool getting hurt or worse, getting killed, so he resigned himself to giving up on her for her own sake. Ouch! How much his heart must be aching right now!

      • Miss Shahida says:

        thanks jerseygirl0420 for the great explanation…i also think Kang Chi have a reason and think what the monk said just now to him….by the way,it was a very sad ending between them…next week will be the happier or the tragic love story same as Kang Chi’s parents….waiting for the final 2 episode…..T_T

  6. Anonymous says:

    I cried at the end :”(

  7. gildatan123 says:

    It was so sad if kang chi’s mother really die ,i wonder if what will happen at the end of the story…so hoping that there’s a happy ending waiting for them….i can’t really take it coz every episodes of this drama drives me crazy…kang chi you are always the best…

  8. I thought the bed scene was so sweet and innocent, I’ve translated the clip that tryp uploaded here:

    Here’s a translation of their bed scene:

    Kangchi: Yeowool-ah, why are you here like this?
    Yeowool: Because you cried so much last night, I couldn’t just leave you alone.
    How are you feeling? Any better?
    Kangchi: Mmmm…
    Yeowool: That’s good.
    Kangchi: But you know what Yeowool-ah? It’s morning. (He slowly counts to 3)
    Yeowool: Mmmm…Ah! What! What am I going to do? It’s already midday! What do I do?
    Kangchi: What am I going to do?
    Yeowool: Why you?
    Kangchi: It was a historic first night and without any memory, I just slept it away like a log, it’s such a shame…very much so.
    Yeowool: You must really be feeling better to be making a joke like that.
    Kangchi: Is that it?
    Yeowool: (to herself – the time left between us, just 3 days.)
    Kangchi: Why are you looking at me like that? Are you worried about something?
    Yeowool: No, what worries, I don’t have such things. You know what Kangchi-ya, if you have any wishes, could you tell me just three of them?
    Kangchi: 3 wishes? Why all of a sudden something like that?
    Yeowool: Just because…to make you feel better and such…
    Kangchi: Any three wishes? Will you grant all of them?
    Yeowool: Yes, tell me, I’ll grant all of them.
    Kangchi: Hmmm.. let me see, my first wish is…rice.
    Yeowool: Rice?
    Kangchi: Mmm…Rice…rice that YOU make.
    Yeowool: Ah…that Rice? (remember, Yeowool doesn’t know how to cook or do domestic work as other Yangban ladies of her class)
    Yeowool: Your second wish?
    Kangchi: Mmmmm…My second wish? My second wish is…
    Gon: Choi Kangchi, it’s me

    They are interrupted by Gon who is outside the door asking if Kangchi is inside.

    • dramaaddict says:

      KC, it is alright. Practice makes perfect. You’ll do better on yr next historic night. As fans, we’ll send you cartons of brand essence of chicken. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much, Jerseygirl0420!!!! You seemed could read our minds who are dying to know the translation of “sharing bed scene” conversation. You are awesome, girl!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

      • Well, I figured most people would be wondering what they were saying during that long anticipated scene! I certainly would if I couldn’t understand Korean. I’m glad you enjoyed it! More detailed translations to come after I finish work tonight.

        • dramaaddict says:

          Thks a lot. But don’t work too hard, we don’t want you to turn up in school with ‘Panda eyes” in front of your students. Take care. 🙂

          • Hi Dramaaddict,

            I’m afraid it’s already too late for that. LOL. *^^* I’ve gotten double eyelids since working at this academy for 6 years and now, ever since the Gu Family book started and I discovered this wonderful blog by Tryp96, it’s something to look forward to everyday. I get off of work late and don’t get home till 11pm. However, I’m a night person and have become even more so after the airing of The Gu Family Book. My students have done a fair share in giving me “Panda eyes” or “Dark circles” as they call it, from the hard time they give me in class – not doing their homework, having to call their parents to report their behavior, and staying up all night many times to grade 5 classes worth of TOEFL writing as well as elementary school essays. So, no worries. No one is twisting my arm here, and I never do anything against my will. I am just a bit disappointed that there aren’t others on this forum who are willing to help tryp96 out. It’s obvious from their posts that they understand Korean, but to just leave a comment about how they enjoyed a clip and not help other SeungGi fans understand what was said is selfish in my eyes. It’s not SeungGi like behavior in my eyes.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is his second wish?

      • Anonymous says:

        I think we will find out the second wish next week! ^.^ 😦 I hope they have a happy ending!

      • I will continue with translations as soon as I get home from work tonight. He mentions all three wishes in this episode but right now, they slipped my mind. It’s lunchtime here in Korea, so back to work. See everyone tonight.

      • Amy says:

        He told Yeo Wool to wait outside while he and Gon fought with the ninjas ,that’s his second wish

  9. Anonymous says:

    thank you so much!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t cry often when I watch dramas, but at the ending scene I cried by looking at KangChi.. His emotions just shows and narations,I really cried.. It will be so hard to let KangChi go.. SeungGi’s. acting is no longer called acting, just KangChi himself..

  11. In the clip about Kangchi’s third wish, he tells Yeowool, he tells her that he knows about Sojung’s prophecy about one of them dying and how Yeowool meeting someone under the peach blossom tree with the crescent moon spells misfortune for her..not only that, but that very person is him. Yeowool insists she isn’t going to be swayed by some prophecy when they aren’t even sure of their future. Kangchi’s ends this clip by saying that his third wish is to end their fate right then and there to a heartbroken Yeowool.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wait! I noticed something. Didn’t the Monk said,that it is illfated for Yeo Wol to meet someone under the crescent moon? And we all know that it was Kang Chi. But,Yeo Wol didn’t meet Kang Chi there,they were brought under that moonlight. And remember they met this ninja guy who were about to kill Yeo Wol but Kang Chi stopped him with Yeo Wol’s sword. Maybe,just maybe that was the guy Yeo Wol illfated to meet that will cause her death? And if Kang Chi wasn’t there with her,Yeo Wol might be dead by now. Because the monk said it was Yeo Wol’s fate and not Kang Chi. If one of them may die,the prophecy should be for both of them. I’m thinking right there Kang Chi changed Yeo Wol’s fate! They are actually fated to be together..Remember the first time Kang Chi knew he was a beast,the first person was able to calm him down was Yeo Wol,and the monk can’t believe it either he just said “oh no,isn’t it…” as if his prophecy was wrong.
    Oh my this drama is driving me crazy! 😀

    • Anonymous says:

      no he didnt know yeo wool’s person who met under the moon was kangchi that is why he was surprised

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not talking about Kang Chi who knew,I was talking about us viewers knew it was Kang Chi Yeo Wol met under the moonlight. 🙂

  13. In this week’s episodes, Sojung himself told Kanchi to leave Yeowool for this very reason,telling Kangchi that one of them will die if they stay together. That is a portion that I translated yesterday, something that hasn’t been translated yet for all viewers yet. That’s why Kangchi decided to leave Yeowool, even though he didn’t want to at the end of last night’s episode.

  14. Jennifer says:

    OMG Kang Chi’s tears are getting so beautiful the way they escape from his sparkling eyes n slowly sliding down his cute cheeks! I really like the way Kang Chi cries…i know this sounds weird but i cant help but admire the way the tears flow so beautifully….tho it breaks my heart each time he cries! Sigh, for once I am not looking forward to next Monday……cos it means the end of GFB drama next week. Kang Chi ar, I am missing you already……Sarang heyeo!!!

    Ps: I really don’t care if he ends up with YW or not…just love to watch Kang Chi! Anyway, it wasn’t his fault that YW got injured. Why did she went behind him when he was fighting?! She was supposed to wait outside n not to enter 100 year Inn.

  15. Ayinla Aishat says:

    The movie z vry interesting, facinating, nd al 2 write home about…… *Cheer* 2 kanchi and lady yeo wool.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i love this movie.so heart touching am gladly waiting 4 a new release

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