2013.05 CF Model Preference Ranking – Lee Seung Gi

*updated with correct photos*

This chart doesn’t look quite right (the names and pictures don’t match!), but I double-checked it on ADIC (the official source), and SeungGi is definitely #1 in May. 😛 The Pizza Hut CF is ranked #7 for the month.

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source: dclsg

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41 Responses to 2013.05 CF Model Preference Ranking – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Mayflower1301 says:

    Congratz Seunggi for being no. 1 again. Both Seunggi and Suzy are on the chart. Hope to see them filming a CF together in the near future. Cant get enough of Kang Chi and Yeo Wool ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Anonymous says:

    YES!! 🙂 sweet princes, I hope U stay always in 1st place in every single chart Ur name may be:)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Of couse is it ^^ Seung Gi jjang!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tryp i have a question. There’s a lot of idols and actors/actresses who are labeled as CF king and Queen or endorsement king and queen but I could not find their names on this list. I want to make sure if my understanding is right,this ranking is for CF endorsers whom consumers trust so much and would buy the products they’re endorsing? and not because of how many endorsements they have,right? Sorry because it confused me so much,there’s a lot of artist saying the CF king/queen. no.1 in endorsement and that but they haven’t made to this ranking. Seung Gi has a fewer endorsements but he always turns no.1. Sorry if i asked silly question. thanks a lot.

    • tryp96 says:

      Yes, this is a list of CF models preferred by the consumers, and has nothing to do with the number of endorsements.

      • Anonymous says:

        OK! thanks a lot now I know I’m in the right track! 🙂 You know I see so many Korean artists labeled as No.1 CF endorsers (like someone who’s very popular abroad,but I doubt in Korea),but their names doesn’t come up even to the least of top 20. Well I guess Koreans are smart when it comes to trusting endorser of the products they’re buying. 😀
        Thank you,tryp! And again Seung Gi is the best! and so are you.

        • poop says:

          I know what u mean, I always see some k-celebs and idols with various monikers like “no.1 so and so” especially as headlines in nate or naver but those are just media plays likely to be influenced by their agencies with the sole purpose of feeding a positive (but false) image of the artist among the netizens. when you actually go read the text, there’s no actual basis for that claim/moniker just some lame remarks from random people and stans.Don’t buy into those.
          Atl least here, it’s an actual ranking done statistically by a legit company. So you know it’s the real deal.
          On a related note, it annoys me that they throw that “nation’s umchinah” to just about anyone now who looks goody-goody. There can only be one true umchinah and that Seunggeeee!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            Please spell his name correctly to avoid any trolling. ‘Seunggeee’ recalled me of how some anti fans from other idols call Seung Gi, do you know they intend to write Seungge means Seunggae (gae=dog in Korean)?

    • Anonymous says:

      SG still placed as No.1 on January without a new CF at that time.

  5. Anonymous says:

    OMG! Seungi and Suzy always top the chart no matter what it is.

    • Anonymous says:

      LSG has been topping this ranking for 5 years while Suzy just appears on top10 2 months ago, how about you call they always? Please take their names seperatety.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just for correction. I know Suzy is not same level as Seung gi, but she appeared on the list since last year if I remember correctly. Though she wasn’t top of the list like LSG ^^

        • Anonymous says:

          Suzy ranked # 9 on March and jumped on # 3 on April this year. And the ‘last year’ you said is 2012 December, she only ranked on top10 once in 2012 with #8 and then dropped out of Top10 until recently. But LSG topped this monthly ranking since 2009 and like as a comment on this topic, he’s never dropped out of Top3, exactly he topped at #1 the most. So it’s so ridiculous when Suzy’s fans you guy said there and there that LSG’s high ranking thanks to Gu Family Book’s and Suzy’s effect

          • Kang Yeo Wool says:

            Maybe because the the commenter just spazz and lsg and suzy top some polls not only this cf deal thing… Why so pressed? They are both in a drama and some ship them.(I’m one of them) Suzy fans never tell someone that lsg is below suzy or anything. Some are just trolls or an anti. If you go to soompi people their actually have harmony and happy eventhough they have different bias. All people esp in korea know that our seunggi is high but lets be more humble(just like him) and we don’t need to make some bad impression to others. And let’s not disregard the drama other cast and staff in the success of gu family book. All of them contribute and workhard for it.

            • Anonymous says:

              That’s so ridiculous that your Suzy’s fans said that his famous recently thanks to Suzy and GFB’s famous. That’s the matter, and now you guys called LSG’s fans not humble? LOL! Who did spread the fire first, Suzy’s fans or LSG’s fans?

          • Anon says:

            Wow, her fans really say that huh? Speechless… Seung Gi is CF king for years, now he doesn’t film many CFs to concentrate to other things but still on top 3. Tbh, I don’t think GFB is that popular to boost Seung Gi’s fame.

          • Anonymous says:

            Wait, wait. I’m the one who left the message above you (not top one). I’m really sorry if I made you upset…but, I clearly said Suzy is NOT same level as LSG (of course!), and way below in the ranking. I don’t know where you read such a troll comment, but I’m Suzy fan and I know they are very thankful to LSG and LSG’s fans. We fully respect LSG, and a lot of them are fallen to LSG as well. I’m sure Suzy learn a lot from him, and I’m grateful for that. So please don’t misunderstand. And again, I apologize for causing trouble here.

        • Becks says:

          suzy reminds me with the 21 years old seunggi, they are both loved by public, so no needs to do comparison :D. as seunggi’s fan i respect her, because i know how hard she heve been working to make public love her, like what seunggi did till now.

          • HappyCamper says:

            Finally an unbiased commenter. I think Kang Yeo Wool above is correct. Maybe the commenter just caught up spazzing. They look so good together so some people can’t help shipping them. Let’s just be happy okay. Begone negativity! Hahaha

          • Anonymous says:

            All made her famous just thanks to her pretty face and her agency’s media play but not her talent so do not compare that to Seung Gi’s side. Yes, she works hard but that’s not enough. Who tell me what’s her talent or did she do well on anything so far? Don’t tell me that she sings well or her actings is so good comparing to other sigers or actress, that’s so LOL!

            • becks says:

              Sorry, but i am not saying suzy is as good as seunggi in acting or singing skill. but I talk about the popularity wise, seunggi’s 2009 and suzy’s 2013. Of course the process to gain those popularity are different, seunggi got all public love through his personality and talent. I dont know much about suzy so maybe there is a truth about what you wrote there, but I think it is also impossible with only those factor alone.

              I just want to believe that there is no such thing like ‘overrated’ or ‘underrated’, and hardwork would be paid off and even can surpass talent.

              Please dont feels offended with my comment

            • Becks says:

              also sorry for my poor english.
              you dont have to take my comment seriously, it is just my opinion after all. 😉

              • purplay says:

                I don’t see any problem with the comment above,, I think she was reffering it general not just with this ranking like recently Seung gi won as #1 The person you want to date and Suzy won the person you want to kiss in The Kiss day in Korea..they always come on top when it comes to polls etc..You guys overrated too much.. Tsk ! Of course dont worry to your oppa he will always be number #1 if that satisfy your happiness..

            • mel says:

              That’s really unnecessary. Suzy fans have been respectful and polite here and considering another actor’s actions (and his fans) I also appreciate how respectful and hard working she has been as well. You don’t have to like her, but there is no need to make those sort of comments. It makes all us Seung gi fans looks bad.

      • Kangdam Shipper says:

        You can’t compare it like this. Uri Seung Gi has made his debut all the way back in 2004, while Suzy debuted much later. This point itself made it invalid. But thats just my point of view. More importantly, lets be more humble (just like him ^^)

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s so ridiculous that your Suzy’s fans said that his famous recently thanks to Suzy and GFB’s famous. That’s the matter, and now you guys called LSG’s fans not humble? LOL! Who did spread the fire first, Suzy’s fans or LSG’s fans?

          • whenegoattacks says:

            You keep on repeating this. Where did you read that? Can you paste the link here.

          • Kangdam Shipper says:

            I’m sorry if I offended you in anyway. But to make myself clear, I DID NOT say LSG’s fans are not humble (in fact I am one, so why would I want to backfire myself?) And because I follow tryp’s blog closely, even as a silent reader, I don’t remember seeing Suzy’s fan saying such thing. So where did your info come from?
            On a lighter note, maybe you can go to soompi forum. There are actually a lot of Suzy fans who support Seunggi and vice versa.

  6. muk says:

    I love LeeSeung GI we r support u

  7. Never see him down from top 3…

  8. cloudwind92 says:

    Of course!!!

  9. AnnMichelle says:

    So proud of you, dear Seung Gi. This is staying power, and the trust you have gained from all the years’ hard work. Congratulations!

  10. Rann says:

    Seung gi… seriously man, you ROCK!! ^o^

  11. garden29 says:

    first of all congrate Seung Gi oppa!!!You are aaamazinggg…
    OMG, enough of this negativity towards Suzy, I agreed with @Becks and @Kang Yeo Wool, I’m sure she also work as hard as she can to be at the place she is right now, she is still growing in the entertainment industry so give the girl a chance. Lets not be too judging or comparing. Let’s be humble like uri Emperor Lee Seung Gi…

  12. JustLove says:

    First congrats to SeungGi #1 and Suzy #3 for appearing in the chart! Proud momma here. Second, to all SeungZy shippers, let’s avoid attaching names to LSG when visiting this blog. The title says it all, this blog is solely for him. Lets respect that and always take note every fan has their pairing of choice. And some wants their idol single. This also applies to one hallyu suzy thread, some suzy fans want suzy with other artists. And fanboys usually like her single. If you want to spazz let us go over to soompi where people are more harmonious on this topic. I hope you understand. Yes i also ship LSG with Suzy.

  13. poop says:

    A valuable lesson that I learned is that when a post reaches 20+ comments, that means people are fighting over something (small).lol. I click it anyway.
    GFB is successful because of not only Suzy and Seunggi, but the rest of the cast and crew as well. All of em , esp Seunggi and Suzy, worked their butts off so the credit should go to everyone.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Tryp can I raise my hand and make a suggestion? We all know that this is strictly fan blog of Lee Seung Gi. But it doesn’t mean the owner (Tryp) doesn’t welcome fans of the other artists specially if they’re showing love for Seung Gi too. But we can’t avoid articles that links or attached Seung Gi to other artist. The problem starts there. Discussions over discussions,one thing led to another,things and that,and the last person to suffer is Tryp because too much load of comments after comments can cause the site to slow down. This lead to my suggestion. If ever there’s an article that involves not only Seung Gi maybe you can limit your comment box up to 10 comments and then it will automatically shut off. In that case we can avoid misunderstanding and too much blabbering. I know how hard for Tryp to put up to everyone,explain hersef and explain the situation. It isn’t easy for her and we can’t blame Seung Gi or any fan to defend their Idols,that’s what fans do. (But sometimes we exaggerate)
    As Seung Gi’s fan I deeply apologize if we disapproved “sometimes” to others,but you must understand disapproval doesn’t mean hate. We don’t hate,we just don’t approve. Hate is a big word (except for a “very few” chosen people). And to Tryp again and again sorry if we were not that respectful of you. We are greatful always. Thanks a lot

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