Gu Family Book OST Album to be released

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I think this is the regular edition, and it will be released on June 24. I’ve read that many Korean fans are boycotting the OST albums (and personally, I’m not planning to buy this one either), but I’m posting the info here just in case someone is still interested. It IS a lot cheaper than the special edition.

This edition includes an additional CD of score instrumentals and a DVD with five music videos and a making-of edit of Suzy’s “Don’t Forget Me.”

However, it does NOT include the piano version of SeungGi’s The Last Words, or the music video of SeungGi’s song.

For the international fans who are interested, you can purchase the album on either Gmarket (₩23,000 + shipping, release date June 27) or YesAsia (US$33.99 + shipping, release date June 26).

source: yesasia, gmarket

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49 Responses to Gu Family Book OST Album to be released

  1. Jennifer says:

    I would love to buy the special edition album with Kang Chi’s bracelet N special Lee Seug Gi video! Previously released version didn’t have Sung Gi vid. 😦

  2. Airyn says:

    Sorry, Tryp, totally clueless…but why are the K fans boycotting?

    • tryp96 says:

      The Korean fans agree that the OST album has been tainted.

      • Airyn says:

        Aaaaah! Okay, I get it now. 😉 Thanks.

      • Anonymous says:

        I checked this OST and like the others I looked for Seung Gi’s BTS! The heck it hasn’t any! The fact he composed the song HIMSELF! HIMSELF! No other but himself unlike the other who just made another version of a song! I wouldn’t buy it either!

      • I did some research on Korean netizens’ reception of “the tainted song” and actually, it has been very well received to the point where many prominent Korean newspapers mentioned it as receiving “a lot of attention” from viewers because it is a song that expresses Wolryung’s love towards Seowha. I checked the rankings of this song tonight on some of the most prominent charts at is currently ranked number #2 on Mnet, #9 on Naver music, #9 on Melon, one of the most popular online mp3 sites, and #9 on Soribada, another popular online mp3 site. Many of the listeners on these sites rated the song a 4.5/5, and a 9.1/10 just to give you an idea of how netizens are feeling. He also received positive reviews from listeners.
        Anyway, I don’t want to go on about this person, because my heart belongs to Lee SeungGi, and his voice outshines any other male lead in The Gu Family Book. Lee SeungGi, we love you and support you all the way! Hook entertainment needs to get its head on straight and realize what a mistake they’re making by not releasing the piano version or MV of SeungGi’s OST. I think one of the main reasons is money. They want to promote the more expensive collector’s edition which already contains the MV and perhaps keep us waiting for his next album release. Sigh.

        • I have a feeling Hook may release a separate mini album with SeungGi’s “making of” his OST release, both editions of “The Last Words”, and pictures of him, very similar to the photo essay album version they released of “Forest”, which I purchased over the more reasonably priced CD. I shelled out 33,000 Won to see the pictures that SeungGi actually took himself with the camera that he received as a gift from his younger sister, and even though it cost more than twice the price of the regular version, I felt that it was well worth every Korean Won. I felt that much closer to SeungGi looking at his pictures and reading his comments about each picture.
          Unfortunately, the music industry is all about business, so I’m sure they didn’t mean to slight Seunggi, but because he’s such a talented star, I’m sure they have a nice surprise in store for all of us in the coming year. Let’s all try to think positively. Fighting everyone!

        • Sorry everyone! Someone in Korea needs to go to bed now..It’s almost 3 am…Just to make everything clear, SeungGi’s MV of his OST “The Last Words” is NOT on any of The Gu Family Book OST releases, whether it’s the premium 66,000 Won version, or the 23,000 Won version. Sorry about the confusion. Although I can’t hide the fact that I am disappointed about this. Marketing is such a business filled with greed. The music industry knows that’s what SeungGi’s fans want, but they’re probably going to make us pay for it….at a later date. Argggghhhh!!!!

        • ISorry everyone! just left a reply at the bottom clarifying that neither OST release has SeungGi’s OST MV included. Sorry for the confusion! I think I should go to sleep now and leave the rest of my papers to grade for tomorrow afternoon.

        • Acckk! I wish there was a delete or edit feature here. Everytime I post something to correct my fuzzyheaded slipup about SeungGi’s MV, it gets pushed down to the bottom of my last post. I am aware that there is no SeungGi MV in his OST’s and it’s driving me nuts!

        • AnnMichelle says:

          I have to say I am very upset by this comment from you, jerseygirl0420. Trust me, I have ears too. I can tell what is a good song and what is not. Since you wrote ‘tainted’ to describe the song, you obviously know the history of that actor and how a lot of Seung Gi fans feel about him. Why all the elaborate (but futile) promotion spiels here? And the accusation about Hook, is it fact or fiction? And I thought you were a kind and generous Seung Gi supporter…

          • I don’t think this is a fair accusation, AnnMichelle. I live in this country called Korea so I would know what exactly is in the news. I watch the news every morning and evening and also read articles online to keep up to date with what’s going on in this country. One of the most talked about topics besides politics and the weather is the entertainment industry. All I’m doing is conveying what I have heard in the Korean news and what is fact on the music charts here in SeungGi’s home country and my native country as well. Who ever said I was promoting anyone? I only said “tainted” to repeat the words of so many other SeungGi fans on this forum. Why all this sudden brandishing of swords and daggers at an innocent person who is just trying to answer someone’s question on the forum wondering how Korean netizens think about another costar’s OST release? Jeez. That’s a bit over the top and dramatic isn’t it? That’s really unnecessary, and honestly, I didn’t think you were that petty. Please be more like SeungGi and think BIG. Just because I am a SeungGi fan does not make me an anti against anyone. I do not harbor hatred in my heart for anyone because that breeds misunderstanding which only comes back to bite you in the you know where.
            Let’s calm down and stop taking things personally. I am a SeungGi fan to the core and yes, I also do have ears. If you really want to know how good my ears are, I have a music degree from the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I graduated with honors in piano and flute. However, I do not necessarily think we need to crucify another star in order to promote SeungGi. He outshines anyone without anyone’s help. As for my comments about Hook Entertainment, as a Korean who has lived in Korea and worked with native Koreans in businesses and schools, I know their mindset. It’s all about business, even running a simple academy like the one I work at. If we lose one student, the teachers get blamed for it. We are constantly reminded about our worth and whether or not we’re working up to the numbers on our paychecks every month. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of society I live in and it’s VERY DIFFERENT from other countries. So for God’s sake, please stop all this hating. It’ll only hurt you. I as well am very disappointed to learn that you were this kind of person. And yes, I am a “kind hearted SeungGi fan who loves helping others.” Why else would I sacrifice my time when no one else bothers to translate clips for our dear tryp? Have you ever seen me attack or berate someone like you just did? I am appalled beyond words. Does anyone else have something to add to this accusation that was just hurled at me?

            • passerby :) says:

              Just for clarification purposes, I’m not an avid fan of either Seung Gi or Choi Jin Hyuk although Seung Gi is quite likable 🙂 In fact, I started coming here to check out news for the drama but this is by far one of the most neutral comments I’ve seen regarding the situation so far. Regardless of the actions taken by Choi Jin Hyuk and his management company regarding the drama, I personally think that they wrote his character really well and that his part in the drama was extremely essential. The song, while not as well-sung as the original, does portray the melancholy that surrounds Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa’s relationship. While all the hate towards CJH is understandable (I acted this way once many years ago), it is definitely more civil and generous to not pile on the hatred towards him.Thank you for this comment and I’m truly sorry that your comment had to be misunderstood as something else.

              • Dear Passerby,

                I truly appreciate your unbiased view and show of support. I truly do not understand why people feel the need to hate. It is such an unpleasant feeling. I’m sure that Lee SeungGi is an open minded person, thus his world wide popularity and charm. Imagine if he had the narrow mindedness of some people who choose to hate certain people. Would he be as well liked as he currently is now? I certinaly don’t think so. An unbiased mind is an open mind. I believe Lee SeungGi is the epitome of this very example and that is why he is so likeable and able to maintain his composure and professionalism at all times. I have never seen him attack other stars during award shows in Korea even though he may personally disapprove of them. He keeps his cool and never makes assumptions or accusations in public. Because of these qualities, I fell in love with SeungGi and strive to be more like him in everything that I do. I have never seen him hate or show disgust towards another individual. That’s why he has so many fans and people see him as the perfect role model. I’m sorry to see that some of his fans can’t seem to get this important point. If you admire someone, you strive to be like them. You don’t attack others in public by putting words in their mouth that you came up with through your illogical assumptions. All I did was state the facts and statistics about SeungGi’s costar and how his OST was faring on Korea’s music charts because someone on this forum asked. Since no one answered or was too afraid to tread those waters, I wanted to help out and answer their question. That’s all. Any of the stats I listed can easily be researched by visiting the very sites I mentioned in my post.

                • passerby :) says:

                  You’re welcome! :)To be honest, I do understand their stance in defending his honor. However, I also understand that an unbiased and open mind takes effort, heck, I’ve only recently become as such 🙂 Although he isn’t my favourite entertainer (I’m a Brian Joo fan :P), I do really admire his personality and I have been studying his traits and whatnots (psychology student habits -.-). As such, I really do feel sorry that your intention was misunderstood although you’re coming from a stance of being helpful. Just wanted to show you that you’re not alone in being open-minded! (although I’m sure there are other people who just don’t comment) Do have a nice day!

                  • passerby :) says:

                    he as in Seung Gi himself*

                    • Thank you Passerby! Actually, it’s a funny coincidence how we both majored in psychology. I am in Korea working two jobs actually, I mentioned how I graduated from the Peabody Conservatory of Music, but I didn’t mention that I also majored in psychology and pre-medical studies at its partner school, Johns Hopkins. I figured that working with Korean students would give me a different perspective and I ended up going to med school in Philadelphia and graduating from residency in child psychiatry. I am currently working shifts at a local hospital during the weekends and early mornings when I’m not working with my students at the academy I teach at. Working with so many different types of people in totally different settings has changed my view of the world and helped me to become a more open minded person. Before then, I also had the tendency to hate but learned through internship and residency that hate is the most destructive human force in existence. It took me a while, but I’ve grown as a person and have reaped many benefits from talking to patients and students from all walks of life. Without them, I would still be the closed minded person that I was before training. I wish you a nice day as well! Take care!

        • notanti says:

          I’m not very curious usually but I was surprised that song could rank so high on mnet. I looked on mnet and it looks like the song is no. 15 now?

          • Hi Notanti,

            I was also very surprised to see that the song ranked that high on mnet last night as well as the other sites I checked out. It certainly doesn’t come close to any sort of comparison to SeungGi’s awesome voice. Korean billboard charts are fickle and rankings change very rapidly from day to day. I’m actuallly relieved to hear that it is now no.15, I honestly didn’t feel that it deserved to be in the top ten. I’ve heard voice students from my days as a student at Peabody sing better than that person. I just wanted to clear the air and let everyone know that the only reason why I listed the rankings in the first place was because someone on this forum asked a question wondering how this song was received by Korean netizens in Korea. Since I live here and no one else answered, I thought she deserved an answer. I knew I would risk having negative comments, but I’m not afraid of what other people think about me. I’m secure about who I am and don’t need others’ approval in order to maintain my self esteem. It’s just a pity that people felt the need to be so negative about such a trivial matter.

      • Ivoire says:

        Hello tryp96, tainted how, or by what?

  3. Osi says:

    No piano version of “The Last Words”? No making-of Seung Gi’s song? There are 5 MVs, and NO MV of Seung Gi’s song? Seung Gi is the main lead and the story is about Kang Chi. *loss words*

  4. I’m not really interested in buying the OST CD. I just hope SGi’s song (both versions) will be included in his next album.

  5. Erika says:

    I’m not buying this either. I’ve ordered the special edition from YesAsia and it’s been shipped. I’m happy that the tainted track is not in the one I bought! I ordered just because of SeungGi’s The Last Word and Kang Chi’s bracelet. 🙂

    Tryp, thank you soooo veeery much. Take care and God bless you always.

  6. Jennifer says:

    OMG such thing happened? I am so disgusted by the incident! Who released this album anyway n with what intention?!n (Roll eyes big time!) oh well, I ain’t going anywhere near this album then. Will wait for an album with both versions of Seung Gi’s song. Seung Gi FIGHTING!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes! Agree. I will do the same:)

  8. crazyahjummafan says:

    I read somewhere that all the GFB’s OST’s had an all-kill when released. This was before CJH’s ost. Does anyone know how it fared? I’m just curious, cos I want to know how the Koreans reacted to his OST, since it was so shamelessly done.

    • Dear Crazyahjummafan,

      As you may have already read, I posted about that person’s OST ratings on Korea’s billboard charts since I live in Korea yesterday under The Gu Family Book OST release and it caused quite a stir. I expected to get some negative reactions just by mentioning the topic, but I never imagined it would turn out as ugly as it did. I was merely trying to answer your question after reading it here. You’re welcome to read all the comments about it under that thread.

  9. yon says:

    Do the korean fans knew the exact reason for MBC not to include SGi MV in the album… or there was disagreement between Hook & MBC? or Hook doesn’t want to participate in this? or was it other agencies putting pressure on MBC to include their artistes’ songs/mv? It sounds really ridiculous not to add in the main lead mv in the OST… i can only say that there must be a reason why it was not included..

    I wish there is a way to protest, e-mail?

    • The best way to protest would be to contact Lee Seunggi’s webmaster through his official website with Hook entertainment: You have to join first, (that’s free) but they don’t let you post on any of the “to SeungGi” sites unless you pay a fee of 35,000 Korean Won, which is about $42 US dollars. You also have to submit a copy of your passport or (Alien Registration Card if living in Korea) to the webmaster at the following address:

      I just scanned a copy of my ARC card since I live in Korea and got approved a day later. That’s how I got the webmaster’s address.

      If you’re an Airen, then I think you will carry even more weight since they depend on the support of Airens for SeungGi’s success. Hope this helps!

      • Ibonita says:

        Jerseygirl420, I have to say that you are an erudite, intelligent and well versed Lee Seung Gi fan I’ve seen so far. I admire your dedication as you seek an educational experience that heighten your personal attributes and enhances your personality traits. I am sure that you’ve become a tremendous aid and blessing to those around you. Kudos to you!!!!
        I have a question, why is it that Mr. Lee Seung Gi’s official website asks for a copy of my ID or passport? I don’t understand the logic behind that…..could you please go into detail about it? Thanks so much.
        Keep up with the awesome work you are doing…..

        • Hi Ibonita,

          That’s a good question. I was suspicious about that at first too because I felt it was an invasion of my privacy. However, I believe it’s related to security reasons. Since it’s his official website, I think Hook entertainment wants to make sure people who sign up for his fan club aren’t bad apples. LOL. I can’t think of any other rational reason why they would want copies of my passport or ARC card. It’s the only way they can do a background check or keep your info on file as a member just in case…. who knows? Sorry I couldn’t answer your question more thoroughly. Thanks again for your encouragement and words of support. It means a lot to me.

  10. changjel says:

    the best drama with seunggi as the lead n they don’t put in complete seunggi’s self composed songs? ridiculous. both versions are important. there’s suzy’s bts there has to be seunggi’s too. it’s kangchi’s story fgs~
    not buying this one since I already bought the special edition.. at least there’s kangchi’s bracelet ~

  11. Just like the picture of the 2nd less expensive OST that tryp96 kindly posted on the blog, here’s the song list:

    CD 1:

    1. My Eden – Yisabel
    2. Love Hurts – Lee Sang Gon (of NOEL)
    3. Spring Rain – (Baek Ji Young)
    4. Best Wishes to You – The One
    5. Don’t Forget Me – Suzy Bae (of Miss A)
    6. The Last Words – Lee SeungGi
    7. Only You – 4Men
    8. Will You Be My Love Rain? – Shin Jae
    9. Love is Blowing – Lee Ji Young (Big Mama)
    10. Spring Rain (Acoustic Version) – Baek Ji Young
    11. The Paradise Within Me – Yisabel
    12. Best Wishes to You – Choi Jin Hyuk
    13. The Gu Family Book – V.A.

    CD 2:

    1. The Door to Heaven
    2. Bijo
    3. The Life and Myth
    4. The Land of IDEA
    5. Beads (referring to Kangchi’s Red Agate bracelet)
    6. About Death
    7. She Was Pretty
    8. The Death Road March
    9. Angry Fox
    10. Moonlight Garden
    11. Half Human-Half Beast
    12. Root of Evil
    13. The Rough Breath
    14. Sympathy
    15. Kill That Beowulf
    16. The Mythical Creature’s Explosion
    17. Root of Evil (Piano Version)
    18. Before the Storm
    19. Dance with a Fox
    20. Fill Sorrow
    21. Red Sun
    22. Eagle Fly Free
    23. Libera Me (Free Me)
    24. Tears of Flower
    25. 회란초 (Sorry everyone, I’ve never heard of this word before) The first word means a meeting and the last word means at the top. Maybe this is the music that accompanies the important meetings between the four key characters – Gon, Gondal, Yi Soon Shin, and Chun Soo Ryun from Choonhwagan.
    26. The Death Road March (piano and scat story)
    27. The Gu Family Book Story (piano by Yoon Han)
    28. Joking around (it started from – probably referring to Kangchi and Yeowool’s relationship)
    29. A short fate
    30. The song of tears
    31. Chi Hon Joo (the intoxicating liquor that Wolsun makes Kangchi drink)
    32. Evil Eyes

    DVD Music Video:
    1. Love Hurts – Lee Sang Gon (NOEL)
    2. Spring Rain – Baek Ji Young
    3. Best Wishes to You – The One
    4. Don’t Forget Me – Suzy
    5. Only You – 4Men
    6. The Making of “Don’t Forget Me” – Suzy Bae

    DVD captions are in Korean only.

    Hope this helps everyone make a wise decision with their purchase!

  12. gildatan123 says:

    Hello Jerseygirl420.. i am also an Airen from Philippines.. any stuff that related to Lee seung gi we really wanted to purchase including his album…You know what just now that i encounter such a witty girl like you and i admired you so much.. i wont say anything about the topic that you’re discussing now. i just want to express my wholeheartedly admiring you…Your words and everything that you have said about our king seungi…Really.really nice to know that there’s some one who really wanted to share about our king and i enjoying reading your comments…Sorry dear that my english is not good enough to understand maybe? but i salute you….thanks very much……

    • Dear Gildatan123,

      Thank you for your warm comments. I can understand you completely. I appreciate your support and felt very shocked and disappointed when I was accused by someone on this forum when my intention was to provide information direct from Seunggi’s home country (and mine) of Korea. For a moment, I lost motivation to participate anymore in this forum because I didn’t feel the need to be around people who were rude and disrespectful. Not to mention ungrateful. However, due to people like you, I have been cheered on to continue following posts on this forum. I love Lee SeungGi with all my heart and my wish to share everything about him from the news I hear in Korea will not be stopped by someone’s misinformed accusations. Thanks again for your genuine support. I am very touched.

      • gildatan123 says:

        Dear jerseygirl0420,

        Just don’t let others put you down. Crab mentality really sucks, but it is a disease we see and feel everyday.

        You really make us (AirenPH) happy every time you make us know fresh news about our Seung Gi.

        Just don’t give up, for every time you support Lee Seung Gi, you make many smile.

        More Power!

        • Thanks Gildatan123,

          Eleanor Roosevelt once said,”Never let anyone make you feel inferior without your consent.” That’s a motto I follow and no one can make me feel bad about who I am unless I let them. Trust me, that will not happen as I’ve experienced all kinds of people in my life and learned that the only person I can control is myself. Negativity just shows someone’s character and it’s something to think about before posting something anywhere, whether it is on tryp96’s blog or some other fansite. Others get to see what kind of person you are, and it’s not very flattering to the person doing so, is it?

          Take care!

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