Japanese Magazine ‘Korean Fun’ Photos – Lee Seung Gi

韓Fun, Vol #106

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

credit: momo_bear

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12 Responses to Japanese Magazine ‘Korean Fun’ Photos – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    back to 2009, Sun Woo Hwan hair style love it …….

  2. Noga says:

    hi tryp unni, it has been awhile since i post a comment here,
    how have you been ? wish you good health and happiness
    thanx for all your hard work here, specially posts, you really are the best.
    i think that interview was when Oppa at “The Brilliant show” in japan 29/3, right?
    i would like to ask is their a possibility to translate it?
    thanx in advance,and keep up the good work.

  3. mochi says:

    Hi, I’m posting from Japan. I introduce a topic in the interview.
    He talked about his belongs as follows:
    His cell phone’ standby screen is a picture of his handmade cake decorated with whipped cream and strawberry.
    He have eye drops with him because he has been “dye eye” since 3 years ago.
    Sorry for my short notice….

    • tryp96 says:

      Mochi, thank you for the translation! 😀

    • AIreN says:

      may i know what ‘dye eye’ means? i google it, but the results were not satisfying. could you explain, please? 🙂

      • mochi says:

        Sorry, I mistyped…
        He has been “dry eye” since 3 years ago.

        • Noga says:

          thank you Mochi a lot for the translation ^_^
          could tell us what did he say else beside that, please^^

          • mochi says:

            Hi Noga,
            I found the conversation as follows:
            The interviewer asked “Is standby screen a picture of your handmade cake? Did you make a cake?”
            LSG said “Yes I did. I felt fantastic the color contrast of the white whipped cream and red strawberry in my handmade cake. ”
            The rest of the article are his profile, biography and so on. I’m sure LSG fans have already known them.

        • AIreN says:

          thank you, mochi! i appreciate u answer it 🙂 thanks for the translation too :))

  4. judepps says:

    yay! Sun Woo Hwan! yes you.. and you are being accused of stealing my heart!!! how could i ever forget our first meeting in BL 5 years ago??? you capture my heart and made me go ga gaga at you until now.. >.<

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