GFB KangDam Couple Lee Seung Gi – Suzy ‘Love Scenes Best 5’


♥ Best Love Scene NO.1 – First meeting under ‘peach blossom tree with a crescent moon’!

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♥ Best Love Scene NO.2 – ‘Blossom transformation’ magic proposal!

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♥ Best Love Scene NO.3 – First kiss scene tinged with sadness!

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♥ Best Love Scene NO.4 – Adorable smacking ‘chick kiss!’

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♥ Best Love Scene NO.5 – First bed-sharing scene!

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source: sportschosun via nate, imbc
English translation:

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21 Responses to GFB KangDam Couple Lee Seung Gi – Suzy ‘Love Scenes Best 5’

  1. Anonymous says:

    seungi rly have something for suzy! He said look for our chemistry a lot and he said his favourite scene was the kiss and the backhug scene with yeo wool! I really want them to be together for real.

    • yani says:

      when actors acting really good in the drama, we can’t help to think that their romance is for real and wish them to be a couple in the real life too. There are so many different shippers in here, SeungGi-HyoJoo, SeungGi-MinAh, SeungGi-JiWon, and now SeungGi-Suzy. In other words, SeungGi and all his leading actress partner success in convience us that their scene romance is real with their daebak acting skill.

    • Anonymous says:

      When did he say the kiss and the back hug was his favorite! Oh my god… What did I miss? I thought he said he was most nervous during the back hug and the kiss!!!…
      But I felt that they liked each other from watching bts and other tv shows. He said his first impression of her was that she was pretty and he said that quickly with no hesitation. From Bts it looks like they care for each other and kinda like each other. I hope they have a happy ending in this drama! (And maybe in real life? Am I asking for too much?) I hope this drama is a success and that there will be a happy ending! Lee seung gi fighting! Bae Suzy fighting! Gu family book Fighting! (But still I hope they end up together in real life. I hope he ends up with a nice girl! ‘Like suzy’ And Suzy’s mom really like seung gi! Gosh this is my biggest wish ever!) everyone Fighting!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    he also said the secret to the popularity of the drama is the chemistry between kangchi an yeo wool! hIS FIRST IMPRESSION ON SUZY WAS SOOO GOOOD AS HE SAID ON SECTION TV

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes I know I watched and he said it with no hesitation too! He said it a right after she asked him.! I felt so happy when I watched it! DAEBAEK!

  3. LSG4ever says:

    I love all the characters that SeungGi oppa acted. And all his love interests in the dramas. Before Gu Family Book, i love JaeHa and HangAh the most. But our Healing Couple tops them all right now for me, regardless of GFB’s ending. I avoid shipping him with any actress in real life though. However if he dates one of his leading ladies, I will support him all the way and I will probably die from spazzing hahaha! And whoever that is, she’ll be the luckiest and most blessed woman in the world.

  4. crazyahjummafan says:

    What happened to the back hug?

  5. Dana says:

    Seunggi is not KangChi, Suzy is not YeoWool. drama is drama, life is life! The only real thing is Seunggi is a good actor!

    • scbound says:

      Finally a comment that is not created out of fantasy, LOL Seung Gi is a great actor, and even with that the only chemistry I feel is that of a big brother. I dont get a romantic vibe from these two at all, On or off screen. Glad to see someone else sees reality.
      This hoping for real life is annoying and NOT happening, And with this comment I can probably set the record for most thumbs down, but I am ok with that.

      • Betinha says:

        “This hoping for real life is annoying and NOT happening”
        I don’t think it’s just fantasy. In fact, they make a lovely couple because they have several things in common. Feelings are things that you can’t control, so I would not be surprised if someone publish something about them dating. I noticed they have a good friendship and care for each other. Friendship, in my opinion, is the first step to something else, so why not?
        I just hope they can remain good friends, but if one day, they friendship lead to something else, I’d be happy too.
        What I mean is, we can not say something with such conviction when it comes to feelings. I know it sounds a bit corny, but it’s my way of thinking.
        Ps: Sorry for my english.^^

        • Dana says:

          They may have some feeling of each other. But that is based on their acting for this drama. It’s professional to show the “real love” in the drama. But in real world, there are more things to consider, especially for such two popular stars. And after the drama, without seeing each other everyday, their love feeling will decrease after a while. Sorry to be so realistic and unemotional, but I trust Seunggi’s profession. Of course, if he really want to date someone, anyone, I will respect his choice and give all my best wishes to them.

          • Betinha says:

            I also agree with you. I just don’t think it’s right to say with such certainty that they could never have some feeling for each other, as if they were robots.
            Ps:Sorry for my bad english. I’m Brazilian, so I have some difficulty in writing in English.^^

      • That is not for me because i really felt the vibe between them

  6. Aiyzee says:

    I don’t wanna cry but I’ll really miss them.. So love KangDam/Healing couple the most.. T^T

  7. Miss Shahida says:

    I hope that Seung Gi and Suzy will work another drama after this…very lovely couple…maybe genre modern drama???hope so…by the way, very sad because they finished shooting yesterday…will miss them after Gu Family Book is over….T_T

  8. Diana Rose says:

    i love both of them ❤

  9. Suzy & lee seung they are the best couple in korean for me the are adorbs their love in the film they acted is so magical she is so beautiful & cool anyways they are amazing together

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