13.06.25 Gu Family Book Ep 24 (Final) Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 9 clips so far + full episode in HD*

YeoWool shot instead of KangChi

YeoWool’s last dinner

YeoWool dies in KangChi’s arms after final kiss

422 years later…

KangChi & EokMan

KangChi & MBC


source: mbcdrama, bestiz

Full episode:

credit: rhtl02

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130 Responses to 13.06.25 Gu Family Book Ep 24 (Final) Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the ending. It makes me smile non-stop…

  2. Anonymous says:

    sad ending 😦

  3. Anonymous says:

    the best ending ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mel says:

    442? year old Kangchi was hot as ever. not sure how I feel about the ending otherwise. 😀

    • scbound says:

      Ha Ha, yes I feel the same, giving it some thought, although he seemed to have done well for himself and was happy. The time jump was so unexpected, but as nice as the old characters re appearance was, I would have rather done without. Just seeing him thriving years later was good enough for me. and honestly having him meet the girl at the end was sorta cliche… but I am sure the YW fans are happy.

      • mel says:

        I’m not sure they are. I know the shippers aren’t. 😀 I’m glad Kangchi was able to have his own life outside of YW and was able to live for those 400 years before he got to meet her again. I was worried he’d be like his father and give up on life, but I’m glad he wasn’t.

        • geese says:

          the ending was actually perfect i mean it wasn’t the typical ending you expected and it made the drama very different from the ones they always do…
          really dying in the drama doesn’t mean your a less character…
          it just made her character really awesome…
          i was really hoping she will and she did a great job with that character..

        • scbound says:

          I agree, I did not want his whole existence to be dependent on a girl, KC was so much more than that. The thought that he could only live or be anything if she was by his side was a sore spot for me. Even if I am not in love with them meeting again, I do think it was a better ending than if they had just lived happily ever after, this made a bit more sense since he will always live on.

  5. scbound says:

    Jumping to present Time confirmed my thoughts that Seung Gi needs to do a James Bond Type Drama he is so Suave and handsome and really fits this type of role, hope to see him do more mature roles again, but Kang Chi, you won my heart. SG is no 1 in my book.

    • geese says:

      me too now i want to see him in movie that made me think that he can have a role as villain…

      • geese says:

        so you dont wanna see Seung gi as villain, remember what he said he wants to do some villain character that will make him really a versatile actor…

        • scbound says:

          lol, I didnt do thumbs down, but I do not think villian is the type of character, I would like to see maybe a bad boy good guy…. if you can understand what I mean. oh and he must be a ladies man too.

          • geese says:

            don’t worry i didn’t take that against anyone i was just curious for the reason….he he he eh he….i’ll miss Kang Chi and the whole gang….he he he he…

  6. Lulu Ibrahim says:

    okay first of all ! i can’t believe this is it i want mooooooooore :'(((( ! although this episode was awesome and i really appreciate the wirter’s efforts i mean this idea was awesome i was literally screaming at my laptop’s screen when 2013 started but…i just wished that Yeo Wol wouldn’t die ! i cried so much and i really wanted to see them getting married having kids and Master Dam being there happily seeing his daughter getting married but then you can’t get everything you want ! but to do now i want a second part ! i want it to have his journey of now finding the gu family book now that he found her again and how he will try to remind her or make her fall in love again….all that ! i just don’t want it to be over like that “rooftop prince ending” but overall i just adore thid drama i’ll miss it so much i am sure i’ll just keep re watching it like 1000 times again just like k2h (watched it 15 times ^^) ! i also think Kang Chi looks really hot in modern looks *faints* and although i wasn’t really fond of Chung Jo’s character but i appreciate that she was the one who killed JGW really i appreciate it so much ! i wished they would bring more on what happened to the characters in the past like how they died or what happened after to Tae Seo , Cheong Jo , and did they take the inn back and Gon weather he lived alone or fell in love again etc ! gu family book staff thank you so much you were so amazing please stay healthy and FIGHTING ! Lee Seung Gi oppa too FIGHTING ❤

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s so much premise for Part 2!! So many stories waiting to be told. And I want to see modern Kangchi! Totally HOT.

      • Lulu Ibrahim says:

        yah tell me about it he looks amazingly hot omg i would cry of happiness if they decided on a second part

      • geese says:

        okay i agree i actually wanna see what happens in between those years….can we stay with the modern Kang Chi if they rewind the journey part….he he he he he…

    • Lulu Ibrahim says:

      just wanted to add….i couldnt …watch the final scene beacuase it was laggy buy OMG Gon with his real name and Lee Soon Shin 😀 OMG I REALLY DO NEED A SECOND PART NOW !!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    NO WONDER he had that hair cut. And the tweets re timing of filming plus the speedy haircut all made sense now!

    I have not watch the episode yet, but the spoiler pics made me realised how much I miss the “modern” him! Love the new hair.. really hot and cute at the same time!! ♥

  8. Like the ending,it was like awaited for me. Not too dramatic .At least Kang Chi goes and our Seung Gi comes back.He even let played maroon5 in his car 😀
    But what im really curious about,not only for this drama also for all mystical creatures,like vampires,gumihos…how did they gain all this money?! They all live always in luxury !^^

    • snowflakes says:

      Haha I know! When the camera pans to 2013 Seoul and to him, I was like, “Seunggi-ya! You’re back!” LOL. Can’t help it. As much as I like Kang-chi, I miss Seunggi more. Haha.

      Vampires can compel people to do what they want (at least they are shown to be, from TV shows). Maybe gumihos have the same ability, or they just have a lot of experience over the years that they somehow can predict the future and the stock prices. Or maybe it’s just an excuse for writers to show us hot supernatural creatures. Can’t look too shabby, you know. Haha.

    • Anonymous says:

      actually when they showed it was 2013 already,the first thing that came to mind is. Oh did Kang Chi met Mi Ho like in 2010?! haha And I was like I wonder what part of Seoul Kang Chi is living now,I’m guessing he’s out there or maybe he is Seung Gi no wonder Seung Gi is so perfect! lol

  9. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like the ending. Reincarnation of YW is not the same as the old YW. At least Seung gi looked suave and hot in modern times.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well Kang Chi is the same person while Yeo Wol may be reincarnated with the same face and name but the era is different now. And how you can say she’s not the same when all she did was asked him if he knows her.

      • Anonymous says:

        she’s dead, no way she can be the same YW. All they share is the same face and same name. If writer had given us, just one scene where she at least had the memories of the old YW, i would’ve accepted the ending. i’ll treat the ending as something that’s not in this drama since seung gi is looking hot in there.

        • Yon says:

          When a person reincarnated, their past memories are usually deleted away so there is no way the writer can make her remember herself as the old YW, that would have be unrealistic.

          But at least her name is the same, and she will feels that Kang Chi and herself have something that others do not know in the present life when he is able to call out her name.. Maybe she may not know the relationship she has in the past with KC, but it will be her destiny to fall in love with this Kang Chi she met now…

  10. kris says:

    is there any video for the reincarnation?

  11. geese says:

    and to Suzy she is really going to be a good actress…good thing she join this drama..
    that made me wish to see them together in a movie i mean the bad ass type with comedy as main focus….like their future…their chemistry is good…i was afraid Yeo wool wouldn’t match LSG but they did pull it…

    LSG please do a movie and drama in different roles…i’m always looking on how are you gonna play every role…He’s really awesome with his age and experience whoa… that made me curious on other character he will play…..but since he’s having concert i’ll wait patiently till he decide on which screen the big one (movie) or small screen (drama) will he appear again…..

    LSG do more roles please…a movie perhaps….he he he he…there’s no harm in wishing…you’ll never know if it will come through…

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think its pretty much a good ending. Not really the way we expected but I think the drama is really for tragedy, I think the writers are really aiming for the melo part on the last part. And I think the reincarnation part LOL is just an addition to the ending for fans esp kangdam shipper to be you know uhmmm? satisfied? Well I really don’t love the ending but I pretty much like it. YW-KC still proves their love especially kang chi. And Lee Seunggi is hot!!!!! well suzy too is really pretty past or present 😀

  13. Anonymous says:

    part 2 :)))))))))))))))))))

  14. summerlamb says:

    Wowee, that was such a bitter-suhweet, ending, tears were shed, but fast forward 122 years later, was like a very cool end, however as it played out, I was reminded of ‘the highlander’,…..go figure!, anyways, was a great drama overall, and, I came away from this drama a LSG fan:D

  15. Anonymous says:

    Tryp, full ep has been blocked already. Would you please reupload? Thank you.

  16. Anonymous says:

    it would be perfect if we do a part 2 in the modern time continueing from the end

  17. I’m still not sure about how I feel about the ending because I didn’t want Yeo Wool to die, and the fast forward to 2013 was a radical twist that felt a bit out of place (the caption read “422 years later”) but I think SeungGi really pulled out all the stops with the fanservice with his modern Kangchi. I know he doesn’t like baring his chest or showing skin, but he remained as professional as ever to carry out the role. I can see that Suzy dyed her hair in 2013 and I noticed this in the press conference pics posted by tryp96. It was funny to see how all the same characters from the past were reincarnated into people with similar occupations. Ma Bong Chul was still involved in a gang; Gon, Yi Soon Shin, and Yeo Wool working for the protection of the country as security agents. Gon’s name badge as he introduced himself to SeungGi at the end used his real name, Sung Joon.

    I think one of the most touching scenes was when Master Dam asks Kang Chi to take care of Yeo Wool when she looks unwell at the dinner table. Yeo Wool asks Kang Chi if she can make her second wish. She says she wants to take a walk with him, alone. He says,”At this time of night?” She asks him by the river,”I’m curious about something. Why are you afraid of giant spiders?” He says,”That’s because they have so many feet.” She says,”Really, Is that why they’re scary?” and he says,”Mmmmm…Why? Is that not allowed?” and she says,”No, it’s allowed.” He says to her,”I also have something I’m curious about,”Do you remember when I told you that I would make you my bride?”(when they were young and she found out he was afraid of spiders). If I were to say the same thing now, how would you reply?” Yeowool says,”Since when did you remember?” Kang Chi says,”From the moment I knew you were Dam Yeo Wool.” Yeo Wool asks,”But why didn’t you say anything?” Kang Chi replies,”Because you already started meaning something to me.”

    He proposed to her by the river, very similar to the way his father did when Suzy kept thinking of reasons why she wouldn’t be a suitable bride for him.

    Kang Chi asks her,”So, what I’m meaning to say is, will you marry me?”
    Yeo Wool says,”I don’t make rice very well.”
    Kang Chi,”Will you marry me?”
    Yeo Wool,”My needlework is a mess.”
    Kang Chi,”Will you marry me?”
    Yeo Wool holds his face in her hands and tells him not to cry and says that she doesn’t want to be a sad memory but rather a happy one for him. She also doesn’t want to be tears, but laughter for him.
    Yeo Wool: “Whenever you bring up memories of me, I wish you to be happy. That is my third wish.”
    Kang Chi: “Let’s meet again for sure. I’ll wait. Let’s definitely meet again.”
    Yeo Wool:”Mmmmm….”
    Kang Chi: “I love you…”
    Yeo Wool: “I love you….”
    Kang Chi: “When we meet again, I will recognize you first, when we meet again, I will love you first.”

    As they kiss, Yeo Wool dies in his arms….
    Kang Chi: “Yeo Wool-ah”. “Yeo Wool-ah.” “Yeo Wool-ah!!!!!”. “Yeo Wool-ah!!!!!!”
    “Like that, the sound of her breath stopped. Just like that, my time stopped.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Yah, it felt like a different drama. So YW dies again, and KC needs to wait another 400 years. I liked this drama but this ending ruined it.

    • AIreN says:

      thank you so much jerseygirl0420!! you and tryp are awesome as always!

    • Jennifer says:

      I beg to differ. Honestly I like this unconventional twist in the end instead of the predictable happy ending. Perhaps I am among the minority group of people who do not have hang ups about kangdam couple, I am not disappointed at all by YW’s death. I thought the ending is very interesting n creative! I thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd half of this finale episode as it gives a modern n humorous twist to the otherwise sad saguk. Really love Seung Gi’s new Cosmo image – sizzling hot, manly yet boyish! Now I can go to bed with a smile on my face…..good night n sweet dreamz! ^ ^

    • thanks for translating that scene

    • Eva says:

      Thank you Jerseygirl0420 for all your time and hard work translating this lovely scenes to us non-korean speakers. Hope you’ll be able to see Seung Gi in person in the near future. Luckily for you, you will not have any problems since you speak the same language. Make sure to go to his concert at the end of this year, you’ll have tons of fun and go to his fan meetings too. Take care and see you here in Tryp’s site! 😀

      • Hi Eva,

        I sure hope and pray that I will be able to meet Seung Gi in person. I will be sure to share my experience with tryp96 and everyone on this forum should my wish come true! ^^. I’m sorry that I couldn’t do more translating last night (Korean Standard Time, but it was past 2am and I was too tired to keep my eyes open.) However, I’ve heard that the English subs are already out, so I’m relieved. Some of the translations that were released aren’t accurate, and just like there are trolls on this site who gave my translation of the ending a thumbs down, don’t hesitate to ask if there are meanings that are unclear. All the best to you and thank you for your kind comments. I am truly lucky to have stumbled upon Tryp96’s awesome blog and like minded people who are crazy about Seung Gi.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Though I was kinda hoping for a different ending (just a little bit disappointed,chukum).
    But I think the writer was consistent with her story. Gu Family Book is not about the book itself,it’s about the meaning of how do live your life wether you’re human or not. The moral lesson of the story was,you don’t need to be human (blood and all) to become humane all we need are love and compassion.
    And also the story emphasized,that it is not advisable or right for us to meddle with our fate/destiny. Let the nature take it’s course. It started with Kang Ch’is parents SH was destined to be a gisaeng and it was written all over her fate,but WR messes with it. And tragedies happened. Kang Chi was the only good thing happened to that tragedy,but only to be the one to faced all the consequences WR did in the beginning.
    Then Kang Chi did what his father did before in PMS destiny,things could have been different if he didn’t meddled with it. And so as Yeo Wol was told not to mess up with her destiny,things may gone to tragedy. But still Yeo Wol faces that fate and tragedy happened again.
    Kang Chi was born and born to be a gumiho this is what he’s destined for. Choosing not to find the book is the best choice for him,not just because he lost Yeo Wol but because it’s the right thing for him to do. I understand that he didn’t insist of finding a way to take that fate away from Yeo Wol. But insist that they will meet again,someday. maybe not now but someday for he may live forever.
    What i also like about their love story is Yeo Wol is the one and forever love of Kang Chi. She may die again after their love affair in the 21st century but when she reincarnate she’s the same person Kang Chi will fall in love to. same time I guess,same place,same situation but different eras. Talk about Eternal Love!
    400 years later Kang Chi’s life is back again the way it was,meeting the same people but in different situation and different destiny. It was actually cute,when they showed that it was the Joseon era again only in a modern generation. And I was kinda hoping in KC and Yw’s meeting for KC run after YW and kissed her passionately even though she didn’t knew him. And after the kiss she would feel she has known this man for a long time,but doesn’t know when. Oh well..It’s still a nice story with a nice twist in ending. Gu Family Book Fighting! Kang Chi yaaaah! I’ll miss you!

    • Anonymous says:

      On the side note. Can I now anticipate Seung Gi winning a daesang awards at Baeksang awards and MBC awards? i was really disappointed when he was not even nominated last year! talked about popularity contest! aiish! Now I wish he sweeps all the award giving bodies and WIN!

      • Afira says:

        Cmiiw, LSG was nominated in ‘Top Excellent Award’ and ‘Best Couple Award’ in last year MBC Awards. 🙂

  19. seungzy says:

    Thumbs up this comment 🙂
    seunggi x suzy best couple @mbc award

  20. Anonymous says:

    Best drama ever! Looks like there’s going to be Season 2 🙂 Modern Kang Chi would be awesome 🙂

  21. Anonymous says:

    Yessss!!!i think there’s book 2 but, this time in modern era. Can’t contain my excitement already even if there is no confirmation yet. 😁😄😄Bring back the KangDam couple PLEASE!!!

  22. fusionjack says:

    But if they meet again under the crescent moon, doesn’t that mean yeo wool is going to die all over again? curious *.*
    Hoping for a second season.. kang chi as spy 😛

  23. they didn’t used the last ost”would you be my love rain”? i was hoping they use it.. honestly i really don’t know how im exactly feel about the ending.. it will be better if they don’t kill yeo wool, it would be great if they will continue the love story in part 2 🙂 I want a part 2 of it, now in modern world.. KangDam Couple Fighting ! GFB Fighting!

  24. Jennifer says:

    OMG I LOVE this epic ending to Kang Chi, the Beginning! So much surprises n the ending is DAEBAK!! Seung Gi looking so cool n handsome n hot in the new image!!! I can really see the follow-up series featuring gorgeous Knag Chi in the new era. PLEASE make it happen…PLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEE!!!!!! I LOVE YOU LEE SEUNG GI!!!!!!!!!!

  25. English translation for the ending by Vimeo:

    Kang Chi: “Look here, I think there’s some kind of misunderstanding here, I’m right now….” (He stares at Yeo Wool)
    Yeo Wool: “Don’t make a move.”
    Kang Chi: “Yeo Wool-ah”
    Yeo Wool: “What is this? How do you… know my name? Do you…know me?”
    Kang Chi: “When I meet you again, at that moment, I will recognize you first. At that moment, I will love you first.”
    Yeo Wool: “Do you…know me”
    Kang Chi: “I’m not sure…I feel that I know you, yet I also feel that I don’t.”
    Also, the time that stopped for me started flowing again.

    The caption underneath reads “To all the viewers of The Gu Family Book, thank you very much.”

    Gon rings the door bell.
    Kang Chi: “Who… oh!???!!!”
    Gon: “May we come in for a moment?” He takes off his sunglasses and shows his ID as a secret agent. It reads, “Bang Sung Joon”. The man behind him takes off his sunglasses to reveal a reincarnated Yi Soon Shin.

  26. haides says:

    gaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! haha!

  27. Soojin says:

    I hope they will be season 2 with the same character

  28. mary says:

    now i know what a melodrama actually is………
    i cried buckets,,,,,,,and cant stop now
    will miss you gu family book……
    will miss kang chi and yeo wool……………… 😦
    sad yet happy (well kind of)

  29. Not like the Ending…That mean Kang Chi live alone for 442 years without Yeowol…Why!!! All important person leave Kang Chi…Damn Writer

    • LornaN. says:

      Its because Yeo Wool third wish, she wanted him to live happy! T.T

      • Just thinking how Kang Chi continue his daily days for 422 years without someone he really love and continue support him from behind…TTTT Even DaeWoong crying like crazy separate with Miho for a few days or years

  30. Anonymous says:

    The ending is so… open. I’m confused, is the official title Gu Family Book or KC: The Beginning now? Will they really make a sequel? I guess they let the option very open. Usually it’s better to move on, but with ending like this, I don’t know…
    I watch anything with SeungGi in it anyway, hope to see him in new different kind of role next time. Rest well for now SeungGi ^^

  31. Anonymous says:

    Now I’m thinking what part of Seoul is Kang Chi living now? Is he really living? or maybe he is Seung GI?! No wonder Seung Gi is so perfect! hahaha

    • According to the street signs, he is living in Gangnam, a very wealthy district in downtown Seoul very many movie stars and millionaires live. In real life, I read that he lives in a Brownstone House in Samsong-dong, which is also in Gangnam.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hahaha Jerseygirl.. Thanks.. I was actually hallucinating that maybe Seung Gi is Kang Chi and Kang Chi is Seung Gi. That’s why i asked that. 😀 Kang Chi’s personality in 21st century is more like based on Seung Gi’s real personality kind and witty and funny. though Kang Chi showed he’s living his life,while Seung Gi is working so hard despite of everything he has. 🙂

  32. milo says:

    LOL~ Should continue with KangChi in modern days.

  33. Thiên Kim says:

    so he’s not become a human after all???

    • Nope, or he wouldn’t have lived for 422 years only to resurface in Seoul, Korea in modern times. Plus, when he says goodbye to Admiral Lee Soon Shin and is asked whether he’s off to find The Gu Family Book, Kang Chi says “no, I think I’ll live as a divine creature for a while until I meet another woman who becomes precious to me as Yeo Wool.”

  34. Anonymous says:

    Seungi trally has the aura of portraying James Bond….he’s sooooooooooo stunningly HOT…..I’ll definitely miss KangChi……like some of you…I also do wish for a SEQUEL…..

  35. babu1980 says:

    Hmm…I didn’t expect the ending to be like this. Even though, I liked the fact that KC didn’t die with YW when she died and choose to wait for her to reincarnate again. I didn’t like the fact that the father did that, so I’m happy he didn’t. I didn’t like to see YW die because as everyone is saying, YW reincarnated is not the same YW. They don’t have the same memories and he will have to tell her that he is born a gumiho. Wonder what the reaction is this time? Reminds me of the drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, SG just became My Boyfriend is a Gumiho. As people said, there is another cherry tree blossom with a crescent moon. But, because it’s the modern times, YW’s fate is definitely going to be different. And besides, the monk didn’t say she will die no matter how times you meet her and be with her. He just sort of said it at that time. Besides, I think that whole scene is just to signify that they are destined to be together again and probably for many years later after she dies again. I wonder what he did for 422 years and even how he lived on without her. I guess the memories and longing to see her again makes the years go by faster? But 422 years? That is wayyyyyy too long!! I can’t help but feel sad for the 422 years that he got to watch everyone die. Oh geez…why did they have to make KC have such a sad life. even thought it didn’t s

  36. Uyen says:

    Hilarious ending :)))), this is much better than KC – YW happily together. I’ll miss GFB more because of this interesting ending.

  37. babu1980 says:

    Oops…maybe I should finish that comment….I meant that even though he didn’t really look like he had a sad life, it’s still depressing to watch the ones he cherish die off. I really wonder how he got over it. He’s good!

  38. Sarah L. says:

    Thank you TRYP for all the constant updates on Seunggi!! 👍👍👍 kudos to your hardwork!! 😘😘😘

  39. Anonymous says:

    I may be the minority, but i really do like the ending. It’s unconventional but I think it flows really nicely in all. Was so invested in this, and though there were some parts that weren’t quite to my liking, I would still have to say that I’m satisfied. /big smiles/

    And there’s so much premise for the continuation of 구가의서 although it’s in the modern context. But oh my god, if it’s really gonna happen, I’m gonna be the first one to be jumping with joy! 😀

    And lastly, not forgetting, thank you tryp96 and all those involved in keeping us updated with gfb.

    Sending you love from sunny island Singapore<3

  40. Ivaa says:

    Yay…….a big surprise….
    I really like the New Kang Chi…..he he he
    Sewing Teacher loooks so besotted with her ‘guardian angel’….
    and MBC….so hilarious….
    anyway, no matter what , no matter how many times you rebornz, MBC still ‘ a Thug ‘ in his heart…
    geez….meaning the crazy Evil still an Evil through and through ?….
    Does it means Kang Chi will turn out to be ‘ Edward the Vampire’ ? waiting for his ‘ Bella’ ?

  41. Anonymous says:

    I still can’t believe this drama is over,so what I’m about to say right now please don’t take it seriously. 😀
    Everyone wanted the drama to have a sequel because it ended open to anything. Remember TK2H ended the same way? All of us thinking maybe it has part 2.
    What if we fused this 2 drama together. Kim Bong Gu is still very much alive even threatened Jae Hae that his monarchy will go down in 5 years,and they showed it was only 4 years later.

    What if YDG is the new head of the secret agent under King Lee Jae Ha? and Yeo Wol is a rookie agent? Then Kim Bong Gu escaped from prison and started a new war against korea. And there’s this rumor going around that there this one divine creature living and saving people. (That the ending of GFB leads to YDG finding Kang Chi. 🙂 ). And of course Jae Ha he will then go to North Korea and protect Hang Ah’s territory and be with her. While Kang Chi will join force the agency fight for the South. Isn’t it nice? 2 Seung Gi in 1 drama?! 😀

  42. Anonymous says:

    As I have mentioned before, I love how Gu Family Book series ended. Open-ended drama which will make us think, re-live and create our fillers and endings to it… so that the storyline will be buried in our hearts! forever!? 🙂 Surely, the writer will not be branded as Nation’s enemy! hahaha! Again and again, I will be forever grateful with this drama. Having a sequel would be great but I am happy now.

    And I will always visit this site for more love and updates for LEE SEUNG GI! Gosh! He is simply irresistible!

    Tryp, seriously you’re the best!!!! God Bless

  43. Anonymous says:

    I’m still waiting for the subtitle but still im crying like a baby now 😥

  44. As I have mentioned before, I love how Gu Family Book series ended. Open-ended drama which will make us think, re-live and create our fillers and endings to it… so that the storyline will be buried in our hearts! forever!? Surely, the writer will not be branded as Nation’s enemy! hahaha! Again and again, I will be forever grateful with this drama. Having a sequel would be great but I am happy now.

    And I will always visit this site for more love and updates for LEE SEUNG GI! Gosh! He is simply irresistible!

    Tryp, seriously you’re the best!!!! God Bless

  45. Now i know the meaning of Lee Seung Gi Last Word song mean….

  46. babu1980 says:

    Hmm…why does he look so rich??! I guess he could keep all the olden day stuff and then sell them off in the modern world as antiques and get rich off of that? Well, now he will bug the modern YW all day and night and even send her lots of flowers so that he could woo her over. Hehehe….

    • Anonymous says:

      Well having been living 422 yrs. I guess he’s getting more wiser and wiser as he witnessed different kind of people. And maybe some of them he encountered left him tons of money. 😀

    • He appears to be playing a modern day celebrity in the ending. When he picks up the cell phone, there is a party atmosphere and the man is asking him where he is and that the main star of the party should show up before the modern day Kang Chi hangs up on him. That would explain why he is so rich. It’s touching that he didn’t sell off any of the things he received during the Joseon dynasty. Seeing how he’s preserved Yeo Wool’s sword and Master Gondal’s gifts, including the ring, just goes to show where his heart still lies despite the passing of 422 years.

      • iaz says:

        i think the person that call him is tae seo..

        • You’re right, I watched the clip again closely today and say that they used Taeso’s real name – Yoo Yun Seok in the caller ID. It’s funny how they also used Gon’s real full name in his ID badge as a special agent.

          • Excuse the typo – I meant saw, not say.. After a long day and Kang Chi withdrawal, it’s almost 3 am here and I’m going to bed. Sweet dreams and have a good day everyone.

  47. Anonymous says:

    the writter was so funny: D. how could it’s ending like that?..reincarnation.. what a pity Choi Kang Chi -ya! you are the most loneliness creature in the world ㅜㅜ..keep waiting yeo wool reincarnation over n over again ㅠㅠ..

  48. bel says:

    thank you very much for share!!<3<3<3 i will miss kanchi and yeo weol :') greetings from Peru!

  49. iaz says:

    did anoyne notice that ost by Shin Jae – Will U Be My Love Rain,not even occur in the drama…
    or did i that missing it…

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