13.06.25 Gu Family Book Ep 24 (Final) Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 9 clips so far + full episode in HD*

YeoWool shot instead of KangChi

YeoWool’s last dinner

YeoWool dies in KangChi’s arms after final kiss

422 years later…

KangChi & EokMan

KangChi & MBC


source: mbcdrama, bestiz

Full episode:

credit: rhtl02

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129 Responses to 13.06.25 Gu Family Book Ep 24 (Final) Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. cimuthdirgee90 says:

    Hmm … Hi Tryp ^^
    First of all .. I would like to say thank you very much for your hardworks all this time. Since I seldom give my comment or any words in your great blog, its doesn’t mean I don’t appreciated your sincere effort for us, especially for me 🙂

    Thanks for being my bridge to Seunggi by this “DAEBAK” drama ever. Sometime its must be tiresome for you Tryp, but we will never forget your deep effort for making Seunggi more shining day by day. Please keep healthy and happy forever. Hope you get good prosperity, wealth and success in you life ^^.

    Your best regard,
    Cingu from Indonesia 🙂

    Ps : I’m sorry for my amateur english and .. just feel curious? In the last part of this scene, Do you all guys notice that Kang Chi (Seunggi) wearing white shirt from himself brand “Heritory”?? Whoaa … how loyal he is!
    I definitely love him more and more ♥
    Gu Family Book fighting!
    Lee Seunggi fighting! ^_^

  2. Rochelle says:

    When will this episode be available to watch with English subtitles?

  3. Noor says:

    Thk u tryp96 4 the awesome job n fast upload. I hv been waiting 4 it since 10.30 pm here in Singapore even though I need 2 wake at 4 am 2 start preparing 2 go 2 work but it really really really worth the waiting.
    Even though the ending is not really great but 2 see seunggi back in his usual self is sooo super super super hot n sexy. Even without english subs, my tears keep rolling down watching the last episode. It juz flow down my cheek as though I am feeling the pain of losing someone dearest 2 me like our Kangchi does. Anyway this last episode is deabak. The emotions n feeling really touches my deepest inside.
    Lee Seung Gi, sarang heyo n all the best. Love u always

  4. Soojin says:

    Men I cried in the last ep but it was funny when it is 2013 hope to see season 2 to it with the same character. Plz let it happen 🙂

    • geese says:

      me too i was crying a river during the last few hours of yeo wool then i was smiling at the jump of 2013…LSG looking like tha…it was really an unexpected twist..others may see that its not nice but i’m glad that the writer stick to it…and i really like how they showed every character…

  5. Anonymous says:

    i love seunggi and suzy…..

  6. rhumball says:

    Thank you tryp for all of your hard work. I am not happy with the ending at all 😦 Either the writer was not in the right mind, or MBC got TONS of $$$$$ from product placement so they forced the writer to write it into story line… imagine, from cellphone, clothes, purse, fancy car.. they figure, they won’t get much from DVD sales, might as well just take the ads.
    I am very very sad..

  7. Amielle316 says:

    I was able to enjoy GFB because of Lee Seung Gi’s awesome portrayal of Choi Kang Chi as an adorable demigod. Bravo, Lee Seung Gi, you are daebak as always.
    I cried so much in this episode even while I was watching it raw. The emotions were just too much…
    A question for writer-nim, with KC’s keen sense of smell, why wasn’t he able smell the smoke from the fire that enables the matchlock musket?
    Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why were you soooo cruel to KC writer-nim? From Episode 5 up to the final episode, you have made KC cried rivers of tears (& the same goes with me). I have endured all the heartbreaking episodes, savored the sweet & happy moments while rolling on the floor with laughter, did a lot of fangirling but I’m still greedy for a happy ending. I was given a happy ending (sort of) after 400 years. I am sooo sad for KC for enduring it all alone for 400 years although I’m guessing he tried to live a happy life throughout those years. I was hoping that if YW has to die, she would have died of old age with KC beside her, then 400 years of loneliness will be more bearable after decades of good memories.
    I would have appreciated it more if there was a montage of KC’s life for the past 400 years. I do love KC in the modern era though he looked sooo fabulously handsome & adorable ^^; love that all of my favorite characters were reincarnated in the modern era, esp. YW. But I was wishing that more time was allotted to the modern era & more feel good moments would have been greatly appreciated for the last episode. I guess, I was just plain greedy for happy moments. I couldn’t ask for more from Seung Gi-yah; he was given the script & he delivered it with all his heart & marvelous acting skill, thus, I admire him more for that. Lee Seung Gi, you are Jjang. 사랑해요 이승기!
    Lee Seung Gi, Fighting!

  8. Elly says:

    I never can express my thanks for you, Tryp.. for sharing with us all the news from the first episode until the last episode.. And big thanks to Seunggi and all the casts and also everyone that took part in this drama.. I really enjoy the drama and still can memorize every single episode clearly in mind.. Really thanks to all of you.. Hope can see Seunggi’s other drama again and again in future, he always is the best ^_^

  9. chiaki says:

    thank you!
    muchas gracias, siempre subias toda la información al momento. Te agradezco que siempre nos mantuvieras informados, me encanto el drama, la pareja tenia muy buena química, debo confesar que al principio sólo la vi por que salia suzy! pero me cautivo el drama.

  10. triangel25 says:

    I would like to ask how to share vimeo video above to my fb?

  11. Wol says:

    Thank you tryp for helping me following GFB over the past time. Can not believe that the drama is over now (T___T) I will miss the way YW call KC “Kang Chi ah” and “Yeo Wool ah” from KC.
    I am a fan of Suzy and used to be HuynZy shipper before, but after this awesome drama, I really want KangDam couple to become real or at least I can see them again in season 2 =)) I totally miss them aldready 😦

  12. triangel25 says:

    First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks specially to tryp96 as well as other members/visitors of this website for continuously sharing with us the latest information, updates, news, pictures, videos, clips and translations for the past 4 months ever since GFB started filming in March till the wrap up party on Tues. I really enjoy reading, seeing and watching all those that you all shared/uploaded here.
    Since GFB started airing, I was always curious how the ending would be. I was thinking oh my gosh.. It has 24 episodes, hence it still have a long way to go since it is airing only 2 episodes per week. Please don’t get me wrong.. It is not that I wanted GFB to ends early but just that the storyline is very exciting and keep us suspending after each episode ended. I was looking forward for the following episode, feeling full of curiosity about how the storyline would be following from the ending of this episode. Now since that the drama really ended, I suddenly feel an emptiness in my heart. I am wondering all the while my feeling of excited to look forward mon and tues’s nights is all gone now. I no longer can watch the cute Kangchi on my laptop screen and hp screen again.. Feels my heart like breaking…

    • triangel25 says:

      Well, talking about GFB, personally I have a few opinions/feedback..
      1. The writer really give all of us a big surprise on how it twisted the ending. None of us would have expect that from Joseon era, it would travels all the way to 2013. After watching the ending of ep 23, I guess that almost 100% of the GFB fans are wondering whether YW is going to died or none and will KC able to become a full human. The writer really taken us by suprise. I myself was really shocked to see the time travel. Not even a single thoughts in my mind that a modern scene would appear in GFB.
      2. It was really a shocked that YW actually really died as how SJ monk predicted. Usually, most of the dramas, be it Korean, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc would have a happy ending where both female and male lead would not die in the end. Despite they might fall into coma, meet with accident, break up etc, eventually at the very last few minutes before the last episode ends, a happy and expected ending would appear. But the past 2-3 years, the trend of dramas seem to change where there is a high possibility of either the lead would died. Same goes to this drama. For me, although YW was reborn, personally for me, I think that it is not the same YW. The 2013 YW is just someone who looks and carries the name of YW since she no longer recognized KC and doesn’t have a single memory of what she and KC has undergone in the Joseon era. Hence, in 2013, the YW that KC is going to start liking and courting would be totally a different person.

      • triangel25 says:

        3. KC despite is the lead of the drama, he actually have a very sorrow life throughout the 24 episodes of the drama I would say. Because, his trouble-less and easy-going life only lasted for the first 20 years. Ever since his first encounter with the villain JGW and Lord Park passed away, he is always coming across a heart-breaking and sorrow moment. His heart was really hurt till he was crying badly almost every episode after that. Only a few happy moment where we can see him smiling cheerfully was when he started to believe in YW and when they started the lovey-dovey relationship. The ending is considered a sorrow for him as well. When he finally know who are his parents and forgiven them, they are going to left him eternally. When he finally found someone he truly loved for the first time after 20years of life (I would not considered that he actually really loved CJ cause I feel like he loved her as part of his family whom he has been growing up together since CJ is born. After all, we can see that KC hardly meet up or mix around with other girls. Hence, he most probably mix up his feeling for CJ, thinking that his care for her is love until he meet YW). They have undergo so many obstacles to be together and are together for just a short while and she is died. KC already left with no family members and the only he trusted the most is YW. Everyone he loved seems to leave him one by one. Although he meet again with YW in 2013, isn’t it pitiful for him since he has be alone for the past 422 years?? Of course it is great that he finally did manage to meet up with the reborn YW but he must have been really lonely during that 422 years since he left those he knew and close with after YW died to venture alone. With no one he know, no one he trusted and no one he closed to him, he has to live lonely for 422 years.
        4. It is really a surprise that what has KC gone through during the 422 years to transform him from a nothing 20 year-old half gumiho boy in Joseon era to a 442 years old gumiho in 2013 era and he seems to have become a very successful man, or to be exact a very rich and good looking bachelor. He enjoys a very luxurious life to the fullness. He seems to adapt the evolving of the human life very well throughout 422 years despite being alone in order to achieve his current state. And I am pretty curious what is he working as..LOL.. So during the Joseon time he doesn’t have any promising to be envy by anyone or make girl falls for him but now, he has everything: money, looks, property and eternal anti-aging qualifications. He able to gives a promising life to new YW if he managed to court her~!

        • triangel25 says:

          5. Now I get the point why suddenly throughout the airing, the title changed from GFB to The beginning Kangchi. Cause the writer knows that the ending she wants, Kang Chi won’t becoming human. He will maintain as half-gumiho and half-human. Therefore, GFB no longer suit to be title since they won’t be emphasizing on the GFB where he can be a 100% human after 100 days of prayers. But it is also a pity that he didn’t turn into a pure human. Cause, after the 2013 YW old and died, he will be alone again and he might need to wait for another few hundred years lonely for YW to reborn. And since he won’t die, he won’t age as well.. Although YW is getting older and older, he will remain the young looking KC forever. And if they are having kids, will the mystic creature gumiho blood pass onto them?? Curious…
          6. The story where it ends now actually can be perfectly continue with another season. I strongly agree a season 2 with the title: My boyfriend is a gumiho~!! LOL.. Previously, Dae Woong meet with a 500-year old Gu Miho and now YW meets with a 442 year-old Gumiho Choi Kang Chi~!!! But of course, this male gumiho is smarter and adapted to human life better than our female gumiho.. Gumiho seems to link so well to Seunggi…ahahahaha… Seriously, I am looking forward for Season 2 since almost everyone reborn and appear at the same year (2013) with YW where KC came across. This doesn’t seem to be happening during the 422 years. It would be interesting if in the modern world we get to see how them are linking again with KC and how KC is going to love YW first as how he promised. And the most important would be how KC is going to received all the love he wants and need which he couldn’t during the Joseon era and which he has been longing through those years..And maybe to add to the climax of the storyline, JGW can appear again as another villain as the wanted person by the special agents team. Btw, I am curious why did the special team agent Gon and LSS went to meet KC? Isn’t is good if in season 2 we get to know why rather than leaving such an open ending??LOL..

          • triangel25 says:

            Let’s pray hard for Season 2.. But then cant put too high expectation.. since Korean doesn’t have the habit for season 2 for drama unlike the Hong Kong dramas where they used to have sequential season/part if the rating is good for the previous one or high request by the viewers..

            • triangel25 says:

              But actually making KC to wait for 422 years also makes him feels guilty become lonely for indirectly causing the death of YW also it wasn’t cause of him. And he also carry the guilt of causing the death of Lord Park caused by JGW who put all the blames on him…He is like carrying the guilt which is none of his fault for living for the 422 years..Poor Kangchi..

  13. Chik says:

    if ever there is a season 2, would it still mean that Kang Chi and Yeo Wool are still not destined for each other since they still met on the same tree with a crescent moon above it?!?! would Yeo Wool still have the same fate?! that would be so sad .. hhmmnnh .,

  14. faweya oluwakemi says:

    am really confuse about d ending,d guestion is dat?is it going to be season 4 or dats d end?

  15. mgsuan says:

    No Season 2, that’s the end.

  16. shalom says:

    I really loved it from the beginning. I was crying.it is the best.

  17. ma-mon says:

    am curious about something, does ‘gu family book’ has a continuation? cause at the end of drama there was another movie(THE BLOOD) kang chi was doctor and his was dr.park his eyes did change to green, is that the continuation or that was another drama.

  18. ma-mon says:

    am curious about something, does ‘gu family book’ has a continuation? cause at the end of this drama there was another drama(THE BLOOD) kang chi was a doctor and his name was dr.park his eyes change to green when he fighting, is that the continuation of kang chi or that was another drama.

  19. Hassana Chinedu says:

    I want to say well done for a good and gratified movie produced its really awesome
    but the series of Gu family book did not end well. it’s ending is as if we are being put in suspense like more episodes is being expected.
    pls endeavor to see if more episode is to be added or not.
    Hassana from Nigeria

  20. damilola says:

    what an interesting movie

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