13.06.25 Gu Family Book Wrap Party – Lee Seung Gi

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OMG! It’s SeungGi!!!

(s: dcgfb)


SeungGi has arrived a short while ago. (s: dclsg)

There are about 200 people gathered outside the wrap party? (s: dcgfb)

The wrap party has started. TaeSeo was interviewed, and now it’s Monk So Jung. (s: dcgfb)


The wrap party will be held at Heukdonga (black pig bbq restaurant) in Yeouido, starting at 7pm KST. They’ll watch the final broadcast together. As far as I know, Airens and dcgfb fans have both prepared special gifts for the party.

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source: dcgfb

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15 Responses to 13.06.25 Gu Family Book Wrap Party – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can I go there too? When will it finish? I am having a vacation in korea n want to see seunggi so badly.. TT

  2. mary says:

    i dont want it to end……..

  3. Sista24 says:

    wow! Seung Gi color T-shirt is shame with Suzy dress color(Gray color)! xD

  4. Jennifer says:

    OMG Seung Gi looking so lean, boyish n handsome!! Been a long time we’ve seen him in short hair. I like his current fresh look. Wishing I can have a peek into the wrap up party too…..Seung Gi ar, please eat as much meat as you like n don’t drink so much alcohol tonight!! Sarang heyeo, Seung Gi-ssi!!!

  5. Lulu Ibrahim says:

    ahhh i missed our seung gi oppa he is back to his short sexy hair 😀 so good to see him back and i love that shirt it makes him look so hot 😀 ❤ FIGHTING !!

  6. PeNnE says:

    SeungGi looks so utterly HOT here.
    A little on the thin side, but still oooooozzziiing HOT!!!

  7. Melissa Tam says:

    i like that haircut.. looks like a young boy

  8. PeNnE says:

    Take a Look at that Chest!!!!
    Does it have to look so hot?
    It is almost shouting out – “Hey, look at me, & don’t you ever look away!”

    Same hot hot hot chest in that treadmill scene in TK2H.
    Or maybe I just notice everything for being so crazy about him!
    Seunggi, ya’ , love you much!

  9. LoveSG says:

    Omg!!!! Look at the chest behind the shirt… wow. As sexy as ever indeed 🙂

    Sad that we won’t see him on screen for a while…. but totally glad he can sleep and eat as per normal!

    Seunggiya, plz take care of yourself!!!! Cya in SG in Sep 😉

  10. dramaaddict says:

    Anyone want to join me to gate crash this party? lol

  11. YoItsKia says:

    I truly enjoyed this drama. I hope they have a second season(I doubt).
    Seung Gi ah! You look so good in just a plain tshirt. He makes the shirt look good instead!

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