13.06.26 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

Goodbye, Gu Family Book! Twist ending attracts attention

source: official fan cafe

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7 Responses to 13.06.26 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    am so impress wth d ending…unpredictable..nice job to GFB team…
    bey everyone also nvr think bout this kind of ending

  2. ferfer says:

    Gu Family Book –> Kang Chi, the Beginning…I guess that it is only the beginning

  3. thats why the title of the drama is Kangchi, the beginning because all of his past died so he must face his new journey.. and the ending was great it connected to the title of the drama… thats why i dont know why the rest doesnt like the ending of the drama, just think about the title it self then you will know why they end it like that… and im right from the beginning that yeo wool will be reincarnated because of her fate in the past..

    • Anonymous says:

      Lastnite I watched it raw and I was quite disappointed with the unexpected ending. I can only hope that the Korean netizens would appreciate/love it (that is more important).
      **After watching with the Eng-Sub, I quite enjoyed it. But the following dialogue is quite
      misleading, KC said to LSS: “If something happens to you….Raise a beacon fire at North. Then, I will come back to help.”

      I thought there would be S2, until the twitter says: “the production company says there are not preparing for S2.”

      Thanks Tryps/Airens for all the hard work! I will con’t to read this blog without fail. Everyone, pls continue to VOTE for LSG.

  4. Anonymous says:

    there are not???so disappointing…or may be they are still in discussion progress…they’ll wait for viewers opinions either to do it or not…is that make sense to u…omo..how much i wish there will be S2..

  5. evelyn natas says:

    i will miss gu family book and seung gi oppa….hiks….

    hopefull to see the next drama from seung gi oppa…

  6. K. T. says:

    Drama productions is a business if this had Flopped (heaven Forbid) then it IS ended….However if the Fans in Korea (where it matters most to the Production team) show outsanding Intrest …Then they can take it on a number of pasts..Our Present and 422 years of Flashbacks of the Past and the path he took to get where he is NOW…I’m hoping they WILL have SOMETHING folllow this…But can they keep everything to the HIGH standard they had with this…that’s the question.

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