[Eng] Lee Seung Gi, almost sang a GFB OST duet song with Suzy… ‘Unfortunate’

The chance to hear the Peach Blossom couple’s duet has unfortunately vanished into thin air.

‘The Star’ met Lee Seung Gi, who plays the role of the half human-half divine creature, Choi Kang Chi, by showing tears, anger, action, and even his ability to control his divine powers on the currently airing MBC Monday/Tuesday drama, “The Gu Family Book” on the afternoon of June 25th, at Seoul’s Conrad Hotel. His ability to portray a variety of roles has led to many compliments.

Lee Seung Gi won the hearts of “The Gu Family Book” viewers by having perfect chemistry with Suzy. Since Suzy is a member of the girl group “Miss A” and Lee Seung Gi has had experience as a singer, the two planned on singing a duet. Suzy said, “It’d be nice if we could do it” Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi said, “Originally, they asked us to sing one song.” This drew the attention of many netizens.

He said, “There was a song that I had composed before “The Last Words”. However, that song was so sad that the decision was made that it wouldn’t fit with the drama.” He continued by saying,”I wanted to add a piano instrumental instead that had been made in collaboration with Epitone Project, like the extension of instrumental music. I thought it would be an acceptable song for a duet with a female voice. However, it wasn’t accepted as suitable for the OST, so it’s unfortunate.” said Seung Gi looking disappointed.

Lee Seung Gi’s “The Last Words” single which is included in the OST, contains Lee Seung Gi’s sad lyrics in a ballad which was warmly received by netizens. The public is equally disappointed that they will never have the chance to listen to the Peach Blossom couple’s duet.

Meanwhile, after finishing “The Gu Family Book”, Lee Seung Gi is in the middle of choosing his next drama while making plans to take a rest.

source: thestar via nate
English translation by jerseygirl0420, special contributor to Everything Lee Seung Gi

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22 Responses to [Eng] Lee Seung Gi, almost sang a GFB OST duet song with Suzy… ‘Unfortunate’

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, i really miss this drama. What end? I really hate part end but love most of part. I cry alot. Seem like lose so much. The end i really image byself. How can reason 2? I hope? I’m fan him, i want saw him and why i interest this drama. I want this story .when it end , I become nothing. First, i hate writer, kang chi lost everything. For last minute, what hope for kang chi again? It really hurt when talk about ‘ i ‘ll wait you’. Really? MBC, their duet? Why? I hope hear it, if the end of this story. Please…. My last wish after disappoint.

  2. mel says:

    It’s unfortunate they passed on their duet but made us endure that god awful cover song… priorities people. Still missing this show so much. Kangchi. 😦

    • Dream says:

      Do you mean the acoustic version of “잘 있나요”? I agree, it is awful. The original by “The One” is so much better. Why did they let someone who can’t sing do a recording? Such insult to the original singer.

  3. Aiyzee says:

    I miss them so much.. Mondays and Tuesdays will definitely be different now.. 😦

  4. mjgicole says:

    Gfb was done hoping season 2 is next 🙂

  5. Dream says:

    So unfortunate that we don’t get to hear the duet. It would have been so nice.
    I miss GFB already. I know the ending is very controversial and there were mixed reviews. My first reaction was in shock as I never expected something like this. But the more I ponder on it the more I like the ending. It is so romantic and courageous for KC to choose to wait 400+ years to meet his true love again….all those long lonely years without her, I can’t even imagine. KC’s choice is much better than his father’s whom just choose to sleep. But this ending give the viewers hope and it is up to the viewers’ imagination for what is to come. Bravo to the wonderful acting and bravo to the writer-nims’ insight, and dare to be different.
    Seung Gi’s acting skills was perfect in this drama. Really looking forward to his next project….Please don’t make us wait too long!!

    • milkteanlsg says:

      agreement with the last lline~
      “Please don’t make us wait too long!!”
      I am missing you very very much… ❤
      Seung Gi oppa, FIGHTING!!! 🙂

  6. babygirl says:

    Dear Airens,
    From now on you can miss Gu Family Book .
    but..but ..Don’t forget 2013 King lee seung Gi Asia Fan meet & Hope concerts is** coming Soon***

  7. judepps says:

    As much as like others i want to see Seunggi soon on my screen..yet by this time all i want for Him is to find time to rest, sleep and eat well. I hope he will find time to rest after GFB filming is over..yet the way I see it..it looks like the guy is still working his ass off..lot of interviews & CF are awaiting for Him & i read also that as soon as the filming ends he attended school.. whoa! I can’t believe he has done a lot of this thing despite how exhausted he IS.. Wanna see your chubby cheeks soon>,<

  8. AY says:

    Jerseygirl, no pressure. But if you intend to translate more interviews, please tell Tryp which ones you will work on so that we don’t dupilcate efforts. I can only translate from Chinese to English. I can only do those that the Chinese versions are available.

  9. Ay, I was just thinking the same thing last night… it would be a better team effort if we split up the translations. I have printed out all the articles from tryp’s post today as well as the older ones about him liking “radiant girls” and “being ok after being criticized by Suzy’s fans”. Are there particular ones you’d like to work on? LMK here.

  10. truthfully during the drama I wished there will be a duet song for these two…*sigh* its not happening. So….new drama is highly demanded !!!

    • changjel says:

      i was hoping the same thing since the day kangdam’s love story started ;_;
      I really hope there will soon be a seunggi-suzy duet even after gfb fever stops

      dear producers, please produce seunggi-suzy duet ~ the song seunggi composed which couldn’t be used for gfb, they can sing it n release as just a duet song ><

  11. scbound says:

    The writer of this article needs to step up his/her game…and get his facts straight the article says he would be joining Suzy to sing the song since he had experience singing….. is this guy fricken kidding me… makes it sound like Seung Gi is some amatuer who has sang at a party once or something, and is lucky to sing with her.

  12. AGH…I wanted a duet too TT I’m sure that Suzy’s voice will match Seung Gi’s voice 😥

  13. I agree with scbound, Lee Seung Gi is a phenomenal singer, musician, composer, dancer……. actor and all around entertainer. I know nothing about Miss A or Suzy; this is my first time seeing her, She may be a good singer; never heard her sing so I can’t judge. She’s cute and a fairly good actress alongside a professional but the reality is Lee Seung Gi is the reason Gu Family Book was a success, he is the star; she was HIS co-star. King 2 Hearts was a success because of Lee Seung Gi. Shining Inheritance was a success because of Lee Seung Gi; GEE do we see a pattern here? Hmmmmm. If you’re a “Suzy” fan then go to Everything Suzy webpage. I’m stickin with Everything Lee Seung Gi myself. ❤ Saranghae LSG ^__~

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