Lee Seung Gi “Daunted by CJH? He had presence as WR”

I wish I could be as gracious as SeungGi…

source: obsnews

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34 Responses to Lee Seung Gi “Daunted by CJH? He had presence as WR”

  1. triangel25 says:

    This picture give me an impression like SG is taking a pre-wedding photoshoot…
    He looks like a bridegroom here..LOL..

  2. Lulu Ibrahim says:

    and why the hell would he be “daunted” by that demon it’s not like he can act or anything -__- i even asked my sister watch the drama when she is not a k drama fan or anything and the first thing she told me the guy playing Wol Ryung had some serious problem in acting even if it is not that clear while lee seung gi oppa’s acting was perfect and flawless !!

    • Any people can act as Wol Ryung..what they need to do just show Sharingan eyes and disappear…

      • Lulu Ibrahim says:

        my point exactly i can make my 12 years old brother do that !

      • Anonymous says:

        If that’s the case, then i guess the guy acting as gon is also not a good actor,since he just has to look cold and talk coldly…
        Let me just go to the point alright(not trying to start a fight here)…
        Each character has their own background,personaliyy and story,so you can’t say that cjh can’t act…what about those crying scenes and the betrayal part? I think he has done a very good job already….

        • crazyahjummafan says:

          Sorry, I beg to differ. CJH is not a bad actor, but he is certainly not in the same league as SG! In eps 1and 2, he seemed to be doing fine, only because she was acting with Lee Yeon Hee, who though acted better than expected, was not stellar. In his scenes with Yoon Se Ah, who is a MUCH better actress than LYH, and was able to emote so well, CJH’s acting with her paled in comparison! In fact in their scenes, it was YSA’s performance that drew tears from me, not his.
          As for Sung Joon, he too has much to improve. His character didn’t call for much range of emotions. But saying that, neither did JJS’ s character as Eun Shikyung, until later. But JJS did a fantastic job!

        • Anonymous says:

          With me, he can act but his acting is just so-so, stiff some time, it gives me cold feel and doesn’t leave much impression, most of comments about him are just how handsome, sexy, hot he is and not how good his acting is. People will remember his role as WR because first 2 episodes are better in term of writing and directing, but I think it’s a waste of time and money for those 2 episodes as they are out of place and don’t add any depth to actual story. This is reason why I hate writer and director, they focused too much on that love story and poorly handled the rest of episodes, if they use those 2 eps for child actors to tell how hard KC spend in childhood and his bond with Park family, I think the story will have more impact.
          I hope someone will help translate this article, it seem about how professionals view CJH’s acting http://news.nate.com/view/20130530n32981

          • Lulu Ibrahim says:

            if CJH was as good as you say he would have gotten famous years ago i mean isn’t 7 years more then enough for someone to get at least second lead role ? i think i agree with the opinion about the first two episodes his acting was okay (some scenes i felt like he was so fake like this parts when he was fainting and asking where did seo hwa go) but i think as the drama went on and on his acting just gotten so bad and stiff i get the the demon didn’t need any emotions but it felt like he is just a robot or something ! as for sung joon it was HIS job to portray Gon in a cold way if you watched any other drama for him like shut up flower boy band or can we get married his pretty good actually….still has to improve but he is good ! what i am trying to say is if CJH was really THAT good as all his fans say he wouldn’t be self promoting himself so much with even going to the extent of lying when he had the chance !

          • Anonymous says:

            From Google translation (as always not helping) I think they’re comparing SeungGi and CJH acting skill?

            • I skimmed over this article because it was extremely long and mostly talked about the value of a celebrity when it comes to casting them for films and dramas. There were only two to three paragraphs about CJH in the GFB and our beloved SeungGi. First off, they said that CJH and LSG lit off fireworks in the GFB. In addition, since CJH’s debut in 2006 with KBS2, the reason he hasn’t been offered another lead role in 7 years or risen to stardom is due to the lack of seasoned maturity in his acting. They go on to say that in terms of looks, he has nothing to be ashamed of when compared to SeungGi (I beg to differ!) but that he comes nowhere close to SeungGi’s “ticket power” in addition to the fact that his acting quality is to the point where everyone forgets that he originally started out as a singer. He possess qualities that everyone on production teams are looking for. This is why Lee Seung Gi was confidently able to take the role of lead actor.

              Directors don’t choose actors no matter how good looking or popular they are. They only cast them in their production if they believe that they have talent as an actor.

              The acting that we see from CJH in the GFB still has a long way to go. If he wants to conquer Lee SeungGi or at least be shoulder to shoulder with him, what he truly needs to work on are his acting skills.

              Hope that satisifed your curiosity about this article. Remember, this is just a translation, not my opinion, so don’t take any comments here as mine. You all know who I adore. 🙂

              • dramaaddict says:

                May I share something? Cos Ep 1 & 2, we don’t see KC, that is why a lot of ppl said he was good cos no comparison.

                • I agree that he and Lee Yeon Hee set the tone for the rest of the story, but I have also seen him in the 2010 drama “Pasta” with Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Sun Gyun. He played a noticeable role as one of the cute chefs in an Italian restaurant, but he did not have the lead, which went to Lee Sun Gyun. Anyway, I think I should stop here. This is Lee Seung Gi’s site and I don’t want to comment anymore on CJH. I’m quite familiar with his acting, but I don’t care to talk about it here.

              • tryp96 says:

                Jerseygirl0420, thanks so much for translating this article! I definitely enjoyed reading it. 😀

                • You’re welcome as always tryp96! Although it was an unexpected translation, I have already prepared the translation for SeungGi’s article on his worrying about viewership ratings. It’s almost 1:30am, Friday night KST and I have to go to work by 9 am tomorrow, so I will upload the translation for that article tomorrow. TGIF in the USA!

                • dramaaddict says:

                  Tryp, I wanted to be gracious like you too. But sori, I don’t have such a big heart.

              • anonymousnoona says:

                This was the first time he was recognized as an actor,because the truth is there’s no one to compare with him during the episode 1 and 2. And the fact that Wol Ryung story was a tragic. I may say thanks to the storyline he was able to shine. Correct me if I’m wrong but his acting on ep 1 and 2 were just cutie pa’tootsie to Seo Hwa. The character was adorable. Only in the end when he was betrayed he showed intense acting but the rest are just cutie pa’tootsie! 🙂

              • Anonymous says:

                Thank you for the translation. 😀
                Feel great to read an article praising SeungGi like this ❤

              • Lulu Ibrahim says:

                thank you so much jerseygirl0420 i really appreciate that you suffered a lot ❤ 🙂

        • mel says:

          lol no Sung Joon has amazing facial expressions and did what he could with a very 1d undeveloped character. His scene in the last episode waiting for YW who will never come was also one of the most heartbreaking I’ve seen without even saying a word.

          CJH is not a bad actor in the first 2 episodes, but the rest wasn’t good.

  3. sunsun19 says:

    I think he need a good rest , he looks really tired( ur eyes gave u away), nd to recharged! Lost most of his energy to GU!Take care , hope u gain back ur lost stamina soooon!!!See you in Sing!!!

  4. Graciabellsg says:

    i like your statement, tryp! hahaha!

  5. Anonymous says:

    SeungGi is the main lead, no one can take over/replace his position! “Daunted”…making me laugh! If CJH was so great, why did he need to “keep changing” TV stations (5 in total) for the pass 7 years! Oops..he got a new role in an upcoming drama, this is just because he’s REPLACING JYH (who rejected the offer).

  6. jerseygirl0420 says:

    Everyone, please keep your cool, I know this is a controversial topic and I will be posting an English translation of this article ASAP.

  7. Fave says:

    Although I don’t care at all for CJH, let’s be as gracious as Seung Gi !

  8. Amielle316 says:

    I’m guessing that he’s daunted not bec. of CJH’s acting prowess but bec. of the sinister aura that CJH might be projecting from his demon apparel & make-up. Even I, don’t like looking at him when he’s on the screen bec. I really try to avoid horror movies; don’t like having nightmares at night time.

  9. Melissa Tam says:

    I like Sung joo and LSG in this drama..
    Sung joo facial expression always make me laughed..
    CJH is acting cool.. but he’s not my style.. LSG for sure is the main lead..
    CJH shouldn’t be jealous and sing OST song;;

  10. layman says:

    i remember the Writer of GFB after watching GFB eps 1 & 2 she happily Thanks The PD who make the CG scene so beautiful and it just like what she wroke but not Thanks the Actor who act so well..
    PS: CJH is lucky that he act as the Papa at this beautiful CG scene that plus point to the character

    • layman says:

      Lastly, CJH profession is a actor but not a professonar actor.believe me or not just watch GFB ***the last scene he said good bye to Kang Chi the way he smile is so funny so funny..so funny ..is it the smile of the father ??

      • Anonymous says:

        The way CJH screamed/cried in the cave hurt my ears (the scene was way long)! I also have to listen to that song (hurt me more).

        • Anonymous says:

          Agree…that was the worst scene… Aw and that sing he sang… Just kills the while mood. When i first heard it I thought the tech team played the wrong file ir something.

  11. Ibonita says:

    Well the truth is that CJH is a handsome man. He has nothing to envy those actors around him. One thing we have to remember is that he WASN’T human, therefore, his emotions were zero right? He just reminded me of that actor from Twilight….Robert Pattinson, when I first saw him in the movie I was like “he is such a bad actor” but then, i was reminded that he wasn’t human and he needed to at motionless……Just my opinion please don’t hate me….. ;0)

  12. Here’s the English translation as promised:

    Actor Lee Seung Gi shared his honest thoughts on the rising darkhorse actor Choi Jin Hyuk.

    On the afternoon of June 25th, he met with reporter Bae Jung Hee and opened the interview by stating,”I think it is good that things worked out for him if anything.”

    Lee Seung Gi who played the role of a charming half-human, half-beast, Choi Kang Chi, who could only be seen in the drama, “The Gu Family Book”, left a deep impression with his acting skills and won the hearts of viewers. The darkhorse that rose with him was none other than actor Choi Jin Hyuk. He also added Dark Wol Ryung to his role and received as much love from viewers as the lead actor.

    When Lee Seung Gi was asked if he felt daunted by Choi Jin Hyuk, he gave a wise answer to a silly question. “I think that is a good thing. Following one’s role, if things turn out well because one acted in way that fit his character, it’s not something that I can control, if anything, I think it’s a good thing.”

    Moreover, Lee Seung Gi added,”Looking at this drama in the long run, if only Lee Seung Gi shined, nothing much would be left. Since there is also a limit to the amount of appeal I possess, inside the story, Wol Ryung as himself did everything to make his existence known.”

    Also, Lee Seung Gi said,”With all things said, the story is about the main character, Choi Kang Chi, and Dam Yeol’s melo line. Inside that story exists Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa’s story and looking at the entire forest, their story has to go well so I never felt daunted at all. When I worked with Wol Ryung, I did my best to make sure my acting wouldn’t interfere with his.”

    It was evident by his image that Lee Seung Gi had grown immensely as an actor through this drama,”The Gu Family Book.” Through his frank and sincere words, one could feel how much he worried, endured hardships, and worked hard during this production.

    Ten years after his debut, there was a time when he had his glory days. ‘Famous Princesses’, ‘1 night 2 days’, dramas, and variety shows all had a viewership percentage over 40% while the talk show, ‘Strong Heart’ had recorded a viewership percentage of 18% when it first aired.

    When he looks back upon those days he says,”The first time I felt that I grew was when I had a lot of conviction and self confidence. I really wanted to talk a lot. But now I am the complete opposite. Experience has made me humble and I think I have a long way to go”. He showed his increasingly humble image through this statement.

    Lee Seung Gi said,”In the past, I never had the experience of being like a One Top (Korean for Top Star/Lead Actor). However, seeing that this time around, scenes revolved around me and would unfold, I worked with my costars so that they could look their best through teamwork and by being able to control my reactions. Through this drama, I had all sorts of thoughts like “Whether this scene is one where I need to pull out the stops”, “Whether this scene was about the other person having to look their best” as I continued to analyze.” He continued by saying,” On the set, I also learned that there were many external factors as well that I had to endure patiently”. As the lead actor, he openly expressed how he felt at certain points (during filming).

    “A lead actor needs to have patience and generosity.” The reason why the lead actor is given higher pay is because of the responsibility that comes with the title as the lead. Although I can’t list them one by one, a sense of hospitality, acknowledging others, and doing one’s best to act in harmony with each other are some qualities that I feel are important.”

    As an actor who just disclosed his many worries, he was asked,”As an actor, do you feel that you did a good job?” He answered,”Although it isn’t a 100% this time, somewhere along the line, I had my inner conflicts, but I think I did a good job of not letting it show. That’s why there were no problems onscreen and I was able to complete this project happily.”

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