Lee Seung Gi “I want to be seen as an experienced actor rather than a boy now”

source: asiatoday

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7 Responses to Lee Seung Gi “I want to be seen as an experienced actor rather than a boy now”

  1. anonymousnoona says:

    you’re no longer a boy Seung Gi yah,but sorry your face is too babyface we can’t help it. you look too cute for a man! 🙂

  2. milkteanlsg says:

    …I don’t think I have ever seen you as a boy but a man…
    A very sincere, thoughtful and precious man with innocence~
    And we always praise your cuteness, because you are cute! in addition to all the qualities as a man already in your pocket~ ❤

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know u are grown up and all… but… I kinda missed the times when u were still a boy…

  4. Muljen says:

    Mianhae SeungGiyah, i know you prefer to be seen as a man, but i still see you as a boy coz you are so cute and adorable.

  5. gildatan123 says:

    you look very young seungi, and so cute.

  6. Ibonita says:

    hahahaha…..we all talk as if he was listening or reading our post……hahahahahahaha I crack myself up! Hey but, how do we know ithat he doesn’t reads what we post??? who can for sure say “oh no, Lee Seung Gi doens’t know about Trypps beautiful blog???? who??? anybody?? Therefore, Lee Seung Gi……I have to tell you that you are a Gallant, attractive man that has the marvelous characteristic of being silly and serious at the same time…..So, don’t you worry my love, you are who you are, never change, only for the good……

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