[Eng] Lee Seung Gi “Writer-nim thanked me for ‘heroic sacrifice’”

Many thanks to AY for bringing us one more article translation! 😀

I will not repeat the parts which have been covered in other interviews and which have been translated.

In 2004, he captured the hearts of all the noonas with his song, “Because You’re My Woman” from his debut album, “Dream of a Moth’. Since then, Lee Seung Gi has slightly shifted his focus from singing to acting.

Through the dramas, “Famous Princess”, “Brilliant Legacy” and “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”, Lee Seung Gi proved himself as an actor. During the same time, he also showed his multi-talents in “One Night Two Days” and ‘Strong Heart”.

Before his MBC drama with Ha Jiwon, “The King 2 Hearts”, was aired, there was a lot of expectations but in the end, the ratings was a bit disappointing. So, when he returned to TV drama with “Gu Family Book”, there were mixed feelings among his fans–anticipation and worries. And, Lee Seung Gi being the pivot of a drama with a group of relatively young actors was another cause for concern.

But “Gu Family Book” swept away all the doubts and landed on the top spot in the Monday/Tuesday drama timeslot with a result that was satisfactory to all.

On June 25th, at a hotel in Seoul, Lee Seung Gi talked about his feelings on Gu Family Book. He worked till 4 am that morning to complete the final filming. He looked a bit tired but he was still very sincere in answering our questions.

On that day, he was absolutely tight-lipped on the ending. So was Suzy. It was an agreement that they made with the PD and the entire production team.

“It felt good that it finally ended. If we were to go on that way, who knows what would happen. Someone might get hurt.” Although he was physically exhausted, he had to endure as Kang Chi was the centre of the drama. And probably because of that, he felt sad to see it end.

“I was very nervous making a sageuk for the first time. With many younger actors around, I felt responsible as a sunbae to help and encourage the young actors, leading them all the way to the end of the drama.”

“After this drama, I seemed to like acting even more. It was the first time I was a “real” lead actor. In the past, I relied on the sunbaes to lead. But this time, when we were shooting, I had to help Suzy on one hand while discussing with the sunbaes on how to keep up with the pace of the drama. There was a greater sense of duty. And my sense of accomplishment came from within, knowing that I could do it, as well as from the praises of other people on my capability. I really felt like I was in charge.”

The most beautiful scenes in Gu family Book are the depictions of the love between Kang Chi and Yeo Wool. They were sweet and inseparable. The romantic scenes usually were the most-searched items on the internet. This proved how popular they were.

“I knew there would be feedback on the “bad hand” but did not expect it to be so controversial. It instantly got to the No. 1 spot on all the major search engines. It was the first time since my debut that I was fiercely yelled at. Writer-nim sent me a message to thank me for my ‘heroic sacrifice’. Haha.”

What was it like working with the ‘Nation’s First Love’?

“Suzy is a maknae. I felt more natural and at ease working with her. We discussed about things that we were not sure of, “this is how I see it, what do you think?” That was how we worked together. The role of Yeo Wool was very suitable for Suzy. It was like a dress that fitted her well.”

Lee Seung Gi is very busy in many different areas. But he put away all the worries with a direct and simple answer.

“Although the work might be different but the nature of the work is the same. It is communicating with the public, with the people. I think it is this common point that ties the singer, actor and artist together. It is really helpful. In my daily life, I spend the most time on music. Music is something I will hold dearly until the end. (laugh)”

Lee Seung Gi said that within this year, he will appear as a singer again but right now, the thing he wanted to do most was to sleep. He could still feel the aftermath of the filming.

“I wanted to do some traveling but it does not seem quite possible. During filming, because I was not supposed to cut my hair, a lot of the activities had to be postponed. Although I have received some proposals on variety, I still have not decided on anything. I don’t know what it is but I want it to be something that can bring out the novelty in me, something that is different from what we see now. But first, I want to take a rest (laugh).”

I can see that Lee Seung Gi has grown even faster and stronger than before. He will not be complacent with the current situation and will continue to look for new breakthroughs. I am even more looking forward to what he will show us in the future.

source: herald via nate
English translation by AY, special contributor to Everything Lee Seung Gi
Based on Chinese translation by dlww1234 @ baidu tieba

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10 Responses to [Eng] Lee Seung Gi “Writer-nim thanked me for ‘heroic sacrifice’”

  1. dramaaddict says:

    What a lovable Sunbae and Lead! I am wordless. 😛

  2. rika says:

    wow seung gi ya !you more and more be wise man.and absolutely dae to the bak!! big hug seung gi dongsaeng.

  3. milkteanlsg says:

    Seung Gi oppa, go for it!!!
    You have our full support in whatever you decide to challenge next!!! 🙂

  4. gildatan123 says:

    I agree that what he need for now is totally rest to gain more weight strength….but we hope that soon. seungi you can have a chance to do another drama series with HA JAE WON…. you look more cute and handsome now…….

  5. judepps says:

    thank you Ay for once again translating this article for us.. tryp thanks for sharing always.. It was indeed a heroic sacrifice ” the bad hand scene” which refers to the scene that he needs to act in the drama..saying it was his first time he was fiercely yelled since his debut days.

    Seunggi’s getting more mature in each of his interview makes me even speechless. i couldn’t believe he has grown this far..*i mean he always been have those views in life of mature person despite his young age* still he continue growing not just as an actor but as a whole persona.. I was amazed how he remain grounded despite of all his achievement.. He’s a person who’s always full of sincerity & wisdom..that makes me even love him more..and He is a person that i will always looked up to..

  6. YoItsKia says:

    All the lead actors need a good rest. Maybe like a month of vacations or something.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Me too! I am waiting impatiently to see Seung Gi’s next piece of work. Be it drama, movie, variety, I know Seung Gi will deliver a refreshing and sincere performance that will touch everyone’s heart! I remember on 1N2D, every praised Seung Gi for always doing his best n always completing whatever mission assigned to him! That’s why he is loved by so many..for he inspires us to strive for the best n not give up!! I LOVE LEE SEUNG GI!!!

  8. Amielle316 says:

    Thank you so much AY, dww1234 & tryp96. ‘Luv reading everything about Lee Seung Gi ^ ^.

  9. Thanks AY for your hard work! You have a naturally flowing writing style that is easy to read and understand.

  10. Lee seung gi acts in film, more and more very good in romance scences.Will always wait to see new romance film of Lee Seung Gi. Acording my opinion, the king 2 heart is not success about rating, because no have many romance scences between 2 main persons in films, have so many politics. If there was many romance scences between Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won, film certain received big rate. Gu Family book & YAAs are success films, because there were many scence for Lee Seung Gy shows Beautiful Act in romance scence. A film often atractive audience not only by Pretty shape of person act, but also by romance scence between 2 main persons in film. In Secret Garden, atractive many audiences ,also by Hyun Bin act romance scences with Ha Ji Won are really very Sweetly.Warmly.Lovely. Have Lee Seung Gi success with New Films in future. You not act in action films again, because there are many danger for you. Fans will feel hurt if Lee Seung Gi meet Danger or Injure when act.

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